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36 Things Before 36

It’s my birthday, y’all!

You know how some people are all depressive about it and hope someone mentions it’s their birthday?

Not me! It’s my birthday!


I am 35 today.

As I figure it, I’m roughly one third of the way finished. (Seriously – I’ve had three close relatives live to be over 100 years old, and they died back in the 1980s. Given today’s medical technology, 105 should be a piece of cake.)

Last year, I posted a list of 35 Things to Do Before I Turned 35. I think I did roughly… one and a half of them.

Regardless, I’m making a new list. It’s like New Year’s Resolutions, but specifically for me. After all, this is MY New Year. These are all things I want to accomplish before I turn 36.

1. Get down to 350 pounds.
2. Get down to 340 pounds.
3. Get down to 330 pounds.
4. Get down to 320 pounds
5. Get down to 310 pounds.
6. Get down to 300 pounds.
7. Get down to 290 pounds.
8. Get down to 280 pounds.
9. Get down to 270 pounds.
10. Get down to 260 pounds.
11. Get down to 250 pounds.

I initially thought about making this one goal (get down to 250), which IS achievable in a year. However, I’d rather have small milestones to celebrate all year, and ten pounds at a time is a GREAT way to do it!

12. Read 36 books to help make me a better person.

I’m a literacy teacher. I read all the time; I want to read books specifically to help me become a better person. Self-help, weight loss issues, personal success, personal finance, et cetera.

13. Read the entire New Testament.


I’ve read the Bible before. It was a powerful experience. I am a Christian, and I think every Christian should regularly read our most holy book. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only read it once. I think the Old Testament is important as history, but I want to read the New Testament this year. This is very doable. Part of the reason I want to read the Bible is because it brings me closer to the Lord, but not necessarily in the way that most people would suspect. The Bible is a shocking book, and I’m often amazed by how little people who quote it truly understand it. I don’t thump the Bible at people, ever, but I’d certainly like to understand it more.

14. Find a church to join.

My wife and I still haven’t found a church home. I want us to make more of an effort to make this a priority this year.

15. Finish my second Master’s degree.

I work in academia, so I get free tuition. (Greatest job perk ever.) I’m finishing up my 2nd Master’s Degree. The first is in Secondary Ed (funny, because I teach college, not high school). This one is in Educational Technology.

16. Start my doctorate.

See free tuition referenced above. I’m graduating in December, and I want to start my Ed.D. (assuming I am accepted) in post-secondary leadership in Spring 2014.

17. Finish my novel AND look for an agent.


I claim I want to be a writer, but I don’t write as much as I’d like to. I’m going to remedy that.

18. Cross another state off of my Visit All 50 States List.
19. Cross another national park off of my Visit All 58 National Parks List.
20. Take Moon Pie to the beach.


These three are kind of gimmes, but I need those. We’re going to South Carolina, and two of our stops will be Congaree National Park and the beach. I’ve never been to SC (last state on the Atlantic coast I haven’t visited).

21. Walk a 5K.
22. Run a 5K.
23. Complete the Glow in the Night 5K.

These two will nicely align with my desire to live a healthier lifestyle to be a good influence for Moon Pie. The running one will be a while, as I’m not even going to try running until I am below 300 pounds. Oh, and #23 is sort of a gimme as well. We’re already registered for it in a few weeks. We just need to GO.

24. Research our family tree.
25. Attend the Highland Games.


These two are sort-of aligned. My family is primarily Cherokee and Irish, with a few other ethnicities thrown in for good measure. My wife is largely Scottish and, in her own words, country bumpkin. We’d like to know more, especially know that we have a child of our own. And since she has so much Scottish heritage, we want to discover her family’s tartan. (You are supposed to wear a tartan you have a genetic link to. The Logsdons are Irish and Cherokee, but I’m hoping a little digging may reveal some Scottish ancestry, because I’d love to have my own! Regardless, I’ve already promised her that I’ll wear our tartan as a kilt to a black tie event after I’ve reached goal weight.)

