New Years’ Resolution Update: March Edition

It’s time that I mentioned my resolution update for the month of March, isn’t it? Especially now that the month is HALF FREAKING OVER. When did that happen? Who took the first half of March? Well, enjoy, because the April update will be coming in about two and a half weeks. *sigh* Is time going faster because I’m getting older?

Lose 120 pounds.
February’s Goal: To get below 352
The verdict: It didn’t happen, but that’s okay. I weighed 364.2 when the year started. Last Friday, I weighed 355.1 Okay, it took me two months to lose that, but you know what, I am apparently a slow loser. I yearn for the day when the weight suddenly just falls off of me like hot butter, (mmm… butter), but that day isn’t here yet. For now, I’ll cherish every pound I lose, no matter how long it takes. I’m not going to change my resolution to lose 120 pounds, even though I can realistically say that it looks less and less likely that is going to happen. But you know what? If I weigh fifty pounds less on January 1, 2012, I’m still going to consider my weight loss in 2011 a success.
March’s Goal: To get below 350.

Bench press 180 pounds.
February’s Goal: Increase bench press to 140.
The verdict: Not yet. I tried, but I hit a wall on my bench press. I may have even tried to do too much too fast. I can do 140 one rep (not a big deal – everyone can do more on one rep than a set), but I want to do 180 as a set, not a one-time look-what-I-can-do kind of thing. (Honestly, I *might* be able to do 180 now as one-set-who-cares-about-form. Not my idea of fun or an accomplishment, so I’m not even trying.) So we’ll keep at it.
March’s Goal: Increase bench press to 140.

Eat 52 new vegetarian dishes over the course of the year.
February’s Goal: Report on all four February dishes and plan out all four of March’s.
The verdict: I am getting rid of this resolution. It has become a chore. I’m very picky when it comes to fruit and veggies, and I’m finding that yeah, I have tried most of what is available around here, and I like what I like and I hate what I hate. Parsnips suck. I’m still eating healthy, and in fact, I have recently learned that I love salads with salsa as dressing. Who knew? So this one is going bye bye and will not make another appearance until December 31, 2011, when I post my yearly review and proclaim this resolution as DEAD. I do have a foodie thing coming soon (later this week), but I’m not going to hold myself to a firm schedule or try to increase my taste buds. More info soon, I promise.

Become an ACE certified personal trainer with at least two clients by year’s end.
February’s Goal: Study through Chapter Two of ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals textbook.
The verdict: *sheepish look* Work was really busy, okay! But I am working my way through Chapter One. I’ve got ‘til August to take the test… and I’ve got a great idea for getting clients AFTER my certification… Look, I’ll do better this month.
March’s Goal: Study through Chapter Two of ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals textbook.

Complete (and edit) that young adult novel that keeps popping up in my brain.
February’s Goal: Write 8,000 more words on my young adult novel.
The verdict: Woo hoo! Success! I found my muse for a few days and got out my required 8,000 words plus a few thousand more. Best yet, I am LOVING this story, and I can’t wait to share it when everyone!
March’s Goal: Write 5,000 more words on my young adult novel.

Attempt to have my watercolor paintings put up in the gallery at the local library.
February’s Goal: Paint at least two paintings in my series.
The verdict: Apparently, I can only have one creative muse inspired at a time. The watercolor muse has taken a hike. Hopefully, that can be reclaimed in March.
March’s Goal: Paint at least ONE painting in my series.

Create an online store to sell my photographs, space paintings, and watercolor paintings (and other arty things, including light-up wine bottles).
February’s Goal: Open store.
The verdict: I did it! Not much in it yet (one item) and no sale, but my store at etsy at least exists! Please check it out at and buy stuff, okay? I’m poor and need to make monies!

Build my first ever snowman.
February’s Goal: Make a snowman, even if it is a tiny snowman.
The verdict: Did it! Already posted about it! Yay snowman!

Send 100 letters out through The Mail Project.
February’s Goal: Mail out fifteen letters, eight for February and seven that I missed in January.
The verdict: Well I suck-diddly-uck. You know, when you love your job, it’s easy to get busy with work. And I’ve honestly been so busy, a LOT of stuff like this went by the wayside. Don’t give up on me, though. The Mail Project will be coming back!
March’s Goal: Mail out five letters. Easy and doable. Just do it.

Take Tina to Las Vegas after she graduates.
February’s Goal: Put this one on the back burner until May 2011 when I re-evaluate our finances.
The verdict: Still backburnered.
March’s Goal: Will remain backburnered until Tina graduates.

Visit at least one more National Park.
February’s Goal: Reference the Vegas trip.
The verdict: Ditto. Not yet.
March’s Goal: Will remain backburnered until Tina graduates.

Begin work on my doctorate.
February’s Goal: Back burnered until May 2011.
The verdict: I’ve been toying with this one for a while, and I’m giving it SERIOUS thought to waiting until after I’ve started a family to seriously pursue my doctorate. I know it will take a LOT of hard work, and I want to give it my all when I finally do start. I’ll still pursue educational pursuits in the time being, but I think babies might be more in my future before an Ed or Ph.D. are. (And no, we’re not having babies YET.)

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  • BrookeNotOnADiet

    I totally dig your resolutions! I like how they’re both fitness and non fitness. I can’t wait to hear more about this YA novel. If you ever need an editor, let me know. I love to do that stuff!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! I wanted to improve myself in as many ways as I felt was doable. And I’ll definitely take you up on the editing offer as soon as I’m done. 🙂

  • Hanlie

    I think posts like these are so important. We have to keep assessing our progress and shelve goals that simply are not feasible to achieve right now. It helps us focus our attention on the goals that we can work on. I think you’re doing great!
    Hanlie recently posted..Monthly Progress Report – 1

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      I do know that if I hadn’t pledged to keep up with them throughout the year, they would already have been LONG forgotten.

  • Marissa

    Love the mix of resolutions and you don’t have to make a resolution at the beginning of the year, you can make one anytime you want. And to make fitness and health goals are great you just shouldn’t be one dimensional and it looks like you have a great list of well rounded things!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! I’ve never been one to make a general resolution. Granted, in most years, I’ve forgotten them by the middle of January, but I’m doing my best to keep up with it. 🙂

  • Erin

    I think you’re making great progress, Jeremy! Priorities are in line and you’re moving forward!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! One small step at a time is still forward. 🙂


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