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Taekwondo & Mosquito Bites


Breakfast – sweet potato, 1 sausage patty, 1 slice of bacon, 1 egg, 1 egg white, cherries

Lunch – 2 asiago spinach chicken brats, kettle chips, tomato, cucumber

Dinner – taco pork meat (cooked with tons of onions and mushrooms) with cheese, sour cream, & tomatoes, in 2 wheat pita pockets

Snack – 3 Nature’s Harvest peanut butter creme cookies, glass of raw milk

I try to eat in a way that will keep the scale moving downward WITHOUT boring myself to death.  Some will say, “Forget entertainment.  Food should only be fuel!”

Not for me.  Food is fuel, enjoyment, a social activity, a way to lose weight, and a lot more.  I don’t think this empowers food; I think I am empowering myself by saying, “Food can be all of these things.”

I try to keep in mind why I am losing weight.  There are a lot of reasons.  But one reason is to do things that I cannot do right now.

The thing I am most looking forward to is resuming taekwondo (currently stagnated at a Senior 1st Degree Black – and I’ve forgotten a lot, so I have a great deal to relearn).  I have promised myself that I would return when my weight gets down to 250.  This will be me before you know it.


(The one doing the kicking.  I can get kicked in the face right now.)

We did cardio tonight.  We made the mistake of not working out first thing home, and by the time we got around to working out, we just did not have the oomph in us to do Body Revolution tonight.  No worries; we’ll start the first two full weeks, and if we can do the entire workout as is (no breaks, no modified moves), we’ll move on to the next phase.  Right now, the plank is what is giving me the most trouble.  I have a weak core.  That definitely needs to be fixed (and will help me immensely when I get back into martial arts.)

And on an unrelated note, can I saw how much I HATE summer?  I hate the heat, but the thing I hate the most of all… mosquitoes.  Our winters here have been so mild for so many years in a row now, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are horrendous.  I cannot even go outside to the mailbox without getting at least three new mosquito bites.  So tired of summer; I look forward to a nice cool fall and a hopefully blizzard-y winter.

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Home Depot x3, Baby Gates, & No Exercise


Breakfast – green juice, oatmeal with 1/2 banana and 1 T. peanut butter

Lunch – pork loin, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli

Dinner – grilled ham and cheese sandwich, 1 servings of Fritos, cherries, pluot

Before I dive into what today consisted of, let me hit my (far-too-many-apparently) goals.


Goals for Tuesday, July 9th

  1. Eat at least five servings of veggies.
    • Well, if you factor in the green juice, then yes.  Otherwise, no, not quite.
  2. Drink 190 ounces of water.
    • Nope.  I hit around 100 ounces, nowhere near close enough.
  3. Do Week #1, Workout #1 of Body Revolution.
    • Nope.  Not even a tiny bit.
  4. Catch up on all of my grading for summer term.
    • Another success!  Of course, I collected new things today that need to be graded, but I’ll do that on Thursday.
  5. Write 1,000 words (minimum) on my novel.
    • Yeah, this didn’t happen.  Today was just too busy, and I’m afraid this took low priority.


Ugh, today was a trainwreck.  I am going to celebrate the small and point out that my food, at least, was fine.

We have a baby who has learned to crawl at break-neck speeds.  Seriously; if we put this baby in a marathon, he’d be outpacing your average Kenyan.

This isn’t unusual.  All babies go from paperweight to mobile seemingly overnight.  What makes our situation slightly more difficult is that our living room is sunken, which in our house means there are THREE steps out of it that a baby can fall off of.  Worst yet, we have a hearth that is about eight inches high (made of brick) that our little guy is obsessed with.

Bricks and baby heads are not a good mix.

As I said yesterday, we got baby gates at Essex yesterday.  I personally feel that home improvement projects should only be undertaken on the weekends, but Tina wanted to get started.

Another side note – I am the 1950s house wife in this relationship and Tina is the handy one.  Seriously; if she could find a tutorial on Pinterest, the woman could build the Taj Mahal.  So she got started putting up baby gates.

So while I’m doing my thing in the kitchen (FYI – I embrace my role as the cook of the family), Tina is working on putting up baby gates.  She quickly realized that we needed materials we did not have, so all three of us headed to Home Depot and got everything we thought we would need.

