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Haircut and a Movie

Today is July 5th.  I was tempted to get on the scale today, just to see if I had gained any at the cookout from the day before, but I decided not to.  I need to move away from daily weighings.  Basically, if the scale shows I lose two pounds a week but I see it in a halting progression of two tenths down here, four tenths up here, eight tenths down, et cetera, that two pounds doesn’t seem like much.  But, if I get on the scale only once a week, those two pounds are pretty awesome.  I’m making Saturday my weigh-in day.  I’ll weigh in tomorrow officially.

In these daily journal entries, I will record the following things: the foods I ate, any significant events of the day (health related or otherwise), my exercise, and an image that is in someway motivational.  Some will be an image of a physique that I want to emulate, some will be surreal that in some way motivates me, others will be quotes, or whatever fits into my ever-growing vision board.

Today, however, I’m posting this.


Let me explain, via confession time – I almost blew today off.  I was picturing Zaxby’s, Taco Bell, the works… Tina and I are both off from work, so it was SO tempting to just say, “Screw it!  We’ll diet tomorrow!”  (Never mind that this isn’t a diet, but whatever.)  But as I was literally in the midst of cooking an unhealthy breakfast, the thought occurred to me – my days are numbered.

Not in the “I’m going to die soon” way, but just simply in the fact that we all have a set number of days on this Earth, and I’m not getting today back.  So how am I going to spend today?  Am I going to spend it eating whatever I want, sitting on the couch all day and doing nothing, or am I going to fuel my body with the right foods, exercise, and make the best choices possible?

I tossed the unhealthy breakfast in the morning (in this case, white flour biscuits – not awful, but not clean and not currently on my eating plan) and made a healthier breakfast.

Breakfast – sweet potato, 2 slices of bacon, 1 lean sausage patty, 1 egg

Lunch – tuna salad, romaine lettuce, peach

Dinner – lean steak, baked potato, side salad with homemade dressing (oil, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard)

Snack – peach, watermelon

Let me briefly explain my eating plan, too.  I am a clean eater, not quite like Tosca Reno, not quite like paleo.  Basically, I want to put as much unprocessed food in my body as I can.  That said, I will occasionally eat small servings of clean sugars, such as honey, maple syrup, or molasses.   For instance, if I had milk (we get our milk at Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and we are currently out), then I would have had one no-bake cookie.  (I make it with peanut butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, and oatmeal.  Very clean and one cookie only has around 100 calories.)

So, what did we do today?

We started the day off with a trip to Sam’s (2 pounds of blueberries for $5.99!) and to get Henry a haircut.

His first.


There is an old wives’ tale that you shouldn’t give a kid a haircut until he is a year old, but the hair was down to his eyes and over his ears.

He was not a happy camper, but he looks so much better!  (This photo was taken seconds before he lost his ever-lovin’ mind!)

After that, we went to Glasgow, let Memaw (Tina’s Mom) watch little guy, and we went to see The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  Incredible.  One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in the theater in a long while.  On the way home, Tina and I have decided that if Melissa McCarthy is in a movie, we are automatically going to see it in the theaters.

My workout for the day was yoga.  Tomorrow, we start Body Revolution again!  I don’t know if I’ll make it through the entire program, but I’ll certainly go as far as I can and make modifications as necessary.

Successful day, in my book.

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Day by Day #001, April 23rd

It took me a while, but I’m on track.

Not gonna lie. I’ve been struggling. I always feel the need to say, “with my eating” and “not my life,” because my life is awesome. Great wife, awesome kid, good house, wonderful job. Life is great.

My eating plan… Meh. It comes and goes.

On a bad day, this is what my day looks like.

Breakfast is healthy! Off to a great start!
Lunch is also healthy (because I packed it at home)! Still doing good.
Long day of teaching. Tired.
Forgot to thaw out something for dinner. Eh, let’s hit the drive-thru. Tomorrow will be better.

I have to stop this, for so many reasons. One, my wife is trying to lose weight, too, and I am clearly her stumbling block. Two, I want to be a personal trainer. No one is hiring a fat personal trainer. And three… this little guy. I don’t want him to have a fat daddy.


