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Episode #003 – Simply Filling

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Episode #001 – Introduction

I’m vlogging.

Watch it, if you’d like. I’d appreciate it.

I tried to make it funny!

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Most Motivational Video Ever

This isn’t the motivational post I had planned for today, but when I saw this video clip, I had to post it instead.

This was filmed at an elementary school Track and Field Day. The video starts off much like any other, but then you’ll notice something. One of the runners is running with a very awkward, painful-looking gait.

This young man, named Matt, has spastic cerebral palsy. He wasn’t required to run this race. He chose to run a 400 meter dash.

He’s quickly left in the dust. But he keeps going. He almost looks like he is going to fall at one point, but he keeps going.

Watch the video below. It’s about five minutes. Uhm… don’t watch it front of someone you aren’t willing to cry in front of.

Did you get a little teared up, if not full on cry? Yes? Me too.

This kid has been given worse obstacles to deal with on a daily basis than most of us ever face. But he keeps going.

I don’t think I even need to spell the analogy out for this one.

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Night of the Living Vlog

I just bought a new webcam. I want to start vlogging again.

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The 1st Annual Stellar Path Home Workout Video Championship

Things are still going fantastic in the slowly growing Logsdon household. Moon Pie is still gestating nicely, all of our tests are coming back the way we want them to, and in about five weeks, we’ll know which Moon Pie onesie we need to buy.

And in other news, my bracket is, uhm… not doing so well. I should have picked Duke to lose. I HATE Duke.

Now, here’s a little secret you should know about the Logsdon household. Neither Tina nor I like sports. At all. I grew up in a Basketball Household, and as a result, I still somehow manage to bleed UK blue, but we just don’t care to watch sports. It doesn’t appeal to us.

(And yes, it may seem odd that someone who doesn’t follow sports would hate Duke, but if you are a UK fan and you watched the 1991 Duke/UK Game (I was 13, I was still living at home), you would understand.)

I like the idea of sports. I especially like the idea of playing sports…

And that’s what led to this.

The 1st Annual Stellar Path Home Workout Video Championship!

Yes, it’s lame, but I’m excited about it, so bear with me.

I’ve given up the gym, mostly for financial reasons. (Turns out babies are expensive, even before they get here. Who knew?!) As a result, I’m doing a LOT of home workouts.

I have a TON of workout videos from the 90s. When you see the list at the end of this email, you may judge me. Heck, there is one workout video that I have that will REQUIRE you to judge me.

Netflix has a lot of workout videos in the Watch Instant Queue. They have even more in their DVD library. Bowling Green’s Public Library has a handful of workout videos.

Every time I have a competition, I’ll post about my progress in this bracket. (But we all know life gets in the way, so there may be times I’ll post about two competitions [i.e. – 4 videos] at once.)

Basically, I compiled a list of 64 workout videos. I randomly assigned each video a number using a random number generator. I then paired up each video with another video in the bracket. I’ll make two videos “compete.” This is part of this week’s. (To remind me of the order to do them in, each week, I’ll highlight the videos in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.)

And yes, that is Marky Mark’s Workout Video.

I am ashamed. I won’t deny it. I bought it when I was about fifteen because I wanted his abs. Turns out that just simply buying a video and never doing it just doesn’t work.

I’ll include the list of all 64 videos at the end of this post, but this week, I am doing these six videos.

The first match up is Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates and The Marky Mark Workout. The second match up is Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 and Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast. The third match up is Sweatin’ to the Oldies and 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp.

So, how do I determine a winner? Good question!

I’m going to wear my Polar Heart Rate Monitor during each workout. Whichever video burns the most calories is the winner!

And yes, there will be days where my energy level will be higher and that will contribute to a higher calorie burn. Some videos are shorter than others. It doesn’t seem very fair.

Well, it probably isn’t, but that’s the way it works out. Is it fair that a 16 Seed Team always has to face off against the number one seed?

