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Stellar Giveaway: Run For Your Lives Indianapolis Tickets!

This is definitely the highest dollar amount giveaway I’ve ever done, and this one is coming out of my own pocket.

I am giving away two tickets to the 9 a.m. wave of the Indianapolis Run For Your Lives on June 23rd.

Here’s what happened. Tina and I signed up for this race BEFORE she got pregnant.

Pregnant women and zombies don’t mix.

I’m not much of a runner anyway. I keep wanting to be, and someday I will, but for now, my weight is just too much for me to comfortable run. Oh well. It is what it is. I am not using it as an excuse to not be active, because I work out. I just don’t run yet.

Well, that means I have two tickets for Indianapolis that we aren’t going to use. I contacted the race organizers, they said that a ticket transfer was no problem (and offered congrats on our upcoming baby), so here I am.

Two tickets. 9 a.m. Indianapolis Run for Your Lives. June 23rd.

Please note – the wave, date, and location CANNOT BE CHANGED. You are literally going to just be taking our place in the race.

Here’s how you win.

Leave a comment, telling me whether you want one or both tickets.

I’ll select a winner with If the first person selected wants both ticket, then they get both tickets. If they want one, I’ll draw again for another. If that person wants the remaining ticket, they get it. If not, I’ll keep going until I’ve given away the other ticket.

Leave a comment.

Win ticket(s).

That easy.

And as I give these tickets away, I look forward to the day that I can compete in Run For Your Lives.

Contest is open until end of day, May 3rd. Winner will be announced on May 4th (assuming I get the contacts made quickly.) You will have three days to reply to my email to you (if you don’t notice on the blog), and if I don’t hear from you, I’ll keep moving down the list of potential winners.

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Match #2: Working out in a diner vs. Battling zombies

The bracket is still chugging along nicely. I am SO glad I did this, because it has encouraged me to work out more. After work today, my allergies were so severe (have never had them before, but apparently, a super warm winter and super early summer are combining to make one of the worst allergy seasons everywhere), that I wanted to just crash. However, I did not, and I still worked out. Yay me!

This match-up was between Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 and Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast. Let me first recap Sweatin’ 2, which I did yesterday.

I’ve had the Sweatin’ tapes for a while. I think so highly of Richard Simmons, most people think I am about to make fun of him when I make that statement. I’m not. I think he is an amazing human being, and I credit him with being the reason I am not diabetic today. I’ve been obese my entire life. I hated PE with a passion. (In my school, PE just meant Laugh at the Fat Kid Try to Work Out Class, Including the Gym Teacher. [I still hate you, Coach C.] That’s a post for another day.) So while I didn’t have the eating down, at all, I at least had Richard Simmons and his Sweatin’ tapes to provide me with physical activity. I did them at least 3-4 times a week, from pretty much 8th grade through college. Seriously.

I firmly believe THAT is why I didn’t weigh 500 pounds and why I don’t have diabetes today. So for that, thank you Richard.

This was a 55 minute workout, including 25 minutes of low-impact aerobics, a song devoted to very light toning, and one song for ab work. Richard’s tapes always include a dynamic warm-up and cool down at the end. He knows his stuff. And in typical Richard style, it was set in a 50s diner.

Yes, it’s cheesy. But you know what? Muscle memory from 10-20 years ago kicked in, and I had an absolute blast!

One final thing I want to say very quickly about Sweatin’ 2. There is a dancer in this tape and Sweatin’ to the Oldies 3 named Aaron McAllister. He had already lost a significant amount of weight in Sweatin’ 2 and had lost even more by Sweatin’ 3. He’s a young guy (20ish in the videos, I guess?) and to my 13-year-old self when I started working out, he gave me hope. He was a fat man who had lost weight.

So to both Aaron and Richard, thank you for giving me a few things I really need during my younger years. (And Aaron, if by some fluke you read this, email me and let me know how you’re doing!)

Now the second workout, the one I did today, was by Crunch and called Cardio Dance Blast.


I go from a day of awesome fun to a day of suck.