She grew up in Glasgow, Kentucky, and every year, they host the Highland Games, a celebration of everything Scottish. We are going this year. They always have booths where you can look up your family’s tartan

26. Maintain a dream journal.

I’ve always wanted to be a lucid dreamer. Step one is journal your dreams. I need to do this.

27. Get my 501(c)(3) established.

I’ve always wanted to establish a charity. Thanks to a class I am taking this semester, the process is already underway!

28. Visit one touristy-place in Kentucky (that I have never been to) for a day trip.

Vacations don’t have to be big, expensive events. I want to visit somewhere near me that I’ve never been to before for a little one-day vacation!

29. Send out Christmas cards again.

We actually did this last year! I want to do it again this year.

30. Watch every episode of Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy.

"Put on your helmet, Kat! You suck at keeping your identity secret!"

I have a reason for this one; I’ll explain it in the upcoming days.

31. Regularly record vlogs about my weight loss journey.

I’m not going to define regularly, so as to not set myself up for failure, but I want to vlog more. Not necessarily the funny versions I try to do periodically, but just a video record of me and my journey.

32. Donate blood four times.

I used to donate blood regularly. I got out of the habit. I’m not bothered by needles, so why not?

33. Pay off one of our student loans entirely.

Even though tuition is now free, it wasn’t always. We have some pretty substantial student loans. I want to get at least one of them knocked out.

34. Establish a nice little Plant Nanny garden.

This one should be easy, but I do want to drink more water, too!

35. Beat Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I got it for Christmas last year. I haven’t even opened it. Nice easy goal, right?

36. Write a hand-written letter to ten authors who have impacted me.

I love words; I love writing. I want to be an author, and this is in no small part due to a number of authors who have inspired me. I want to send them a thank you letter, of sorts. (I would write to Harper Lee, but she doesn’t ever want to talk about To Kill a Mockingbird, so I can’t imagine her letter would be well-received, assuming I even knew where to send it.)

So, that’s what I am proposing to do for the next year!

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January 2013 Goals

In the past years, I’ve sat down and made out a nice post about the resolutions I was going to meet in 2013.

I’ve yet to truly keep a single one.

This year, I’m doing things differently.

Goals, Not Resolutions

I am setting goals that I am going to meet, and not for the entire year… These goals are for the month of January 2013. I’ll set new goals for February 2013.

This way, I don’t have twelve months to forget about them. I’ve got 28-31 days each month to accomplish these goals.

I’m going to set four different goals each month, a weight goal, a fitness goal, a personal goal, and a creative goal. There is no penalty if I fail to reach them, and there is no reward beyond the inherent reward in meeting the goal when I make them. It’s just something to help me keep each month as productive as I possibly can!

Weight Goal

I am taking part in Roni’s Diet Bet for January. I put $20 in, and if I lose at least 4% of my starting weight, then I get to share the pot. My four percent is going to be roughly 15 pounds.

Tough, yes, but achievable. So I am going to set a weight loss goal of 15 pounds for the month of January.

Fitness Goal

I’ve lost a lot of my cardio endurance. I’ll share more on that later this week. But I am working on building it back up, and it’s coming up quite quickly.

As soon as my endurance is back up (later this week), I resolve to complete an entire month of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I don’t expect that I’ll necessarily do all three levels as-is, but it’s definitely a nice way to get my strength back up quickly.

Say what you will about Jillian (I am personally a huge fan), her DVD workouts are tough.

Personal Goal

This one isn’t going to be a game changer, but it needs to be done. I have a lot of DVDs. A LOT. I have a subscription to a service that will catalog and organize your DVDs for you. You just enter the UPC codes and it keeps track of your library for you.

I’m going to do this. I have more DVDs than I can mentally keep track of, and I want them nice and neatly organized on my bookshelves.

Creative Goal

I used to be a space painter. I was decent at it, quite honestly.

I’m going to pick this hobby up again, and I resolve to have at least ten good paintings done before January is over. Not only that, I’m going to get a few of them posted in an Etsy shop to attempt to sell.

That’s what I hope to accomplish in January 2013. If I tackle my “resolutions” one month at a time, I think I’ll do a much better job with them than if I try to post a bunch all at once and just forget about them until next Christmas.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2013?