I do have a few rules. One, if it is a video that contains levels, i.e. – do this at beginner, this at intermediate, this at advanced, I will do the beginning workout. If it is a collection of short workouts that you can choose to do one or all of, I will do them all. Other than that, I plan to do the videos start to finish. I am allowed to do modifications as required. In other words, if they are doing an activity that I cannot do for whatever reason, I will do a modified activity. Not that this would happen in a video, but if they were doing box jumps, I would substitute with step ups.

Much like the NCAA, there are four brackets. Unlike the NCAA, this isn’t based on region but is based on the results of a random number generator. I may have to hop around a bit in the brackets as I have to get the videos from Netflix, my library, et cetera, but I will complete all 64 initial videos before I move on to the field of 32. (You may have to click the picture to make it full-size to see each individual video title.)

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

When I get down to 32, we do it again. I expect the calorie count to be different this time around, as 64 days of workout videos, ranging in intensity, should have significantly upped my muscle mass and cardio endurance. I’m intrigued to see if it makes as big of a difference as I’m hoping.

It starts tomorrow. I know you aren’t as excited as I am, but I do hope you enjoy following along with me! And heck, if you have some of the videos, do it with me!

The overall list of videos is below. If it has no character beside it, I already own the video. If it has one * beside it, it is available from Netflix Streaming. If it has two ** beside it, it is available from my local library. And if it has a # beside it, it is available from Netflix DVD delivery.

1. Sweatin to the Oldies
2. Sweatin to the Oldies 2
3. Sweatin to the Oldies 3
4. Sweatin to the Oldies 4
5. Marky Mark Workout
6. Richard Simmons Groovin’ in the House
7. Leslie Sansone 5 Really Big Miles
8. Crunch: Super Slim Down*
9. Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates*
10. Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates*
11. 10 Minute Solution: Target Toning*
12. 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates*
13. 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp*
14. Crunch: Fat Burning Ab Attack*
15. 10 Minute Solution: Pilates*
16. Crunch: Boot Camp Training*
17. Crunch: Burn & Firm Pilates*
18. 10 Minute Solution: Carb Burner*
19. Crunch: Total Resculpt*
20. Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast*
21. Crunch: CardioSculpt*
22. 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix*
23. Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party*
24. Crunch: CardioSalsa*
25. Tummy Tone Party Zone*
26. Pilates Essentials*
27. Dance Off the Inches: 15-Minute Express*
28. Dance Off the Inches: Calorie Blasting*
29. Richard Simmons: Broadway Sweat
30. Richard Simmons’ Dance Your Pants Off!
31. Buns of Steel: Total Body Fat Burner
32. QVC Walk Aerobics
33. 30 Day Shred
34. The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max**
35. Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones**
36. Billy Blanks’ Ultimate Boot Camp**
37. Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred**
38. Let’s Get Moving: Low Impact Cardio**
39. The Trainer’s Edge: Integrated Strength Training**
40. The Biggest Loser: Calorie Knockout#
41. The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp#
42. The Biggest Loser: Power Sculpt#
43. The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max Weight-Loss#
44. The Biggest Loser: The Workout#
45. The Biggest Loser: The Workout, volume 2#
46. The Biggest Loser: 30 Day Jump Start#
47. The Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout#
48. Jillian Michaels: Shred It with Weights#
49. SWAT Workout: Ultimate Body Definition#
50. Surf Stronger: The Surfer’s Workout#
51. Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip#
52. Budokon: Beginning Practice#
53. The Abs Diet Workout 2#
54. The Firm: Total Body Time Crunch#
55. The Firm: The 500 Calorie Workout#
56. Men’s Health: 15 Minute Workouts#
57. Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism#
58. Dancing with the Stars: Dance Off the Pounds#
59. Jari Love: Get Ripped#
60. Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies#
61. Jari Love: Get Ripped to the Core#
62. Total Body Cardio with Tanja Djelevic#
63. Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt with Violet Zaki#
64. Goddess Workout: Cardio Burlesque: A Striptease Workout#

There will be a grand total of 126 workouts. Two videos will be used six times as they face off to become the high calorie burner of the 1st Annual Stellar Path Home Workout Video Championship. Who will win? Stay tuned. (And be patient. It’ll take me about five months to do this many workouts!)

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