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35 Weeks to Go And Counting: A Run For Your Lives Update

I have decided to write a post every weekend, detailing our training for the upcoming Run For Your Lives. Tired of hearing about it yet? I’m not. I’m so excited I can barely stand it!

And yet… I realize I have a LONG way to go.

I’ve always been jealous of runners. The very notion of running is antithetical with being a fat kid. I never managed to complete the one mile run that was held in P.E. class every year. I just couldn’t do it. Didn’t want to do it, frankly.

I villainized running. I made it the enemy. Not me. It. Running is stupid.

And I’m finding myself slowly changing.

Even in the last two years that I’ve been a part of the weight loss blogging world, my attitude has begun to change. Before, I held the attitude, “I only run when I am being chased.” (Rather ironic, then, that I WILL be chased during the first 5K I’ve signed up for.) Then, as I got fit, my attitude turned to envy. I can’t run without pain, and I was extremely jealous of those of you who would go out and run a 5K (or 10K… or half… or full marathon) with no more energy than I would devote to an hour long workout in the gym.

I’ve tried Couch to 5K more than once. I’ve never made it past week three.

So what am I doing to prepare for this race? I’m not EXACTLY tackling Couch to 5K again, but I am breaking out the jogging shoes.

Last night, my knee was terribly swollen. It’s just something that’s wrong with me. I don’t even know if I can blame it on my obesity, because my left knee NEVER swells. But it was pretty tight, and it hurt to do too much activity on it. I wasn’t overly sweating it, because I know that pain will go away in two to three days, and it was almost over. But how can I work out on it?

Ah, I know! I’ll do Couch to 5K in the pool! So last night, Tina and I went to the gym, changed into swim gear, and walked and jogged in the pool a la C25K style for thirty minutes. It was a better workout than I was expecting.

The activity helped my knee, and today, I woke up almost pain free. We went to Russell Sims Park here in town, which has a nice one mile track.

Knowing our past attitude toward C25K, Tina and I decided we were going to just walk and run as we felt like it, gradually increasing the run time. In other words, we didn’t do sixty seconds of jogging after ninety seconds of walking. We probably did less jogging than we would have otherwise. As we walked, we would pick out a light post and jog until we had passed two more. We did that four times over the course of a mile, and I stuck to my slow, plodding, painfree pace. Tina is considerably faster than me, which is perfectly fine by me. She has crazy long legs and she’s a LOT lighter than I am, so it stands to reason she would be faster.

I know I have a LONG way to go in training for this run. We want to do an actual 5K before it, just so we know what it’s like to run a 5K that isn’t infested with zombies.

So what does the rest of our week look like? This is my proposed training plan for the rest of the week.

Sunday – An hour on the elliptical at the gym (to build lung and heart endurance) and a 5K walk with Malcolm (our dog) at a local park in town
Monday – An hour of Zumba, followed by an hour of Aqua Zumba
Tuesday – I have a late meeting at work, so in-between regular work hours and my late meeting, I’m going to hit the gym for an hour of cardio on the elliptical.
Wednesday – Finally, a weight session!
Thursday – Another weight session!
Friday – Cardio recovery day from two days of weights

We normally do a lot more weights than that, but this is what’s going to fit with my work schedule. We need to get back into the groove of doing more weights, but I also need to strengthen my heart and lungs. I’m surprised at how weak they got from just taking about two weeks off from my eye infection. It’s so hard to gain that endurance but so EASY to lose.

We’re continuing to do ten minutes of stretching yoga every night before bed, courtesy of Netflix Watch Instantly.

Oh, and to stay in the zombie mood, we’re going to watch the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

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5K Training Update

Last week, I mentioned that we have signed up for the Run for your Lives in Darlington, Maryland, a zombie infested 5K obstacle course, taking place on October 22, 2011.

I’ll go ahead and warn you – you should expect LOTS of talk about us preparing for this race.

It was monumentally huge for us to sign up for this race. Neither Tina nor I have ever come close to running a 5K. However, we are now in training for it. Right now, I’m just working on getting a good walking speed for a 5K. Later, I’ll add the jogging and running elements to it. I know I can’t take too much time, because even though we have eight months now, I know this race will be here before we realize it.

What am I hoping to accomplish in the next eight months?

I want to get a few non-zombied 5Ks under my belt. There’s one at the end of March that I plan on walking, and I HAVE to be able to run one well before October.