But words are cheap. I’ve spun them before, and I’ve continued making slow progress.

My weight yesterday? 362.0.

Up a bit. Still down from the first of the year, but up from my lowest in the 350s.

I tracked my food yesterday. I only ate four meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a small after-work pre-workout snack). I exercised, albeit lightly. (Just a walk – I’m doing more tonight.)

All of this was clean. No chemicals, just real food.

Breakfast – lean sausage, 1 slice of bacon, 2 eggs, homemade hash browns

Lunch – ground turkey taco meat, quinoa, cheese, sour cream, salsa, baked potato, 3 clementines, baby carrots & zima tomatoes with hummus

After-work snack – cereal with milk

Dinner – ground turkey meatloaf, sweet potato fries, 1 clean cookie with raw milk

I also drank a crap ton of water. Seriously. Plant Nanny says I need to drink 233 ounces a day. So I did. I will be lowering my Plant Nanny requirements. That was so much water, I felt like crap. I’m going to drink for thirst and shoot for roughly a gallon a day. Ish. Ugh, I was too bloated last night. And I peed roughly eighteen times between ten p.m. and six a.m.

For the next week, I am posting every day, my food, weight, and exercise.

After all, I can’t look like Ryan Reynolds if I don’t put in the work.


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Richard Simmons’ Day by Day

In the early 1990s, back when Richard Simmons was regularly on QVC and Deal-a-Meal was THE way to lose weight, he released a series of motivational videos called Day by Day.

Day by Day was a 12 volume set. Each video consisted of 30 to 31 five minute video clips of Richard Simmons giving weight loss tips, sharing success stories, or just being Richard with crazy antics and the occasional crying spell.

(picture blatantly stolen from an eBay auction)

I got volume one off of QVC, but I didn’t sign up for the full set. I was still a kid, and while I was able to talk my mom into buying one of them for me, I couldn’t convince her to get me all 12.

Well, I didn’t lose weight in the early 90s. At all. I did exercise, so I had that going for me, but the weight loss just wasn’t happening. In the late 90s, after the internet came about and eBay appeared on the scene, I was able to buy volumes 2 thru 12, completing my set.

And then, they more or less went into storage for the next fourteen years. I think I did watch through them all once, but… that was about it.

Until now. A few months ago, I got my Garbage Pail Kids out of storage at my parents’ house. While digging through my childhood, I found a box containing these twelve tapes.

It was like opening a time machine. I am currently in the process of transferring them all on to my computer.

I upload one to YouTube, which you can see below.

I don’t see myself uploading all of them (even though I would love to) because I don’t have the copyright to them. These are not available anywhere. But if Richard Simmons gave me permission to upload them, I’d happily upload all 365 of his motivational clips.

I may upload a few, here and there, as they strike me particularly motivating.

There is one thing I’ve discovered, though. These video clips ARE like a time machine; it’s a look back at the fitness and healthy living views of the early 90s. One of the first clips is about the evils of fat. Well, as we now know, fat isn’t evil.

It’s funny; Richard suggests eating “lite” versions of mayo, cheese, and other fatty foods, because it’s better for you. This isn’t something I see him suggesting now.

I don’t blame Richard. Everyone in the 90s believed fat made us fat.

And occasionally, The Biggest Loser still does. During the last season (worst season ever, also), they had a cooking challenge, and some of the contestants from a previous season were the judge. They were VERY harsh to Buddy because he used a TEASPOON of real mayonnaise. He said he wanted the flavor, and he’d rather use a smaller amount of the full-fat version. Oh, these previous contestant judges ripped him a new one. They actually stated that a fat-free mayo would be better.

The fat-free, chemical-filled version is better than the one made out of oil and eggs. Riiiight.

So yes, watch The Biggest Loser for motivation. Do NOT watch it for any kind of healthy living tips. Heck, just watch it for the trainwreck. That, sadly, is all the show is good for. The glory days of Ali Vincent and Tara Costa are long gone. (Oh, and I say the show should try to up their viewership next season by bringing Tara on as a female trainer, if they can’t persuade Jillian to come back.)

Wow. I ended up in a totally different place than I meant to. Oh well.

