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Power Rangers: High Five

June 8, 2011
369.5 pounds
Change from June 1st = -5.8 pounds
Change from highest = -33.3 pounds

In non-nostalgia related weight loss news, Tina and I went to the gym in the morning before work again. At night, the gym is so crowded, lifting weights is significantly tougher. (Cardio isn’t a problem.) Couple that with the fact that when we get home, it is AWESOME to know that I am done working out.

Given that the gym we’ll soon be using is actually at my working place and has a faculty locker room with nice, private, shower stalls, it all adds up to a simple solution. Work out in the morning before my work day starts.

As for how it went… Amazing! We both felt incredible all day long. And I can shower and go straight to work. Literally, I can walk to my office from this gym. This is definitely the way to go, even if it does require getting up about two hours earlier than I would normally.

I’m now feeling crazy nostalgic and I just spent some time surfing for Salute Your Shorts info. Yeah, I’m not going to be able to go sixteen straight episodes of Power Rangers with delving into some other aspect of my childhood. So I’m going to do three episodes of Power Rangers, hit an episode of Salute Your Shorts, and then back into PR. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I don’t always do everything I say I will, anyway.

“High Five”
Original Airdate September 4, 1993


The teens are hanging out at the Youth Center. Jason is climbing the rope climb, and while Zack and Kimberly are cheering him on, Trini is watching from a safe distance, due to an extreme fear of heights.

When the gang is attacked by putties, Billy and Trini try to lure the putties away. Billy climbs a tall cliff, where Trini, of course, is afraid to follow him.

However, Trini is the better fighter, and when Billy is dangerously trapped on a cliff by a Puttie that he can’t defend himself from, it is up to Trini to put her fears aside and help Billy. Trini’s friendship is stronger than her fear, and she climbs up the cliffside and helps Billy.

The teens defeat the Putties, using one of the oddest and likely most inefficient style of fighting I have ever seen.

As the episode ends, Trini has truly conquered her fear of heights, even climbing the rope climb after Zack scares her.

Weight Loss Analogy

Oh, Power Rangers, could you make it any easier?

How big of a role does fear play in our lives?

I think a lot of people (and I am putting myself in this camp) are fat because we are afraid. Afraid of being unloved. Afraid of not being good enough. Afraid of (fill in your fear here).

For me, it was a fear of being unloved and alone. If I was fat, then I had an excuse. I had a ready-made excuse for why I was single and never had a girlfriend. “Oh, it’s not because I’m flawed as a person. It’s because I’m fat.” I got over that one and met the love of my life.

“Oh, well, now I’m fat and that’s why I’m not a success at work.”

I got over that one, too, and I know have the greatest job ever. (And I’m freaking awesome at it.)

So, why am I still fat? What am I afraid of now?

Not liking myself when I get to goal weight.

Not liking some aspect of my life when I step on the scale and it says 180 and not being able to blame it on being fat.

Trini climbed the cliff to save Billy.

I’m climbing the cliff to save me.

What are you afraid of?

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My First Walking 5K

Tina has a wonderful guest post lined up and waiting about her wonderful amazing whole wheat pizza dough. However, I’m going to let it wait one more day, because I did something today that I have never consciously done before.

I walked a 5K. Instead of doing an hour on the elliptical at the gym, I picked a treadmill, punched in 5K loop, and set off at the fastest walk I could muster until I was done.

I have a LONG way to go to running a 5K. I am well aware of this. I have seen plenty of people post sub-30 minutes times on running. I’ve seen people post times in the range of 45 minutes for walking. I knew this was nowhere near possible for me.

Going in, I was hoping to not go too far over an hour.

The 5K seems like such a long distance to me, a complete non-runner at the moment, but I realize it’s only 3.10 miles. I’m not up to running it yet, but I can definitely walk it now.

I’m not crippled. I pushed myself hard, but not so hard that I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. So, how did I do?


I’ll do even better on Tuesday.

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Gym Etiquette #1

A lot of weight loss bloggers offer tips. A lot of them are qualified to offer tips. My weight has been largely stagnant for a long time, and for the most part, I am not yet in a place where I am truly comfortable telling people how to lose weight. In a few months, maybe, but not now.

There is one area I do feel qualified to give some info out though, and since it is the new year and the gyms are overly crowded right now, I’m thinking there may be a few people even searching for this info. So, if you are here because you googled Gym Etiquette, well pull up a virtual chair and I’ll give some pointers.

To give a little background, I am probably one of the fittest obese people around. I’ve been going to the gym hard for about two years now, and I was working out at home about four years before that. So even though I have 350+ pounds of body to sling around, I have a pretty strong cardio endurance and I’ve logged HUNDREDS of gym hours, both on my own and with a personal trainer. In this one area, I truly do feel qualified.

Please note that these opinions are no one’s but my own. Every gym has rules, and you should follow them. You’ll probably see them posted here and there. But there are other rules that some people don’t seem to follow. There is a gym etiquette. I’m sure I’ll leave something off of this list, but this is what is important to me. I’ll post one tip at a time for the next several days. Please feel free to chime in the comments section if you think of any I’ve left off, haven’t gotten to yet, if you agree, or even if you disagree.

Rule #1 – Gyms are to work out in, not loiter and talk. If you want to loiter and talk, go to Starbucks.

Seriously, this is probably the one that irks me the most. I’m okay with taking a workout buddy with you and talking while you work out. That’s no problem. In fact, that’s awesome and is definitely preferable to working out alone if you can swing it.

However, there are a LOT of people who come to the gym and just hang out near the equipment, never lifting a finger, maybe doing one set of something every ten minutes or so, and generally monopolizing the equipment.

Don’t do that! Seriously. Someone should not have to ask you to move your conversation away from the only unoccupied bench press when you have not even used it in about fifteen minutes. And I wish I could say I am exaggerating, but I am not. I have literally seen people come to the gym for an hour, do two or three exercises TOPS, and spend the rest of the time just standing around in people’s way.

In the same vein, if someone is on the piece of equipment that you need, it’s okay to ask to work in. People who know how to lift weights won’t mind, and it’s been my experience that people who don’t know what they are doing will usually back away pretty quickly.

So again, I’m okay with sharing the gym and I’m okay with people not quite sure of how to use certain equipment. What is rude gym behavior is to get in the way of people working out if you are just going to hang around and talk.

What are your thoughts?

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