As soon as we start to install the first baby gate (by attaching it to the masonry of the hearth), I break the only appropriately-sized masonry drill bit.  (I was drilling because it needed a little more muscle, and while Tina may do more home-projecty things than me, I am at least stronger, dang it.)  At this point, I head back to Home Depot to get another masonry drill bit.

This time… success!  We got our first baby gate installed!  (And it only took two hours total.  Ugh.)


Tina starts working on the second gate.  It’s problematic because it is isn’t going in a standard door frame.  It’s go to cover a 102” gap.  We have the gate; we just have to be a little creative in getting it set up.  We get it marked; we have our anchors.

And we quickly realize that our screws won’t work.  We need flat-head screws.


At this point, it’s 8:30.  Little guy is cranky and ready for bed; I want to get done, so I head back to Home Depot to get the right screws.  I get back home, it’s 9:07, and we ultimately decide to call the day a wash and go relax in bed.

So basically… we burned up our entire evening and only got 1/3 of what we wanted to accomplish done.  And worse yet, we did not have time to exercise.

Baby gates are going on the back burner until the weekend.  (The hearth one was our greatest concern, so I’m glad it is up.)  Tomorrow, we ARE exercising.  The end.

As a result, I am setting one goal for tomorrow.

Goal for July 10th

Exercise! (Preferably Body Revolution.)

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Using the Wii to Rebuild Cardio Endurance

I took several unexpected weeks off when we bought our new house.

Have you ever tried to keep up an exercise routine while you are moving?

It’s tough. I won’t say it’s impossible, but I will say that I didn’t do it.

I could feel my cardio endurance slipping away. Our new home is two stories. I realized after we were in the midst of moving in that I would feel a bit winded, just climbing to the second story.

Exercise is definitely key to my feeling of well-being. And unfortunately, I just let it drift away.

Now I know that muscle memory will definitely bring it back quickly, but it requires effort to bring it back.

And unfortunately, just as I had once been in the habit of exercising, I had quickly gotten into the habit of NOT exercising.

I knew I didn’t have the stones to do a real Jillian Michaels workout as soon as I reclaimed my healthy lifestyle. I would have to build up to it.

Cardio felt like the best way to do it, but I also wanted it to be fun. After all, I had to both get back into the exercise habit AND build up my endurance again.

I chose to use the Wii to do it, and for the past week, I rebuilt my cardio strength with Just Dance 2 and 3.

If you aren’t familiar with the Wii, Just Dance is a game series of popular Top 40’s-esque songs (and a few other random songs I have NEVER heard before). You have an Avatar on screen, and you mirror his or her moves. It keeps track of your movements, rewarding you with points as you dance.


It’s a surprisingly tough workout! Best yet, it’s fun, so I’m able to pop it in and quickly do a 30 minute workout without even realizing it!

After just one day, I felt my cardio endurance returning. A few days later, I pretty much felt like my old self again. And best yet, I feel like I have reclaimed my exercise habit. Hopefully, this time it won’t leave again.

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Exercising with Baby

This isn’t about literally exercising with a baby, although I do have an awesome book that my wife got me for Father’s Day about how to use a baby as free weights. As soon as Moon Pie has a little more neck control, I’ll be giving this book a try.

The Star Trek book is because I’m a huge Trekkie… not because I have trouble with my opposites or anything…

But today’s relatively short post is about exercising with a baby. And frankly, it is hard.

I’m lucky. I didn’t have a seven pound object coming pushing its way out of my genitals, so while Tina has a good excuse for taking it easy for a while, I most definitely do not.

And yet, it’s been tough. I’m back at work already (I got a week off, which I am SO grateful to my boss for letting me have), and sleep is still at a premium. Just last night, I was up with little man until about 2:30, and then Tina and I were up twice more for about forty-five minutes each time for feedings) and then I was up at 7 to take a very hurried shower and fix an English muffin sandwich to eat on the drive to work. (And I was still late to work.)

