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My 2011 Resolutions

Every year, I make resolutions. They are usually broad, sweeping resolutions that cover almost every aspect of my life. And while I am not one of those people who hate resolutions, I still have to admit – I usually forget about them by mid-January.

I’m going to try and do it a little differently this year. I’m going to make my resolutions in a way that I have to “check” in every month. So basically, rather than just make my resolutions for the entirety of 2011, I’m going to make them so that I can check on my status at the end of every month.

Before I give my resolutions, let me remind you that some of these are purposefully easy to accomplish. That helps give me a feeling of accomplishment, because I know there will be months that I don’t do as hot on something.

Lose 120 pounds.
Based on past experience, this one is big, but I’m still tackling it. It is a tough but doable ten pounds a month. Now that my thyroid issues are more or less under control, with some hard work, this one may be possible. I don’t deny that it will be tough, but I’m up for the challenge.
To accomplish by the end of January: Get down to 350.

Bench press 180 pounds.
I seriously contemplated not putting this one on the list, because to do so will require me to admit how much I bench press. I am not as strong as I’d like to be. I can bench press 135. That’s only one forty-five pound plate on each side of the bar. I’ve selected 180 as my goal because, according to charts, that is my ideal weight, and I would love to be able to bench press my weight.
To accomplish by the end of January: Increase bench press to 140.

Eat one vegetarian dinner a week.
I’m not vegan. There are some vegan blogs I read (and a few I stay away from because their militant veganism turns me off), but I like the idea of being so committed to healthy eating that you practice it at EVERY meal. Please note that I am committing to eat a vegetarian dinner one night a week, not a vegan one. I like animals. I have four that I share my life with (two cats, two dogs, all heathens). I just also happen to think that vegan food sucks. I’m sure some of my meals may end up being vegan, but I’ve tried cooking vegan. I’ve never been able to make anything better than “eh, it’s mostly edible.” But by not eating meat during at least one dinner a week, I can reduce my carbon footprint somewhat and expand my culinary repertoire. Tina and I are making Thursday night our Veggie Dinner night.
To accomplish by the end of January: Report on all four January dinners and plan out all four of February’s.

Become an ACE certified personal trainer with at least two clients by year’s end.
I already have the study kit and the testing certificate in my possession. Yes, I will still be obese when I go to take the exam, which I expect will result in a few raised eyebrows, but oh well. I plan to blow the test out of the water. Given that I’ll probably take the exam by late Spring to early Summer, I have decided to up the ante on this resolution and require myself to use it. I’m not planning to replace my career at WKU with a personal training one, but I’d definitely like to do it on the side. I feel pretty good about this one, too, as many overweight people I have talked to say they would prefer a trainer who once had weight issues as opposed to someone who has always been a hard body.
To accomplish by the end of January: Study through Chapter Four of ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals textbook

Complete (and edit) that young adult novel that keeps popping up in my brain.
I’ve been a writer since I was a little kid. I guess you could say I’m technically even published. However, I want to finish this one particular young adult novel that has been clanking around in my head for a while, edit it, and actually send it out to agents in the potential of getting it published. I realize that publishing fiction is only 2% talent and 98% luck, but I’ll never be published if I don’t at least try.
To accomplish by the end of January: Write at least 12,000 words on the tentatively titled Athena Institute.

Attempt to have my watercolor paintings put up in the gallery at the local library.
I have dabbled in watercolors for several years now. I don’t pretend to say I’m amazing, but I keep looking at the local artist galleries they put up, and I frequently say to myself, “Well… I can do that.” Except I haven’t. In 2011, I’m going to at least try. First up – I need to decide on a cohesive theme for a series of paintings. Frankly, right now, I’m thinking something healthy living related.
To accomplish by the end of January: Come up with theme for series and paint at least seven paintings in said series

Create an online store to sell my photographs, space paintings, and watercolor paintings (and other arty things, including light-up wine bottles).
Tina is immensely talented when it comes to crafts. Far more than I am. However, I’ve made some things that I think are pretty interesting. I don’t know if I’m literally good enough to make money off of my talents, but let’s give it a shot.
To accomplish by the end of January: Open store.

Build my first ever snowman.
We’re looking at having a very rough winter in the south this year. We’ve already had two decent snows, and that’s pretty rare for us. Our first snow usually comes in January. Despite having enough good snows over the course of my life to build a snowman, I never have. This year, Frosty is going to make an appearance.
To accomplish by the end of January: If there is a snow in January (and there better be), build a snowman. Complete with scarf and carrot nose.

Send 100 letters out through The Mail Project.
This one will be easy. The Mail Project is a new blog I’ve started where I basically write to companies and ask for free stuff. I’ve already had some successes. Over the course of 2011, I have to send out at least 100 letters.
To accomplish by the end of January: Send out eight letters.

Take Tina to Las Vegas after she graduates.
Tina is finishing up her Bachelor’s in May and promptly starting her Master’s in June, if things go according to plan. I’ve promised her a trip to Las Vegas for some time after her graduation. In mid to late May, I resolve to take her there.
To accomplish by the end of January: Put aside $100 to help pay for trip.

Visit at least one more National Park.
On our life’s To-Do list, Tina and I plan to visit every National Park in the U.S. So far, we’ve only knocked out two, Mammoth Cave (where I proposed, in fact) and the Great Smokies. We just went to the Great Smokies a few weeks ago, and in fact, I’ll soon be documenting the trip on my travel blog, The Window Seat. Going to Mammoth Cave is very easy, as it is just thirty minutes from our house. We go regularly, and we’re going to take a nice day trip there as soon as spring shows up. However, that still leaves 56 national parks to go. Since we’re going to Vegas, I plan for us to also go visit one or two near that desert oasis. There are several. For this year, I’m leaning toward Death Valley National Park, as it is only about two and a half hours away and it seems like one you should see in the summer. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to go to the Grand Canyon. It may take us our entire lives to see all of them, but that’s okay by me. I’m in no hurry. I’m also not in too big of a hurry to see all of the National Parks near Las Vegas, as the city is so much fun, I’m sure we’ll go back again and again and again.
To accomplish by the end of January: See above, in saving up for Vegas trip.

Begin work on my doctorate.
I’m not officially in the cohort yet, but I’m starting on some additional grad-level classes this spring that will count toward my hours. I have two Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree right now. I definitely want that terminal Ed.D! (Please note – I am choosing the Ed.D. instead of the Ph.D. because I work in education, and given my current circumstances, an Ed.D. makes more sense for me than a Ph.D. Either way, I’ll be a doctor!)
To accomplish by the end of January: Successful start classes this Spring semester, which begins January 24th.

So, those are my resolutions. Do you have any?

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