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A Return to Weight Watchers Weigh-In

I am recommitting myself to Weight Watchers this week. I participate at the WW@WKU work group, and I basically never attend the meetings. I’ve had an immensely busy summer full of creating professional development modules, taking professional development opportunities for myself, delivering professional development to others, meetings, trying to refinance the house (oh heaven help me, why didn’t anyone warn me that this is actually MORE stressful and requires MORE paperwork than buying the house for the first time?!), and a host of other things. So… I haven’t gone to a meeting in several months.

I realized that I’ve pretty much stopped following the program, and I’m going to go back to points. There are times when I tire of points and just want to eat healthy. There are other times when the freedom to simply eat healthy means I eat WAY too much healthy food, and frankly, too much of a good thing is still too much.

The weight loss is still progressing, so don’t feel like I’m not making any progress, but I just remember how well I did on Weight Watchers the first time around when I actually stuck to the program, and I want to continue doing that well. So as of today, I dusted off eTools and I’m back to tracking!

August 22, 2011
Change from last week = -0.6 pounds
Change from Highest = -35.7

Weak. I can do better than that. I hope to post much higher numbers next week.

So how are my weekly goals faring? I did better this week than last!

1. Lost two pounds this week.

Not yet. I lost, but it wasn’t two pounds. Again, I simply ate too much. I know why. No mysteries. $1 goes into your pot.

2. Go to the drive-in to see Captain America and Transformers AND take a healthy picnic.

Success! We went Friday night and had a great time AND we ate well. We enjoyed ourselves, too, by splurging a little, but it wasn’t a free-for-all with funnel cakes, popcorn, and fried snickers from the concession stand. $1 for me!

3. Drink a gallon of water at least four days.

Success! It helps that I am immensely hot all the time, too. But I’m modifying this goal for next week – I quickly find myself falling into the trap of, “Oh, I better drink water to reach my goal.” I see no need to be one of those people who drinks water continually just because they want to drink water continually. I should drink water when I’m thirsty to quench my thirst, not guzzle it ‘til I’m miserable because I have a quota in mind.

4. Do yoga before bed at least three times.

Not yet. You know how they say we like to do things we are good at and avoid the things we aren’t. Yeah… I’m not good at yoga. I know that’s the whole point – you do yoga so you become more flexible, but I am so astoundingly BAD, it takes a great deal of effort for me to get to that point. However, I’m going to keep including this goal in there. I need to do yoga, I need to increase my flexibility… Flexibility is important for people in so many avenues – increased muscle repair time, increased strength, increased endurance. People who are flexible even make more money and poop diamonds, so… there you go.

5. Do three running workouts this week.

Success! I’m still WAY behind the curve, because I’m running from zombies in exactly two months. However, I still have hope and plans that I can make this happen, so I shall keep plugging away and do my very best.

To sum up, that’s $2 for you and $3 for me. Woo hoo! Our current balance is $5 and $5 each. As soon as we get to $12, I will be holding a giveaway. Stay tuned!

And my goals for this week…

1. Complete three running workouts.
2. Complete two weight lifting workouts.
3. Do at least one yoga workout this week.
4. Follow Weight Watchers all week and not go over weekly points.
5. Write at least 2,500 words on my novel.

The semester is about to start here on the hill. I’m excited about it. I love my job for so many reasons, not the least of which is that I love the energy of being on the Hill during the fall! Call me a dork, but I think the atmosphere on a college campus is intoxicating, and I love that I get paid to be here! That aside, I am also looking forward to fall, because I am tired of the heat of summer!

Are you looking forward to fall? How does it change your weight loss/fitness plans?

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January Resolutions Update

2011 is shaping up to be a good year. I made some big resolutions, and rather than make them and just hope they were accomplished by December 31, 2011, I decided to break them up into small, manageable goals. Every month, I plan to report on how I’ve done and set goals for the next month.

So how have I done? The bold is my resolution and below it is what I wanted to accomplish in January.