This video sucked. Hard.

The trainer was irritating.

The dance moves were poorly cued, needlessly complex, and I spent a LOT of time just trying to catch up. Now granted, I was moving, but I was not doing exactly what they were. I’ll be honest – that’s not really a problem for me. So long as I am moving, I’m happy.


This video was AWFUL!

I did sweat decently, but it was never one I’d do for fun.

So what did I do to entertain myself while I worked out?

Well, thanks to this young lady…

…in her mangled outfit, I imagined that they were a group of survivors who had just narrowly escaped a zombie attack during the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Ving Rhames from Dawn of the Dead is off-screen, and he was making them workout to ensure they weren’t actually zombies.

Yeah, it was that bad. I basically had a zombie fantasy during this 35-minute video.

Oh, another thing that bugged me? She called the dance moves ridiculous names, like the Pop Eye or the Chiquita Banana, which made NO sense at all. And my favorite move she didn’t even name.

I would have called it the Taking a Dump While Participating in Hands Across America.

But that’s just me.

If you want to try this video workout out, it’s available from Netflix Watch Instantly. And maybe you won’t hate it as much as I did. But even if I hated it, I was still moving, so win there.

So, who was the winner?

The calories counts were 347 for Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 and 235 calories for Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast! Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 wins and advances to the next round of competition!

My next two workouts are Sweatin’ to the Oldies 1 and 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp.

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Power Rangers: A Pressing Engagement

Busy summer.

I truly believed that by working at a university, I would have an easy summer. There aren’t many students here now, right? It’s got to be easier.

Yeah, right.

One of the busiest summers of my professional life ever. (I’ll be honest – I’m really looking forward to having next summer off. My new nine month contract starts in August! Woo hoo!)

But I wouldn’t change a second of it. It’s been awesome. I’ve made some extra money, paid down some credit card debt (still have a ways to go, but we’re working on it!), had some good times, and kept working out. My weight, as always, is giving me a little trouble, but I’m in charge here, and the numbers are dropping. I’m actually excited about weighing in tomorrow. I expect to post at least a two pound loss, so woo hoo for me.

The Run For Your Lives is in just a few months. Holy crap. I have to get cracking! Weights are good, weights are great. The weight room makes me happy. And weights are going to be crucial during this challenge, because the Run For Your Lives isn’t an ordinary 5K. They’ve only released two of the twelve obstacles we have to navigate during the race (while running from zombies), but one involves climbing a wall. Climbing a wall will take muscles. It would be nice if I was about two hundred pounds lighter, but I’ll just have to do the best I can. Fortunately, we’re allowed to skip obstacles if we just physically can’t do them, so I always have that in my back pocket. (This is not the best option, for two reasons. One, if you skip an obstacle, while you are allowed to finish, you automatically finish as a zombie, and I’m still hoping to finish the race as a survivor.)

So, in a change of pace, rather than lift weights this morning, we did cardio at the gym this morning. I’m still nowhere near ready to run a 5K, and given that I’m being CHASED through a 5K on October 22nd, I should get a move on. I feel confident in my ability to tear it up; I’ve still got time. I just have to start. So today we did.

It’s funny. If you take a break from exercise, you lose it. A few months ago, I actually jogged 1.55 miles without too terribly much effort. Today, three separate 1-minute jogs almost killed me. Oh well. I was there once; I’ll get there again. Tina and I are even talking about hitting the gym after work a few times, too, just to get in more cardio time. (We like weights in the morning.)

But this morning, I watched an episode of Power Rangers at the gym. I just put my iPad on the treadmill, signed on to WKU’s wireless internet, pulled up the Netflix ap, and got the 4th episode of the 1st season going. The pregnant lady next to me on the treadmill kept giving me looks out of the corner of her eye when the show started. I know she was just jealous she had to watch AM Kentucky while I was rocking out with Zordon and Alpha.

So yeah, I accidentally took a little hiatus from my dorkdom to work on work. Geeze, it’s like there are bills that have to be paid or something. And while I can’t promise how often I’ll post, I’m really going to try and do more than just my weekly weigh-ins.

