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A List of Lists Weigh-In

Quick one today, folks. Thinking I might do this one in list format instead of a several paragraph mind blarf.

July 8, 2011
Change from Last Week: -1.1 pounds
Change from All-Time High: -27.7 pounds

Things I Did Great This Week:
Lifted weights (HARD) almost every day. (Tina and I took Sunday off, although I mowed the yard then.)
Have successfully adapted to a pre-work workout (which entails getting up at the sucktacular time of 5:30 – for a hard core night owl like myself, this is tough!)
MOSTLY tracked my food.

Things I Didn’t Do So Great This Week:
Only MOSTLY tracked my food. (This means there were times I didn’t track, which is not good for weight loss for me at the moment.)
Ate four cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster on Wednesday night (really, one wouldn’t have sufficed?)
Didn’t keep reading Geneen Roth’s book (which may be why I didn’t post a bigger number)
Didn’t do as much core work as I should.

Good Things I Have Noticed This Week:
The hard weight lifting is paying off. I definitely have bigger arms and stronger legs.

Now off the lists:

I guess I’m not that good at lists. Even when I make lists, I end up rambling on and on in the list.

Next week will be a tough one. I’m going to a three day conference for work in Lexington, Kentucky. Unlike my job, which I love, the conference is going to suck. Hard. (I’m also going to miss Tina. I think this is the first time since we’ve been married we’ve not been together – no, I’m not so codependent that we can’t function apart, but I’m still going to miss her.)

And there is a big temptation awaiting me at this conference…

The hotel I am staying at has an all-you-can-eat breakfast mega-buffet-extravaganza every morning!

Have I shared with you how much I love breakfast mega buffets?

They are most definitely not conducive to dieting.

I’ve got two potential game plans.

A) If there is something I am craving that is available on the buffet, say scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, rather than go to the buffet and eating all I can eat, I’m going to leave the hotel, find a restaurant, order scrambled eggs with cheese and a side of bacon, eat it, enjoy it, and not eat all that I can eat.
B) Take some form of food that I can eat in my hotel room and simply man up and NOT even think about going to the breakfast buffet.
I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

On the plus side, the hotel has a fitness room, so I can at least get in some form of exercise, even if it’s just three nights of cardio.

In other good news, Fitbloggin Local is tomorrow! I’m going to the Nashville chapter, and even though there are only seven of us going, I can’t wait to meet some of my fellow bloggers! Thanks to Emily at for planning such an awesome morning for us tomorrow!

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Busy Summer

Have you ever had the best of intentions, and life just gets in the way?

In the past on this blog, I’ve spent some considerable time griping about the utter hell that was my previous job. Now, any time that I mention that work has been hectic, I always feel I need to disclaim, “It’s been busy, but it’s still great!”

Well, here comes that same disclaimer. This has been one of the busiest months of my professional career I have EVER had. However, it has been amazingly awesome.

Until this past weekend, I worked about fifteen days straight, with each workday consisting of, at a minimum, ten hours, and at the maximum end, around eighteen hours. A typical work day for the month of June has been about eight hours. I’ve taken a laptop home and set up a little workstation in my living room so I’m not completely ignoring my wife and pets.

I’ve been working on producing some very research-intensive PD modules. I have read a LOT of research this month. I’ve been dreaming about research. (And if you want to have a sucky dream, dream about research.)

I did a presentation last week at a conference. My presentation title was Buffy, Harry Potter, and Homer Simpson Help Teach Core Content. It was freaking awesome! I absolutely nailed it and got tons of kudos and accolades. Yay me!

Of course, preparing also took up a considerable amount of time.

But again, I absolutely adore my job. I adore everything about it.

I work in education. I should have next summer off with pay. That will be sweet. I did not have this summer off, but I did get paid. I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to work this summer with pay, regardless of how tired I’ve been.

That’s why my blog has been languishing for a bit.

That’s also why my weight loss efforts have been languishing. I’ve been hovering around the 370 mark for a while. I have to break through this. I’m setting myself the goal of being below 350 by the time the fall semester starts in late August. Tough but doable. I just have to stop eating so much food and move more. There isn’t really a secret formula; I know this.

I am going to resume weekly weigh-ins. I need that level of accountability. I’ve found myself dreading the scale a few times in the morning because I know that my lack of activity the day before and a few poor food choices are going to make me regret it. That’s not healthy, and it completely defeats my purpose of wanting to weigh in every day. So until I get in a mentally healthier place, I’m not doing that.

