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Fit of Nostalgia

Stellar Path has changed. Same basic-ish layout, but you may notice lots of dorky stuff in the header above. (Bonus points for anyone who gets the Camp Anawana ref.)

First things first.

No more weekly weigh-ins.

Why’s that?

I’m weighing in whenever I feel like it. And for a while, that will be daily. No fanfare, just a matter-of-fact “here’s where I am.” I’ll keep a running total of my change for whatever month I am in and a change from my highest weight of 402.8 back in 2004.

June 6, 2011
Change from June 1st = -5.5 pounds
Change from highest = -33 pounds

I told you I put on a lot of weight. I wish I could say I had no idea why.

I know why. I ate too much and stopped working out.

I still have my demons. I am fighting them tooth and nail. They will not win. They won that particular battle. They will not win the war.

The last week has consisted of me trying to think of a new direction to take the blog, and ultimately, my weight loss plan. On Friday night, while out with my lovely wife, the idea hit me.

I’m a huge dork. I mean… mega-huge. Other people joke about being dorks. They’ve got nothing on me.

And I’m embracing it. And for a fat kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s, that means lots of television and video games.

Super Mario Brothers.

Duck Hunt.

Legend of Zelda.

Garbage Pail Kid Stickers.

Clarissa Explains It All.

Salute Your Shorts.

You Can’t Do That on Television.

Hey Dude.

A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Friday the 13th.

Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

There is a lot of dorkness inside me. My wife, Tina, knows it and loves me for the dork that I am. She isn’t a dork. I don’t know how I managed to luck out and get a non-dork wife, but there you go. I ran my idea for the blog past her. She thought it was a great idea.

I think this is either going to be awesome or utterly fail. Either way, I’m okay with it. The failure will be solely in traffic and reader-terms. This blog has always been a tool for my weight loss. And if my plan is awesome and helps me lose weight, then I’m okay with it, even if I am the only reader.

A lot of the various forms of entertainment I consumed as I was growing up had easy to swallow lessons and morals. Last week, on a fit of nostalgia, I looked up the pilot episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I realized, as I was watching it, that I could make many parallels to weight loss. And that’s when it hit me.

I’m going to relive my childhood, one dorky t.v. show, video game, or whatever (as in Garbage Pail Kids stickers) at a time, as I journey through weight loss. Stick around. If you’re a dork like me, you may enjoy it.

And if you aren’t already a dork like me… well, then you can make fun of me. I’m strong enough to take it. 🙂

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A Happy Birthday Weigh-In

First of all, today, April 19th, is my birthday! Yay birthdays!

I have been neglecting my poor little blog here, and I’ve come to a surprising conclusion.

I miss weighing in! Even with the slow numbers. I’m not any less obsessed with my weight than I was 19 days ago, and if it weren’t for my dedicated efforts to eat Paleo, my diet wouldn’t by any cleaner. If anything, I’ve even found myself thinking, “I’m not weighing in for X days, I can afford to eat a little more today.”

So what have I taken from this? My issues aren’t going to be solved in a month.

A friend with a background in mental health suggested I work my way through the Beck Diet, which is a non-diet-specific plan to help people through their mental issues around weight loss. I’m going to start that, and I’ll post regularly here on how it goes.

I had already made the decision to forego my month-long scale absence and start weighing in again. I don’t like weighing in on Friday, because that is a day where it is way too easy to get distracted with fun things and forget to write a blog post. So I’m selecting today, Tuesday, to weigh in.

I didn’t know what to expect. My clothes feel a touch roomier, so I honestly walked to the scale this morning expecting to see SOME type of a loss.

April 19, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 352.1
Today’s Weight: 362.0
Change from All-Time High: -40.8 pounds
Change from Last Week: +9.9 pounds

Whatever. It’s just a number. I’ll admit to being shocked. My mind immediately goes in two different directions.

One – my pants are looser in the waist. Pants don’t get looser on their own, do they? I must be changing my body composition somehow. In addition, people have told me that my face looks a little thinner.

Two – Holy crap. If I had weighed myself regularly, I might have kept from gaining 9.9 pounds!

It is what it is, right?

So what does the next week hold? Clean, paleo eating and lots of exercise. I want to see that number drop next week. Hopefully, hard work will take care of it. And if not, hey? What else do I have to do, right? It’s not like I’m going to give up.

I don’t give up. Ever. Even if I weigh over 300 pounds for the rest of my life, then I will be a 300+ pound person who eats as healthy as he can and moves as much as his body will let him.

