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A Giving Up the Gym Weigh-In

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for a while now. I feel MUCH better, and today, I have clearance from my doctor to begin exercising again. More on that in a moment.

I have been trying to concentrate on eating healthy. For one, since I am sick, I felt like my body could heal itself better if I gave it real food not full of preservatives. And for another reason, my diet is the only way I’ve been able to lose weight for about a week and a half now. Between the sprained foot that has taken me out of the “running” for Run For Your Lives and the sinus infection, I’ve been benched from the gym.

Unfortunately, my work schedule has not lightened up at all. I am still pulling 12 hour days four days a week and a normal work day on Friday. I’m not complaining; I still love my job, but dang. Fall semester is rough. I don’t want to wish it over because fall and the upcoming Christmas season are my two favorite times of the year, but man, oh man, the spring term is SO much easier!

When I have been home, I’ve been resting. I’ve had a kitty who has been resting on the couch with me trying to make me feel better.

So, since exercise has not been helping me lose weight lately, I thought that perhaps if I eat really clean, that might help. Did it?

It did.

I weighed in this morning at 372.0.

October 15, 2011
Weight: 372.0
Change from Last Week: -2.4 pounds
Change from Highest: -30.8 pounds

I am going to resume exercising today, though. Nothing too strenuous. Tina and I are going for a walk.

But I also came to a BIG, money-saving conclusion during my illness.

I really, really, REALLY enjoyed not getting up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym.

After reading Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness for the past year plus, I’ve really come to the conclusion that you CAN get fit anywhere. (Seriously? Have you seen his abs? I’ve got a major man crush. Sorry Steve. Hope that’s not weird.)

I have free weights at home. I can do push ups and ab work anywhere. I have more exercise videos than the Library of Congress, I have a Wii with several workout games, and I live in a town that gives me access to at least six different parks with walking trails.

I cancelled my gym membership. I am planning to exercise solely from home. Aside from the fact that Tina and I could use the money (her student loan debt is, as most college graduates can sympathize, significant, and every penny saved is a penny toward that). In addition, by working out at home, we’re also saving money on gas and time.

I want to get a Polar heart rate monitor that lets me track my calories burned, but for the next several months, I’m going to see if I can stay as motivated to workout at home as I can going to the gym. Honestly, I feel really good about it. I think I might even have the desire to work out more. For a while, I got sucked into the mind trap of feeling like I had to go to the gym to workout, when the fact is… the world is my gym.

How do you get your workouts in? At the gym or at home, or both?

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Richard Simmons & Watermelon

September 13, 2010
Today’s Weight 336.9
Total Lost 65.9

If you’ve known me for a while, you may know that I have been obese my entire life. Seriously, from the age of four to pretty much now, I’ve been overweight. I guess I maybe had a more positive school experience than some obese teens, because I don’t remember any true horror stories from growing up.

Now don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t so self-confident that I had it all figured out except for my weight. I still didn’t date until college (and well into college, at that), but I don’t really remember being picked on or made fun of or anything like that. However, I do remember desperately wanting to look like the football players or the guys who would take their shirts off without hesitation. I was deeply ashamed of the way I looked, but I wouldn’t really do anything to change it.

That’s not to say I wasn’t acutely aware of my obesity, and I went through the motions of wanting to change. And you know what (or should I say who?) all of my weight loss efforts revolved around in the early-to-mid 1990s when I was in high school?

Richard Simmons.

I remember seeing him on QVC in the summer before 8th grade, and he had his Deal-a-Meal kit. I still remember the price, $89.95. It came with the actual Deal-a-Meal and two workout tapes. There was also Project Me, which was a motivational audio series. Oh, and probably a cookbook, too. I wanted it, and without even asking, my mom asked if I’d like for her to get it for me.


It came UPS a few days later. I remember watching Sweatin’ to the Oldies 3 before I actually did the workout. “I can do this. These people are fat and they’re exercising. I can do it too!” This wasn’t my first workout video (more on that in a future post) but it was my first Richard Simmons workout video, which as far as I was concerned was the holy grail of exercise.

I read through the Deal-a-Meal directions and hit my first snag. “1600 calories? That can’t be right. And I only get 1,000 for the first week?!”

Suffice it to say, I never succeeded at Deal-a-Meal. I felt like I couldn’t eat the foods I wanted, and while I tried (repeatedly), I don’t think I ever made it more than a single day.

I’m not going to blame Richard Simmons. I actually have a great deal of respect for him, and I was actually kinda sad the day I realized that I had exercised so much the Sweatin’ tapes were no longer an aerobic challenge for me.

But I just didn’t see myself able to succeed on a diet that limited my food that severely. Deal-a-Meal would allow you to eat whatever you wanted, but in moderation. I didn’t get that concept at the time. If it took almost all of my bread cards just to have a slice or two of pizza, then what the heck was I supposed to eat for the rest of the day?

I get moderation now. I have tried to do “diets” where I refuse myself certain foods, and I have never succeeded. If anything, refusing a certain food has caused me to crave it more. Instead, I now strive to find a balanced eating plan (which I fully intend to live on forever) where I eat lots of healthy foods and the occasional “not-as-healthy” food in moderation. I can eat one Pop Tart; I shouldn’t eat the whole box. But even if I do, so what? Chalk it up to experience, move on, and I’ll do better tomorrow.

This has to be a lifestyle change; I know that. Deal-a-Meal could have taught me that, but I got caught up in the other stuff. I guess in 1991, I just wasn’t ready to change yet. In 2010, I finally am.

Day by Day 002
September 13, 2010

Blueberry Toast
Pomegranate Applesauce
Cereal with skim milk
Lean Cuisine Pizza
Honey Mustard Mixed Nuts
Homemade Chicken and Dumplings with Veggies
Zone bar
Ham and cheese panini
Crackers & Laughing Cow Cheese

Approximate daily calories = 2150

Today was a late work day, so we only got in about forty minutes of cardio at the gym. I’m tired; bed time.

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