No Warp Whistle Weigh-In

I hadn’t set on a scale since last Monday. I was going to my weigh-in on Saturday, June 9th, with absolutely no idea how I had done.

This is what I did know.

I had faithfully tracked every single bite that entered my body.

I had stayed fully within my points. In fact, I didn’t even eat all of my weekly points.

But I just didn’t know.

I might step on that scale and be told that I had gained or lost. No idea.

I knew I would not have a big loss. That was inevitable. I had already hit the diet after returning home from San Diego, and my big loss had already occurred. I would be pleased with any loss.

So, how did I do?

June 9, 2012
Weight: 356.6
Change from Last Week: -2.2 pounds
Change from All-Time Highest: -46.2 pounds

Woo hoo! I am extremely pleased. Two-ish pounds a week is extremely healthy and sustainable weight loss.

You know how when you play Super Mario Brothers 3, and you can get both warp whistles in the 1st world and use them to skip all the way to the end?

I’m not doing that. I could do any number of things to make my numbers drop dramatically and drastically. Surgery. Extreme dieting. Starvation. Even dehydration tricks just to make the numbers on the scale move. Pass.

The journey is laid out before me, and I’ll get there two-ish pounds at a time.

And that’s great.

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  • Diane Fit to the Finish

    Awesome loss for the week, and like you said – very sustainable for the long term. Keep up the consistent work.
    Diane Fit to the Finish recently posted..700 Club Here I Come!

  • Caron

    Good job and great attitude. Keep it up!
    Caron recently posted..Hummus Recipe

  • Emily

    Way to go! I love your positive attitude. 2lbs at a time … you got this! 🙂
    Emily recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up! (Only two days late ….)

  • Hanlie

    Good job on the loss! Two pounds per week is a good rate.
    Hanlie recently posted..Yes and No


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