Anyway, on to other things, Happy Birthday to me! I was born 33 years ago today. I’ve already had a wonderful birthday. Tina gave me my gift this weekend, which was a Fitbit! I’m already excited about using it. I enjoy that it tells me my estimated calorie burn for the day. It also has a fun feature in that I can wear it while I sleep, and it tracks how many times I wake up. It let me know that my sleep is pretty steady with some tosses and turns. I already knew that, but nice to have it confirmed.

We also went to see Scream 4 this weekend. Fun movie, but it could have been a rental. Still, best of the Scream movies since the original, in my opinion.

My parents took us out to eat at Montana Grille on Sunday. My mother-in-law took us out on Friday night. And my boss took me out to eat for lunch today. I have definitely been enjoying plenty of good eating-out opportunities.

The exercise is going well. The Fitbit has actually motivated me to try harder and see if I can get a higher calorie burn. I also discovered that mowing the yard, at least according to Fitbit, is not as strenuous as I had expected. During the hour that I mowed on Sunday afternoon, it only recorded three minutes of that as very high activity.

I haven’t abandoned my little blog here, I promise. I haven’t abandoned healthy eating. I’ve just been a little busy lately. I’m about to get busier, because I’m taking advantage of the free tuition WKU employees get by starting my second Master’s degree this summer. Yes, I had planned to start my doctorate this year, but I’m going to wait a while on that. Tina and I would like to start a family first, and I know the doctoral work is immensely time-consuming. I predict I’ll start it sometime soon, but not this-fall soon.

So, to sum up, Happy Birthday to Me! And I’m implementing weigh-ins again with a weekly Tuesday weigh-in.

How are you celebrating my birthday? 🙂

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An I’m Struggling Weigh In

Every time I think I have it, something happens that proves to me I do not. It’s always time to reevaulate, and that is what I’m doing this week.

Yesterday, I posted this picture and said that this represents my weight loss journey this week.

Why is that?

Because as I see that photo, the person is struggling. Yes, they are trying to reach a mighty goal, and they might succeed…

…but at the moment, they are dangling off of a rock. In my mind, they are closer to utterly falling to failure than making it to success.

Am I being too bitter and pessimistic?

Yeah, probably. I need to get it out of my system for a minute. Don’t worry; as soon as I post my weigh-in results for this week, I’ll let you know my game plan.

February 18, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 356.6
Today’s Weight: 359.0
Change from All-Time High: -43.8 pounds
Change from Last Week: +2.4 pounds

I’ve been counting my points. Weight Watchers emphasizes making healthy choices.

I’ve only been counting my points. I have not been making healthy choices. That is the ONLY thing that I can see I am doing wrong here, so therefore, that is what I must change.

Some people say that a calorie is a calorie.

I call crap on that statement. When I was in my mid-twenties, it did work that way. As I am getting older, my metabolism changes. If you can lose weight eating fast food several times a week and just keeping your calories under control, then good for you. You have the benefit of youth and a faster metabolism than most on your side. For those of us in our thirties, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. We have to watch our calories AND be mindful of what we fuel our bodies with.

Experience on MULTIPLE occasions has shown that, for me, this is not the case. I can keep my calories (or points – same diff) under tight control, but if I have made poor food choices, I will not lose weight.

Craig recently posted a NINE pound weight loss, and he did it by watching what he ate and cleaning up his diet.

So, how have I been eating?

I have a little confession to make. I’m a Mystery Shopper. Usually two or three times a week, I go to a fast food restaurant, order a certain meal, time how long it takes for the food to come to me, eat said meal to evaluate the food, and then go home, report my results, and I get reimbursed for my meal and usually an extra $5 to $30. It has been decent money for doing something that is pretty easy.

And it’s wreaking havoc on my health.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t pretend that these calories don’t count. I have been counting every single bite that goes in my mouth, and I am not overeating otherwise.

I’m finding that if I eat three or four fast food hamburgers a week, even counting those calories, I can’t lose weight.

A friend recommend that I try eating very healthy and clean, just to give me more energy to train for the Run For Your Lives 5K in October. What do I have to lose?

I’m putting Mystery Shopping on the back burner for a while. Yes, that extra $200 a month or so is amazingly good money for a job that doesn’t even really take much time, but my health is worth far more to me than $200 a month. I’ll try and find another way to make some extra income to help pay the bills. Anyone need a copywriter? My wife knits – want to buy a baby blanket?

But seriously, money isn’t everything. Tina and I talked about this last night. What good is it making an extra $200 a month to help pay down some credit card debt if I’m going to die in my forties because I can’t get my obesity under control?

I know that I won’t eat clean for every meal for the rest of my life. It isn’t possible. Holidays and parties will come up. I’ll feel the urge to have a Papa Johns Pizza sometimes.

I’m going to shoot for 90% healthy and 10% whatever. Somedays will be 100% healthy. I’m going to try and use the next week for a cleanse as much as possible, so I’m hoping to be 100% for the next week.