I want to lose eighty more pounds by October, at least. That’s always a work in progress, and yes, I’ll be happy with any weight that I can lose. However, ten pounds a month times eight months equals eighty, so that’s what I’m shooting for.

I want to greatly increase my flexibility by then, too. This is an obstacle course, so I’m sure agility and strength will come into play just as much as speed.

I’m sure I’ll post periodically about how the training is going. Right now, I want a good walking speed for a 5K.

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Tara’s Guest Post: Spouses & Weight Loss

I remember the first time I found Tara’s blog, 263 and counting. At the time, she was in week three of Couch to 5K. In the past year, I have watched Tara physically transform herself from an overweight woman into a smokin’ hot triathlete. I can’t even begin to say how honored I am to have Tara fill in for me while I’m away. 🙂


I carry around a small notepad with me wherever I go. It has several different functions: I use it to keep track of my calories and to write down ideas for future blog posts. Through out my day I will often hear things come out of people’s mouth and I immediately think “oh that’s going to make for a good blog post someday”

Today is one of those days. When Jeremy asked me to do a guest post for him while he’s off getting hitched (Congratulations!), I quickly perused my list and what did my little blogging mind come across?

Spouses and Weight Loss

The word “spouse” is loosely used for this particular post since not everyone reading this may be married. Think of it to mean as anyone in your life that you think needs to lose weight. We all have someone in our life that we wish would get on the same band wagon as us and make better choices with their food or move a little more. We start to get a taste for what it feels like to lose weight, take control and actually meet some goals and all we want is for the ones we love to get what we’re getting…

I’m here to put the brakes on your actions.

Nine months ago, my husband and I weighed a combined 600 pounds. Let me say that again: 600 POUNDS! I woke up one day in December and decided enough was enough for me. Not too much longer after losing my first 20 pounds I decided it was time for my husband to get on the band wagon…bad Tara bad. Why is that bad? He wasn’t ready and more often than not instead of making decisions based on what I needed I continued to make decisions based on what he wanted. I wanted to make better food choices. He wanted to eat out. Guess who won? I wanted to eat appropriate serving sizes. He wanted to go back for seconds and thirds. Guess who joined him on those helpings? I wanted to walk to the ice cream parlor for one scoop of pralines and cream. He wanted to go to food store and buy quarts of peppermint ice cream. Guess who drove?

I started to resent him. I started to blame him for my lack of determination. I blamed him for my inability to move more and eat less. I mean hello, we’re fat let’s get this party started and lose some damn weight. Then I realized something:

He wasn’t ready.

I was ready and I needed to stand up for myself and not let his decisions influence my decisions. I needed to understand that this was my journey and not our journey. I needed to let go of the resentment and move forward even if that meant leaving my husband sitting on the couch while I cried on the streets running the second week of the couch to 5k program (and all the subsequent weeks that followed).

I moved forward.

I lost the weight I needed to lose. I learned the skills I needed to learn to make healthy choices. I relied on my own determination to keep going. I got thinner, faster, fitter and stronger. My husband continued to sit on the couch and make excuses…

But not for long.

Fast forward to today and as I write this post, my husband is on the Wii* sweating like a man on a mission. We no longer weigh a combined 600 pounds. We’ve lost a small sized woman (about 130 pounds) and his food choices are nothing like what they were 9 months ago. He’s determined to move more and eat less. He’s determined to make healthier choices and he’s determined to move forward on this journey…

His Journey.

When we stop forcing others to behave like us and focus on making ourselves the top priority something magical happens: We become role models. We show those around us that change is possible, that change is good and that goals can be achieved. When we stop blaming others for what they aren’t doing and take the responsibility for what we are doing, we are showing the one’s we love that we’re important enough to ourselves to take control no matter the situation…

And that they are too.

* It took me over an hour to write this post and guess who is still on the Wii?

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A Where’s My Reset Button? Weigh-In

This is a Where’s My Reset Button Weigh-in.

Yeah, I’m really wishing I could redo the past week, because nothing bad happened and this gain is solely the result of eating food that today I don’t even remember the joy of eating it, just the pain of the gain.

September 27, 2010
Weight – 335.5
Previous Weigh-In – 334.0
Change of +1.5 from last week
All-Time High 402.8
Total Loss -67.3 pounds

As I said yesterday, I was not expecting a loss this week. I can blame it on nothing but poor food choices. Last week was by no means a binge, but I did indulge in a bit more celebrating than I should have, and the scale showed it.