So when I get home from work, if Moon Pie is doing okay and Tina is rested, I’ll often take a quick nap before I fix dinner. And we’ve been VERY lucky that we’ve had so many friends and family bring us food. I think I’ve cooked dinner twice since we’ve come home from the hospital.

It’s just VERY easy to sit on the couch, cuddled up with a baby (or watch my wife cuddled up with a baby), that when he looks like he’s about to go down for the night, I want to go to sleep, too.

And yet…

I know that if I exercise, I’ll have more energy, and getting so little sleep will be easier on me.

I also know that if I lose weight, I’ll have more energy and will need less sleep.

I also know that if I eat healthier, I’ll have more energy and, you guessed it, will need less sleep.

And exercise and healthy eating are requirements for losing weight.

So I have to do it.

I recently heard research that said if you exercise at the same time of day, each day, you’ll perform better and give your metabolism a slight boost.

So I have decided, at least until Tina is able to exercise with me, that 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. is my exercise hour, each night. I am NOT an early morning exerciser. I’ve always been an evening exerciser, and I’m consistently awake from 9 to 10 each evening, so… this time of day makes sense for me. And exercise has never kept me up at night; if anything, it lets me sleep better.

My son is definitely a driving force in me wanting to be healthier, but… and I hope this doesn’t sound wrong, he’s not the only reason.

I have to lose this weight for me, too. If I lose this weight just for him, I’ll never keep it off.

I want to be the best father I can be, and in my mind, I equate that with physical fitness. Right or wrong, that is how I view it. (And frankly, I believe I am right.)

I hope he never sees a fat dad, except for when he looks back at old baby pictures.

But more than anything else, I want him to grow up with a father who decided to become the best he could be, not just to be an awesome dad, but to just be awesome.

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Match-Up #4 – I now have a burlesque name vs. I’m not a freaking dancer!

Another day, another match-up. I’m still behind, but I am slowly catching up. (I’m currently about five workouts behind.)

I figured it up there other day; without rest days (which I will surely take), I’ll be done with this bracket by mid-September, right around the time our baby is due. I wonder who will get here first, the bracket finishing workout or our little bundle of joy? Tina and I have talked about doing Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution when she is healed up and ready after giving birth, but we’ll see. That’s still a long time away.

Today, I am going to tell you about the match-up between Goddess Workout: Cardio Burlesque and The Firm: Total Body Time Crunch.

Before I tell about the video, I should tell you a little something about Tina. She is the girliest of girls. If it is pink and frilly, she likes it. But she isn’t some naïve, childish girl. She’s very womanly about her girliness, if that makes sense. She likes 50s Pin Ups. Granted, she doesn’t like 50s Pin Ups in the same way that I like 50s Pin Ups, but she digs that girly, frilly, lacy image. Cardio Burlesque is a workout that (if it were tougher) would be right up her alley.

But sadly, this video was a dud. It wasn’t toning. It wasn’t cardio (except for one very brief two minute session). It was mostly me strutting around our living room like a show girl. Geeze, that’s embarrassing to admit.

On the plus side, I did get to watch the instructor sashay in various burlesque type outfits, so that was nice.

My favorite part of the video? Delphina (the instructor) said that everyone should have a burlesque name, a name that appeals to the sense and is enjoyable. She suggested something food-related, like Cupcake or Mojito or… I don’t remember, Pineapple or something. All I remember was the name I gave myself.


Okay, on to the other video. The Firm: Total Body Time Crunch was light years tougher than Cardio Burlesque. I still wouldn’t call it a hard video, but it was definitely tougher.

My biggest complaint? Too much time was spent on overly complicated dance moves, and they kept calling right and left AND they used that stupid exercise video mirror system. I HATE THAT! Basically, what I am referring to is when the video participants say “Go right!” and they are all actually going left. I can freaking work it out on my own; I don’t need to pretend like you are my mirror image!

Sorry, rant over.

This video consisted of straight cardio and strength training. This video did get me sweating.

The winner?

Total Body Time Crunch, who advances to the field of 32. Sorry Goddess Cardio Burlesque. If you had been more of a workout and less of an excuse for Delphina to sashay around (and fully clothed at all times, too, dang it), you might have given me more of a workout.

Geeze, there has to be a dirty joke in there somewhere.

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