There are TONS of great meals we can make that are going to be 100% clean and healthy for us. I don’t even have to give up homemade pizza. Tina is making a crust tonight out of whole wheat flour. I just have to limit my indulgences and always go for the healthier option.

This is my body. My vehicle. I have to give it the best fuel I possibly can. Why should I cram a fast food hamburger down my gullet when I can create a similar food masterpiece at home that might even taste better that will be better for me in all possible ways?

Let me return to my photo. I’ve been struggling. I don’t deny that. I don’t apologize for it, and I’m not saying this for sympathy. Every weight loss blogger I’ve ever known who has had any degree of success as has struggled to some degree or another. I’m certainly no different.

So yes, that rock climber is struggling. How else does that photo match my experience?

He has equipment to help him succeed. I have Weight Watchers, I have people reading my blog who offer tons of support (seriously – I love you people!), I have family and friends who want to see me do well, and I currently have a kitchen stocked full of healthy, clean, nourishing foods.

He clearly isn’t climbing alone, or there wouldn’t have been anyone to take the picture. I’ve got the aforementioned people, and I’m certainly not the only fat person in the world struggling to lose weight.

He has a beautiful destination ahead of him, and he’s going to reach it soon.

So am I.

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A Don’t Stop Believing Weigh-In

Any other Glee fans in here? Maybe just a fan of Journey?

Me, I like both.

So why is this a Don’t Stop Believing Weigh-In?

‘Cause I gained weight.

February 11, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 355.6
Today’s Weight: 356.6
Change from All-Time High: -46.2 pounds
Change from Last Week: +1.0 pounds

I’m not even one hundred percent sure why. I got in more activity this week than last week. I think my diet was about as good this week as last week.

So why did I gain?

It’s one of those things.

One thing I’ve heard in Weight Watchers before is, “Don’t stress it until it becomes a pattern.”

I gained this week. That isn’t a pattern. If I gain this week, then I’ll figure out why.

But for this week, it could be for any number of reasons.

Maybe my body is holding on to a bit more water than it should. Maybe I need to take a big poop and just haven’t realized it yet.

But I do not believe my actions are indicative of gaining an entire pound of fat this week, so I’m not going to worry about it. After all, that stupid scale weighs muscle, fat, skin, bone, water, poop, and everything else that currently exists in my body.

I almost slipped up and got into a funk about it. I ate more at lunch than I had planned to. I went out with colleagues, we went to a Mexican place, and rather than order my Mexican-go-to-healthier-option meal of chicken fajitas, I got a chimichanga. If you don’t know what that is, just know that it’s fried.

But I’m not giving up on me or this diet because of one bad weigh-in or even one bad meal. I haven’t stopped believing (see that – there’s where I tie it in!) that Weight Watchers is going to work for me. It will.

I’m so much more than a number of the scale. In the past, I might have used this as an excuse to go on a binge, and then a month later, I’d write a post along the lines of, “For real this time, no more bull, I can do this!” And repeat ad infinitum until eventually, I’m being buried in a box they use to ship pianos.

Or I’ll keep my head up and keep on plowing on. After all, in a little over eight months, I’m going to be running for my life from zombies!

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Time for Healthy Eating Again

The past two days have been amazing. I’ve had three different Christmases, first with Tina’s mom, then with my parents, and then with Tina’s dad. Siblings were present at all. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful, loving people. Lots of gifts and lots of laughs were had.

Discounting the presence of family, which is of course awesome, the best part of this Christmas?


That’s right; south-central Kentucky had a White Christmas. At least sort of. Apparently, it is only officially considered a White Christmas if one inch of snow fall is recorded on Christmas Day. The five inches we got last night on Christmas Eve apparently doesn’t count. Whatever. I’m calling this one a White Christmas.

The only bad part about the holidays? The food.

I seriously expect that I have gained significant weight in just the last two days. I know a lot of people are waiting until January 1st, and you know what, that’s okay. I’ve done it MANY times before. But I’m not doing it this year. I am recommitting tomorrow.

December 26th, Sunday, will see me getting back on the diet hardcore.

Not joking – I literally feel fatter.

Tomorrow will see me eating healthy, tons of fruit and veggies, sticking to my points, and going to the gym for at least an hour of cardio.

I don’t regret a single thing about the past two days, though. I wouldn’t change a single bite.

It isn’t the overeating on the holidays that made me obese, after all. It was the overeating at every meal that made me obese.

I may gain a little weight at every single Christmas celebration for the rest of my life, and I am okay with that, because I am going to strive to make the vast majority of my meals healthy.

So, December 26th. A fresh reboot. Who’s with me in not waiting until 2011?

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