One quick note – a lot of bloggers (present company included) make a big deal about labeling everything as a failure or a success. I’m not going to curse myself with the word Fail for those goals I did not accomplish as I had planned. I will therefore have successes and Not Yets.

Lose 120 pounds.
January’s Goal: To get below 350
The verdict: Not yet. I’m not going to beat myself up, though. I weigh 358 right now. I weighed 364.2 when the year started. That is six pounds. Is it amazing? Nah, it’s okay. But what is amazing is that even if my weight loss doesn’t increase, I will still weigh 72 pounds less on January 1, 2012, and THAT is amazing.
February’s Goal: To get below 352

Bench press 180 pounds.
January’s Goal: Increase bench press to 140.
The verdict: Not yet. When I got my eye infection, I got grounded from the gym, and I didn’t put the time in on my bench press early in the month like I should have. I am still benching 135.
February’s Goal: Increase bench press to 140.

Eat 52 new vegetarian dishes over the course of the year.
January’s Goal: Report on all four January dishes and plan out all four of February’s.
The verdict: Success! I ate Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas, Savory Sweet Potato Chips, Spicy Brussels Sprouts, and Roasted Asparagus. I have my vegetarians dishes planned for February as well.
February’s Goal: Report on all four February dishes and plan out all four of March’s.

Become an ACE certified personal trainer with at least two clients by year’s end.
January’s Goal: Study through Chapter Four of ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals textbook.
The verdict: Not yet. When I made this goal, I’ll admit to having only skimmed the book. I suspected this textbook (a good thick textbook, too) would have twenty or so chapters. Nope, only five. Five chapters of about 100 pages each it seems. But I did do some work, albeit not as much as I planned. I have to get cracking, though. My testing certificate expires in August!
February’s Goal: Study through Chapter Two of ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals textbook.

Complete (and edit) that young adult novel that keeps popping up in my brain.
January’s Goal: Write at least 12,000 words on the tentatively titled Athena Institute.
The verdict: Not yet. However, I made some headway, and I’m grateful for that. I may have not written 12,000 words, but I did write 3,648.
February’s Goal: Write 8,000 more words on my young adult novel.

Attempt to have my watercolor paintings put up in the gallery at the local library.
January’s Goal: Come up with theme for series and paint at least seven paintings in said series.
The verdict: Not yet. But wow, that was ambitious. I have decided on my theme, which is going to be Fitness and Weight Loss. I have not yet painted a single painting, however.
February’s Goal: Paint at least two paintings in my series.

Create an online store to sell my photographs, space paintings, and watercolor paintings (and other arty things, including light-up wine bottles).
January’s Goal: Open store.
The verdict: Not yet. I picked out some photographs to sell, and I’ve rounded up some wine bottles, and I’ve even started the process of making my store, but I haven’t actually put anything into it yet.
February’s Goal: Open store.

Build my first ever snowman.
January’s Goal: If there is a snow in January (and there better be), build a snowman. Complete with scarf and carrot nose.
The verdict: Not yet. We had a few tiny snows, but nothing more than two inches or so.
February’s Goal: Make a snowman, even if it is a tiny snowman.

Send 100 letters out through The Mail Project.
January’s Goal: Send out eight letters.
The verdict: Not yet. I mailed out one letter.
February’s Goal: Mail out fifteen letters, eight for February and seven that I missed in January.

Take Tina to Las Vegas after she graduates.
January’s Goal: Put aside $100 to help pay for trip.
The verdict: Back burnered, at least for a while. Tina and I have quite a bit of credit card debt. Far more than I am comfortable having. We will have paid off one credit card entirely here in the next few weeks, but we still have one to go. I can’t in good conscience go on a vacation when I have bad debt. I still hope to take Tina to Vegas before the year is over (maybe over Christmas break this year), but I have to take care of our bad debt first.
February’s Goal: Put this one on the back burner until May 2011 when I re-evaluate our finances.

Visit at least one more National Park.

January’s Goal: See above, in saving up for Vegas trip.
The verdict: Ditto. Not yet.
February’s Goal: Reference the Vegas trip.

