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Night of the Living Vlog

I just bought a new webcam. I want to start vlogging again.

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A Return to Vlogging Weigh-In

Short post today, folks. I recorded a vlog.

I haven’t done them in a while, probably because I felt like I didn’t have anything worth sharing. Well… I’m doing okay, so I think I do.

September 16, 2011
Weight: 371.8
Change from Last Week: -2.2 pounds
Change from Highest: -31.0 pounds
Weight: 53”
Change of 1” since 9-2-11

I’m going to stop measuring my waist weekly, but I am thrilled to see it dropped another half inch!

I say more in the video, but basically, Weight Watchers is working, exercise is going great… life is just generally awesome right now, and the weight loss is icing.

Don’t forget about my Betty Crocker giveaway that ends next Wednesday!

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