I’m getting married in about eleven days. There will be food at the wedding.

I have a bachelor party in five days. There will be food at the bachelor party.

I am going to Antigua in twelve days. To an all-inclusive resort. There WILL be food at the resort.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch worried about weight gain over the next week weeks. I don’t want to come home from my honeymoon weighing 350 pounds, but I’ll be honest – I know that is an honest-to-goodness legitimate risk if I do not watch what I eat at least somewhat.

I do not plan to deprive myself on my honeymoon, but I also do not want to gorge myself just because food is there. I’m going to try and find a nice, simple in-between that I can do… But a part of me also reminds me, “If you were capable of in-betweens, you would never have weighed over 400 pounds.”

Until the morning of my wedding, I am weighing every single day. So every day, there will be at least a short post about my weight. I can’t let this get away from me, and right now, I need the public accountability of recording every single day’s weight. You’ll see how much I lose tomorrow. You’ll see how much I gain the morning after my bachelor party.

So from today, September 27th, thru the day of my wedding, October 8th, I’m going to post my weight. Every day. Without fail. And then I’ll resume weekly weigh-ins on October 18th when I return from my honeymoon.

I am losing this weight, and something as simple as food is not going to stop me.

The workouts will continue. Tonight, we are going to see our trainer for the last session until we return from Antigua. She is going to literally, physically murder me if I gain fifteen pounds on my honeymoon. That’s a bit of incentive.

We’re still training on Couch to 5K, even though we’re going to repeat Week Two for at least a few days.

We’re still going to the gym and lifting weights. Tina is trying to make her arms even more toned for the wedding. (She already has awesome arms.) Thank God I wear a tuxedo jacket.

I’m taking part in a campus “exercise” event on Friday called the Poker Walk. Tina’s doing it with me; we may even incorporate our C25K training into it.

I’m going to weigh less at my wedding than I do today. I’m going to weigh less when I return from Antigua than I do today, because even if I indulge a little, I can still exercise in Antigua. I’m sure there’s an innuendo in there somewhere, but regardless – I will weigh less coming home from Antigua than I do today.

I will weigh less on January 1st than I do today. I refuse to gain the holiday pounds.

I will weigh less on October 8, 2011, than I do today.

I will weigh less. I will be healthier.

I will. It’s either a promise or a threat. Not sure which yet.

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Week One was Survived!

Gah, I’m so fricking fickle. That’s probably why only about three and a half people read my blog a week. But I’ve always said this is a blog for me, so my blogging schedule will probably always be ridiculously variable.

What did I say I was going to do? I said I was going to post my food and my weight daily.

I’ve already changed my mind. If I’m honest with myself, I skip over food entries in blogs unless they have cool pictures or an awesome recipe, and I like to read people’s weekly weigh-ins. So that’s what I’m going to do, starting tomorrow.

Today’s post was made because I have completed Week One of the Couch to 5K!

Oh, and what’s that note I have on my page today? Yeah, Tara at is completing her first triathlon this weekend. I was reading Tara’s blog when she was doing Couch to 5K. Tara, you rock, and I can’t wait ’til I’m there with you. 🙂 (Except for the triathlon part. Totally run with you, but I suck at swimming and I suck harder at biking. I’d probably end up looking like this about twenty feet into the cycle portion.)

But back to C25K, seriously, you have NO idea how big of a deal this is for me. I am prouder of having finished Week One than I probably will be of completing my first 5K in (what I hope is) a few months.

Running outdoors (well, slogging (i.e. – slow jogging)) is the key for me. I can’t do it on a treadmill; I’ve tried and it causes joint pain. Outdoors, I’m with Tina (my fiancee) and Malcolm (my puppy) and I just concentrate on shifting my weight to the ball of my foot rather than my heel. I suspect I probably look a little goofy when I run (not that I would look not-goofy otherwise), but it’s completely eliminated joint pain for me. I can already feel my heart and lungs getting stronger.

I am SO excited to start running 5Ks and adding t-shirts to my closet. (The raising money for charity part is nice, too.) I want to have Jess make me a sign. I want to see what it feels like to run for thirty plus minutes without… well, dying.

I don’t know if I’ll stay on track and be done in seven more weeks, but we’re sure going to try. Any advice out there from you 5Kers?

Tomorrow is Friday, and in the past, Friday was my weigh-in day. I’m going to treat Sunday’s 337.9 as “last week’s” weight, and Friday’s will be my consistent day from here on out.

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