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Direct Life Giveaway Contest Entry

I recently came across one of the most amazing giveaways I have ever seen in the blogging world.

Foodie McBody (if you name your child that, she is guaranteed to grow up fit – Tina and I are naming out firstborn Fitness T. Worksoutalotberg) is hosting a giveaway for a Direct Life Activity Monitor, plus a year’s worth of free coaching.


Holy crap. That’s a huge giveaway.

I’ve considered buying the BodyBugg, but I just got married, we have debt of various sorts, and we don’t have $300 lying around for me to try out a product that I mostly know about from the Biggest Loser.

However, Ms. McBody (can I call you Foodie?) has heartily endorsed hers for a while now, and given that she doesn’t work for DirectLife but is just a client, I consider that a pretty ringing endorsement. I’ve considered buying one, and if I don’t win (*tear), then I may have to splurge on one somewhere down the road. As in way down the road. Maybe a birthday present to myself in April. 2015.

But I want to win. Aside from the fact that I like free stuff, her giveaway is more than just a random-entry-wins contest. If you go to her page here, you can see how to enter. Basically, a 250 word blog post or a 2 minute video can do it.

Apparently, I’m doing both.

Here’s the video, lovingly created in front of my Christmas tree.

And you are currently reading the blog post which is starting to feel a tiny bit random.

I have tweeted, I have followed Direct Life (I already follow Ms. McBody, and you should, too), and I have videoed and blogged.

Basically, I want one because I truly have no idea how many calories I’m burning. I lift weights and do cardio, and I’m very excited because I’m about to start Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus. I’m literally on fire right now with the excitement of losing weight.

Er, wait. Not literally. Figuratively. Because literally would be awkward.

And painful.

My last reason for wanting a DirectLife Activity Monitor? I work at Western Kentucky University. And although our sports mascot is called Big Red and he looks basically like Grimace from McDonald’s, we are called the Hilltoppers because our entire campus is one big hill.

I walk up and down that hill a LOT. I work on the fourth floor of my building at WKU. I’m sure I’m clocking lots of activity I don’t even know how to count, and the curious part of my brain would love to know. And even better yet, when I get home and after the gym, if I’m not where I should be, then I can throw the leash on the dog and take a quick walk up the street.

It doesn’t appear that a lot of people have entered this giveaway yet, so if you think you are interested, you should do so, but hurry, because her contest is over December 6th.

Except don’t enter. Because I want to win, and you entering would lower my chances. Pick me!

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