Without further ado, I present to you the 4th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, A Pressing Engagement.


Our episode starts with Jason in the Youth Center, trying to set the Angel Grove High Bench Press record. For most reps. The record to beat is 1,010. Not heaviest weight. Most reps.

Okay, I’ve never heard of such a weight lifting record, but whatever. Ernie loses count around 1,005, and Jason is afraid people will think he’s a quitter. Kimberly and Zack assure him that they will think no such thing.

Rita notices that Jason is distraught, but his friends make him feel better. Therefore, she will send a monster called King Sphinx down who can flap his wings, blow the other Rangers away, and make Jason be alone or something.

This should have been the episode they submitted for the Emmy nod.

Anyway, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly hear from Zordon about the monster, morph, and sure enough, Kimberly and Zack are blown away from the fight and into the Youth Center, demorphed.

Jason, of course, is alone, but the other four get together, Zordon tells them something about Power Crystals or Power Somethings, and the Ranger find them, throw them, or something, Jason finds them, and they turn into his friends.

I really was paying attention. But in the end, Jason is reunited with his friends, they defeat the monster, and he reattempts the bench press record, this time with Trini counting. And of course, he succeeds, with his friend’s help. Mostly because Trini can actually count above 1,000 without being distracted.

Cheering for Jason's victory... and Trini is levitating

Cheering for Jason's victory... and Trini is levitating

Weight Loss Analogy

Okay, I never claimed that every episode would be a winner. Part of the problem is that Power Rangers was adapted from footage of the Japanese show Kyoruu Sentai Zyuranger. Other than the appearance of the Ranger suits, very little stayed the same. It wasn’t a show about five teenagers fighting evil. It was about five ancient warriors fighting evil.

That made for some interesting fill-ins when the show was adapted for a US audience. The Power Crystals allegedly made more sense in the original footage. (The usage of Japanese footage is also why the Yellow Ranger looks masculine when morphed. Yellow was male in Japan.) But regardless, I’m going to disregard the Power Crystals or whatever other nonsense was going on and just focus on Jason.

Jason admitted that he needed his friends to help him out.

How perfect is that for weight loss and fitness? Whether you have a little to lose or almost 200 pounds to lose (or more), we don’t need to do it alone.

I’m not going to say that it can’t be done alone, but I know that I, for one, have no desire to attempt it alone.

I’m very lucky in that I am surrounded by people to help me out. Tina is my number one support. I have my coworkers, who always express an interest when I share any success I’ve had in the gym or on the scale. I have my Weight Watchers @Work group, who are likewise very encouraging and a great support system.

I’ve also got this blog and all of you. I love having a place where I can vent, share my dorkiness, and talk with others. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can leave comments and talk with people on their blogs. We’re all in this together, and collectively, we can accomplish more than we can alone.

Those are just some of the people I have in my corner, helping me in my weight loss fight. (And I’m including you in my corner, too. You’re a bigger help to me than you’ll ever realize.)

Who is helping you?

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31 Weeks and Counting: A Run For Your Lives Update

I can’t even begin to describe how utterly surprised and astonished I am that I have found (if not love) a strong like for running. I’m actually having to restrict myself in how often I run. I do weigh over 350 pounds, and I’ve found that if I do a 5K every day, my feet are a little achy. I still workout every single day, but I’m doing the 5Ks every other day. And I’m doing my very best to improve, at least a little bit, with each one.

When I first started this journey, I did a 5K in 56:47. On Saturday, I did one in 48:32.

I’ve got even better news about it. I ran for seven minutes straight. You have NO idea how freaking gigantic-huge that is. And, even better better yet, I then followed that up with alternating five minutes of running with three minutes of jogging. 48:32.

I know for some runners, that would be a terribly slow time for 3.1 miles. But for me, that is gargantuan mega huge. It is literally the most I have EVER run in my entire life.

On the days I don’t run, I lift weights, or do Zumba (we just got Zumba for Wii – review coming soon!), or the elliptical, or take the dog for a walk, or whatever keeps my body moving. I’m not becoming a runner, per se. I want to be fit, and I’m choosing to make running a big part of that.