Begin work on my doctorate.
January’s Goal: Successful start classes this Spring semester, which begins January 24th.
The verdict: Not yet. The online class I had hoped to take ended up not happening through the fault of no one. It just didn’t make. It looks like any post-graduate work will have to wait until summer at the soonest.
February’s Goal: Back burnered until May 2011.

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A Warp Zone Weigh-In

Happy 2011! So, have you gotten in your two workouts yet? Have your meals been stellar?

I can honestly say that yes, I have gotten in two workouts, and while my meals could have been healthier, I am at least still happily on program.

Sunday is my new weigh-in day. How did I fare?

Well, I’m dubbing this week a Warp Zone Weigh-In.

Wanna know why?

‘Cause my weight went from 364.2 to 362.2! Over the past week, I have last two pounds, and I am considering that an ultra-huge, colossal victory. Permit me to get a bit geeky on you. You know how in Super Mario Brothers you can sometimes find warp tubes and they take you to the warp zone and you’re able to skip ahead worlds?

Well, I did that this week. Instead of waiting until January 1st like I have done so many years in the past, I decided to get on program December 26th to undo the holiday damage. Instead of putting on what could have been a LOT of weight, I chose to take a warp zone and I emerged January 1st two pounds lighter instead of two (or five… or ten) pounds heavier. Yay me!

I have recorded a video blog, as I promised I would do. I promise, these won’t all be done in the car, but I had a few minutes to myself while on the way to the gym so that’s when I did it.

I am really excited about the upcoming week. Because I work at a college, I’ve had the last two weeks off for Christmas. I’ve NEVER had two weeks off from work since I was a teacher in the public school system, so this was a pretty frickin’ sweet break. Still, I think I’m excited about going back to work. And even more than that, I think I’m excited about tearing it up at Weight Watchers again. This weigh-in may be a bit higher than I’d like, and that’s okay, because I did a LOT of damage over Christmas. It doesn’t matter, though, because I am repairing that damage.

I look forward to feeling myself get stronger with every workout I do. I look forward to feeling more flexible with every minute of yoga that I do. I look forward to getting healthier with every healthy food I put in my body.

As I go through the month of January, I plan to post regularly on various things (next post will be my experience in sprouting sprouts!), and I’m sure you’ll see me make mention of my resolutions. Since I plan to check up on them all year, I’m going to make a page here at Stellar Path JUST for my resolutions. If you’d like to check it out, just read this on my webpage and go to the top menu bar. If you are reading this on Google reader or some other blog reading tool, then you can check it out here.

I may mention these a LOT this year, but I want to stay motivated and on fire for these resolutions.

My Goals page will also probably get a lot of attention, and I’ll be sure to mention here whenever I change it. Just today, I added my section of Unlikely Goals. These are goals that, while I’d LOVE to get to do it, it just isn’t likely. For instance, I want to walk on the moon. It isn’t impossible. It’s not like I’m saying I want to travel in time. We have the technology to walk on the moon. It’s just that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that I will ever get to do so. Still, as I think of unlikely things I want to do, I’m sure I’ll add to the list.

Anyway, my reason for mention My Goals is that I’ve come a step closer to accomplishing one of my goals this year. I mentioned this in the video briefly. Tina and I want to find a church to join. We’re having a hard time finding what we want, and to be quite honest, in our frustration at not finding the church we wanted, we basically stopped trying for a while. A few days ago, we both agreed to try a new church near us called First Baptist. We loved it. We felt welcomed without being smothered and we enjoyed the pastor and felt he had a great message. Obviously, we aren’t going to join right away. We both want to attend for a pretty good while before we join, but being members of a church is something that is important to us and I’m very pleased that we’ve found a church that, at the very least, we are home in right now.

Oh, and one last thing. I have added a Facebook Badge up above. I’ve given SO much personal information about myself on this webpage, there really isn’t much point in having a Facebook page for Stellar Path any longer. To be perfectly honest, I have many more blogger friends on my personal Facebook than my page’s Facebook. So, if you’d like to follow(stalk) me in my personal life and catch up with my latest webpage updates, please, check me out! You can find my Facebook page here or click the badge in the upper left of my webpage.

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