So on Friday, I’m going to weigh in. I’ll use my starting June weight of 375.3 as the previous weight.

I’m going to continue my dorkiness. In fact, I am continuing my dorkiness at the gym.

Tina and I finally switched gyms. We just signed up to use the Preston center on WKU’s campus (which is where I now work). In the past, I’ve been taking my portable DVD player to the gym. An amazing thing occurred to me the other day.

This gym is on WKU’s campus.

WKU has wi-fi all over campus.

I have an iPad and a Netflix account.

I can watch Netflix when I’m on the cardio equipment! Right now, I’m making my way through the series Power Rangers Mystic Force, which is the series that was airing when I stopped watching Power Rangers. It’s mega-dorky (of course), but I love it because all of the fight scenes inspires me to push myself even harder when I’m on the elliptical. I just wedge my iPad on the magazine rack, set the time, and enjoy. Obviously I can’t watch Netflix when I’m lifting weights, but I only get bored doing cardio, so it works out pretty well.

I have other good news.

Tina just got her first big girl job! Best yet – she also is coming to WKU to work. With both of us working here, that means we have the top-tier insurance for free. That alone equals a $210 a month savings, because I can now take her off of my insurance.

She also will get free tuition. She’s starting her Master’s degree this fall.

This job is one of the best thing that could have ever happened. This will also help us pay off our debts and get us in a great position to potentially start a family soon.

Things are coming up great. Now I have the rest of the summer to get my weight loss efforts on track, too, and things are golden!

I will be reviewing an episode of the Power Rangers before Friday when I do my next weigh-in.

How has your summer been?

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33 Weeks to Go and Counting: A Run For Your Lives Update

I can’t believe how ultimately simple it was for me to enjoy the process of starting to jog. I am not running yet. I am still slow. If today were October 22, 2011, I would be zombie chow. (And to be honest – I think I might even want a zombie medal instead of a survivor medal… still not sure.) But I am in the process of walking and jogging my 5Ks (all on the treadmill). My time is steadily increasing.

My first 5K was 56:47. Then I bumped it up to 53:36. Today?

52:24. I am getting progressively quicker. Okay, still slow. I get that, but you know what? For me, this is EPIC.

And the best part? I’m enjoying it!

Today, I put my DVD player on the elliptical (below is a picture from a workout about a week ago), play Supernatural (just started Season 3), and I walk two minutes at 3.2 and jog one at 4.1. I realize that for a lot of people, 4.1 miles per hour is a fast walk. For me, it’s a jog. I’m in “jogging motion,” so to speak. But I’m finding it gets progressively easier. Today, I did one minute of jogging for every two minutes of walking. Tomorrow, I’m going to bump the jogging time up a bit. I’m concentrating on jogging the ENTIRE 5K at 4.1 miles per hour before I work on my speed.

During today’s 5K, I realized the change that made me enjoy it.

I HATE Couch to 5K! It is too freaking difficult to time and I get bored… I’m either stopping jogging too soon when I want to walk or I feel like I have to jog for too long too early. C25K has done miracles for some people, but I think I am better off just listening to my own body and slowly increasing my jogging time.

And I’ve got another piece of running related news to share. I am signing up for my first 5K. It’s not my first sign up (that honor will always be with Run For Your Lives), but this one is happening first. It’s in my hometown of Munfordville, Kentucky (population 1,700). I’m signing up for this one because it has the benefit of a 5K Walk option. I’m not quite ready to run 3.1 miles, but I fully expect to walk and jog this one. And who knows? Maybe I can even break 45 minutes. It’s on April 2nd, and I can’t wait!

(BTW, if you look at the picture closely, you’ll notice I circled the wrong age division. Wishful thinking, perhaps?)

Don’t worry. I’m not just doing cardio in training. Tina and I continue to lift weights. Even though I’ve already gotten a 5K in today, we’re doing yoga tonight. Run For Your Lives is also an obstacle course, so we’re working on strength and flexibility, too.

Zombie movie of the week?

Zombie 4: After Death.

A friend gave it to me YEARS ago. It’s on VHS. Watching a VHS movie is going to feel like building a fire with flint or something. I’m not even sure if Zombies 1 thru 3 even exist… It’s been eons since I’ve watched this, and I remember it sucked. I’m sure it still does.

