The Video Substitution

There has been a video substitution. One player has been forcefully ejected from the game; another player is taking his place.

I didn’t want to do this, but I knew early on that it might be a possibility. Several of my videos (some of which are still weeks away in the bracket) are available only on Netflix Watch Instantly. I know that their library changes regularly, so a workout that I have planned for game 27, for instance, may not be available by the time that roles around.

However, today’s change is occurring for a different reason.

I am ejecting a video workout for being dangerous.

Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp, hosted by Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame, is kicked out. If he had any other videos in the bracket (he does not), they would probably be ejected as well.

The video will be replaced, at Tina’s suggestion, by Yoga Booty Ballet.

So, why the change?

In the late 90s, along with every other fat person on the planet, I tried Tae Bo. This was before I had gotten into martial arts, before I knew much about exercise, and even really before I knew much about anatomy and physiology. I tried one of his workouts and I injured myself on the very first day. I injured myself so badly I had to go into physical therapy for a few weeks. Seriously.

My complaints with Billy Blanks’ videos?

They do not feature an appropriate warm-up. This in and of itself is not necessarily bad. Research shows that static stretching before a workout can actually be harmful. (Dynamic stretching is a different beast altogether and IS recommended pre-workout.)

The exception to the no-warm-up rule? Explosive moves. Explosive moves, when used in a workout, should be prefaced with dynamic (moving) stretches. A little marching or jogging in place. Some gentle punches. Slower movement versions of the explosive moves about to come.

So, what does Billy Blank’s workout (both the old Tae Bo and this BootCamp video) consist of? A few minutes of STATIC stretching, followed immediately by explosive moves.

That is an injury waiting to happen.

Fortunately, I know better. I had a trainer that taught me better. In pursuit of my ACE personal trainer certification (coming later this summer), I’ve educated myself. I’ve taken anatomy and physiology classes. And perhaps most importantly, I know my body.

If I were a teenager and not overweight, I probably wouldn’t worry about it as much. But I’m not. I’m a morbidly obese 33 year old. My body can do some amazing things, and there are even days where I consider myself an athlete. But at the same time – I know what I can and should do, and I know what I cannot and should not do.

For what it’s worth – this video falls into the should not video. I have the physical ability to do the explosive moves he was doing. I’m just not going to sacrifice my health for a workout. Ever.

So, Billy Blanks is removed from the bracket. His workout videos are no longer allowed here. I want to get healthy and fit and become an athlete, not show how tough I am.

Have you ever stopped doing a workout because you knew/suspect it would lead to injury?

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