Quick caveat – I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently going for endurance and not speed. In fact, my “running” pace would probably be a swift walk for someone else. I set the treadmill at 4.1 miles per hour for my jogging and 3.2 for my walking. At 4.1 miles per hour, it will take me over forty-five minutes to run a 5K. I am totally fine with that. I don’t expect to place in a 5K any time soon. I am completely at ease with being the last person to cross the finish line.

Because here is how I look at it – I might be the last person to cross the finish line, but there are millions of people who are choosing not to even get up and walk. Dead last at the race or not, I’m still winning. Duh. Tiger blood. (Sorry; got possessed by Charlie Sheen for a moment there.)

But as far as my speed… October is the first race I’m going to do where I think speed may be something of a factor. In Run For Your Lives, I’ll be chased by zombies. Hopefully, I’ll have sped up by then. Maybe by October 22nd, I’ll be able to run a sub-33 minute 5K. We’ll see. But I’m okay crawling across the finish line on October 22nd, covering zombie bites and on the verge of becoming undead myself, just because it will mean that I’ve accomplished something that I never thought I would do. Become a runner.

Zombie movie of the week?

Trailer Park of Terror. Seriously awesome movie. Go watch this.

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33 Weeks to Go and Counting: A Run For Your Lives Update

I can’t believe how ultimately simple it was for me to enjoy the process of starting to jog. I am not running yet. I am still slow. If today were October 22, 2011, I would be zombie chow. (And to be honest – I think I might even want a zombie medal instead of a survivor medal… still not sure.) But I am in the process of walking and jogging my 5Ks (all on the treadmill). My time is steadily increasing.

My first 5K was 56:47. Then I bumped it up to 53:36. Today?

52:24. I am getting progressively quicker. Okay, still slow. I get that, but you know what? For me, this is EPIC.

And the best part? I’m enjoying it!

Today, I put my DVD player on the elliptical (below is a picture from a workout about a week ago), play Supernatural (just started Season 3), and I walk two minutes at 3.2 and jog one at 4.1. I realize that for a lot of people, 4.1 miles per hour is a fast walk. For me, it’s a jog. I’m in “jogging motion,” so to speak. But I’m finding it gets progressively easier. Today, I did one minute of jogging for every two minutes of walking. Tomorrow, I’m going to bump the jogging time up a bit. I’m concentrating on jogging the ENTIRE 5K at 4.1 miles per hour before I work on my speed.

During today’s 5K, I realized the change that made me enjoy it.

I HATE Couch to 5K! It is too freaking difficult to time and I get bored… I’m either stopping jogging too soon when I want to walk or I feel like I have to jog for too long too early. C25K has done miracles for some people, but I think I am better off just listening to my own body and slowly increasing my jogging time.

And I’ve got another piece of running related news to share. I am signing up for my first 5K. It’s not my first sign up (that honor will always be with Run For Your Lives), but this one is happening first. It’s in my hometown of Munfordville, Kentucky (population 1,700). I’m signing up for this one because it has the benefit of a 5K Walk option. I’m not quite ready to run 3.1 miles, but I fully expect to walk and jog this one. And who knows? Maybe I can even break 45 minutes. It’s on April 2nd, and I can’t wait!

(BTW, if you look at the picture closely, you’ll notice I circled the wrong age division. Wishful thinking, perhaps?)

Don’t worry. I’m not just doing cardio in training. Tina and I continue to lift weights. Even though I’ve already gotten a 5K in today, we’re doing yoga tonight. Run For Your Lives is also an obstacle course, so we’re working on strength and flexibility, too.

Zombie movie of the week?

Zombie 4: After Death.

A friend gave it to me YEARS ago. It’s on VHS. Watching a VHS movie is going to feel like building a fire with flint or something. I’m not even sure if Zombies 1 thru 3 even exist… It’s been eons since I’ve watched this, and I remember it sucked. I’m sure it still does.

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