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An Albert Einstein Weigh-in

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? What kind of a weigh in is this? This is an Albert Einstein weigh-in. I’ll explain in a moment.

February 25, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 359.0
Today’s Weight: 358.0
Change from All-Time High: -44.8 pounds
Change from Last Week: -1.0 pounds

Hey, I lost a pound. That’s great. Right?

Yeah, not so much. I was FLAWLESS this week. No splurges. No cheat meals. Healthy, nutrient dense food. Every point counted for. Every bite marked.

And I lost ONE pound.

One measly pound. In the words of Ned Flanders, big diddily deal.

Albert Einstein is alleged to have said, (and I roughly paraphrase), “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

I have flippin’ lost my mind, then, because I keep playing with the same few pounds. I’m tired of it.

I’m not giving up. I will NEVER give up, even if I am still struggling to get below 350 on my dying day. So… don’t worry. This isn’t going to turn into a woe-is-me-I’ll-just-die fat post. It isn’t.

But I’m not going to lie – I am FRUSTRATED to the nth degree.

So, when I realized this happened this week, when a week of SUPREME effort resulted in a loss of one pound, I decided to put on my scientist hat and try to figure out why this happened.

What are the major culprits? Let’s get those out of the way first.

Water gain caused by… salty foods… and weight lifting.

Okay, salty foods. Not going to blame that one this time. I purposefully ate very low sodium foods yesterday (i.e. – no spaghetti or popcorn, two foods that will make me gain water weight every single time). I drank lemon juice in every glass of water I had. That’s a diuretic. Can’t blame salt.

Okay, did I lift weights? Lifting weights will temporarily make me gain water weight because it engorges my muscles with blood. (And please pardon the twelve year old version of me who is now snickering in the corner because I said engorge.) Well, I can’t blame this one, either, because I did cardio yesterday. Cardio doesn’t make me gain weight, even temporarily.

Is it my thyroid? I was having some pretty ugly problems with my thyroid all last year. I don’t really think it is, because I don’t have the lethargy that came with that. I think my thyroid is fine, now. If I’m still struggling in a month, I’ll go have blood work done again, but for now, I don’t think that is the problem.

Is it stress? No, not stress. I’m happy as a clam, except for this weight loss problem.

Did I eat too much? I measured EVERYTHING, including things that I had been eyeballing before. I realized just how small a cup of cereal is. I ate less this week. Bingo.

Except for fruit.


On the new Weight Watchers Plus, fruit is unlimited. Zero points. Is it really possible that I’ve screwed up my calorie deficit by eating FRUIT?

Okay, let’s think about this rationally. How much fruit (and veggies) might I eat in a day?

Four oranges. Three bananas. Four apples. LOTS of pineapple. Unsweetened applesauce…

Shit part deux.

I should have KNOWN this was going to happen! I cannot be given unlimited reign of ANYTHING! If I knew how to frickin’ limit myself to normal servings of food, I wouldn’t have ballooned up to 400 pounds in the first place!

“Okay, calm down, you’re scaring the twelve year old you in the corner.”

So, we’ve potentially identified the problem. How are we going to fix this?

As I see it, I have two options. One, I can continue doing Weight Watchers (which is a program I believe in, I really do) and just be more aware of my fruit.

Or I’ll just count calories. Of everything. Including fruit, which I do realize is not evil in any way, shape, or form. It’s just that 1,000 calories of fruit on top of a day of healthy eating is still 1,000 calories too many.

I’m counting calories. I’m a member of a Weight Watchers @Work meeting, and I am paid up until March 17th. I’ll continue going, because for one, I’ve already paid, and for two, I still enjoy the group atmosphere. But I’m going to count calories.

I’m still going to eat REAL food as often as possible. I think that’s just simply a matter of health. Even if I was a stick, I still think real food is preferable over processed frankenfood, which I’ll eat only in limited amounts.

I’ll continue exercising. I’ve already gotten in an excellent hour of weights and cardio at the gym. After all, I still have Run For Your Lives to train for.

And I’m going back to weighing in everyday. I promise myself I won’t freak out if my weight fluctuates a bit, day by day, but if I’m creeping steadily upward, I want to know. I may change this later, but for now, that’s where I am.

So, please don’t give up on me. I’m still trying. I swear I’m not stuffing myself with hamburgers from fast food restaurants and drinking Coke by the gallon. But I am struggling. I have my game plan. I just hope it works. And if it doesn’t, I’ll figure out why it didn’t work then.

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