Richard Simmons’ Day by Day series was incredible. I wish he’d release another version, or heck, even release this version on DVD. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

He’s made fun of because he is an easy target, but I truly believe that Richard Simmons wants the best from people. And one thing he is good at is motivating.

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Fact for 403

Today’s Weight 335.3

Really? One tenth of a pound lower AGAIN? Oh well. It isn’t up. Maybe I’m more stressed about the wedding than I realized and its showing up on the scale? Or maybe I just need to bust my butt more in the gym tonight?

Oh well, on to Fact for 403!

If you’re just joining me, what does Fact for 403 mean? I’ve recently decided to share one fun/quirky/interesting/powerful fact about myself for every pound that I have lost, all the way to goal weight. I’m not at goal weight yet, but I’ve still lost almost seventy pounds, so that’s seventy facts I need to come up with before I’ve even caught up to where I am now. And I plan to lose more, so we’ll just see how long it will take me to catch up. At most, I’ll post one fact a day, so it’s going to take over two months.

I have a serious post about my eating disorder to share in coming posts, but I want my first post to be VERY light hearted. That’s what this is about, too. Sharing my weird, fun facts. So the first fact is going to be light hearted and fun.

Fact for 403

I DESPISE ketchup.

The only way I'd like it - spilled and inedible on the ground

I don’t dislike it. I don’t just think it tastes gross. I utterly, truly, with-a-passion DESPISE it.

I love tomatoes. I love marinara sauce. I like raw tomatoes. I like cooked tomatoes.

But not ketchup. Even as a little kid, I thought the stuff was disgusting.

I’ve never been much of a condiment person. In fact, I was probably an adult before I really started eating mustard or mayonnaise. Now, I like both of those, but I still hate ketchup.

I’ve heard some people say, “Oh, I don’t care for ketchup on my burgers,” but they still like it on fries.

I don’t even like the way the stuff smells.

If I hit the drive-thru (I know I shouldn’t, but still…), and even though I am ALWAYS adamant about there not being ketchup on my cheeseburger, if they mess up, I have to either have it corrected or give it to someone else. Can’t do it.

In fact, I always order my burger with no ketchup, even if the menu says nothing about ketchup, because I’m just not willing to take the chance. Some people slather ketchup on everything like it’s the nectar of the Gods. I would honestly rather eat a cheeseburger with spoiled mayo on it than ketchup. The spoiled mayo MIGHT NOT gag me. The ketchup definitely would.

So for me, a good diet would probably be the ketchup diet. I can only eat food if I eat it covered in ketchup.

Basically, I would never get to eat. I would definitely lose weight that way.

Any other ketchup haters out there? I can’t be the only one! (Even though I’ve never met another ketchup hater in person. The closest I’ve ever found is people who are indifferent to it.)

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My About Me’s and C25K or Not C25K?

My weight for September 28th was 335.4, one tenth of a pound less than yesterday.

I had a thought about my blog this weekend that started off as a small bubble of a thought but has grown into something that I’m pretty excited to do.

One of my favorite things that bloggers occasionally do is share random facts about themselves. They often come with blogger awards or various other “fun” things. I enjoy learning that some people have weird little quirks that match up with my own. And given that a lot of people do these, I have come to two conclusions. One, either we all really like talking about ourselves (probably true), and/or two, we like reading about others’ weird quirks, too (probably also true).

For every pound that I lose, I am going to write an “About Me” post. I’m going to start with my 403 post. That was my highest weight. So for the first few months, I’m going to write LOTS of posts, (roughly seventy-ish), to cover those pounds I have already lost.

First About Me Post is coming tomorrow, along with my Wednesday weight.

In other news, I’m just not sure I’ve got the Couch to 5K in me any longer. I’m sure it will come back up, but I think I’m going to take a few days off. I found myself REALLY dreading doing it tonight. I decided not to. I wasn’t dreading exercise; I just wasn’t looking forward to running. Is it possible that I, who so desperately WANT to be a runner, am just not cut out to be a runner? Will I always be more at home in the weight room than doing a 5K? I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m just not up for it.

Please note – I am NOT giving up exercise or the gym. I’m not giving up the plan to keep working out in Antigua when we are on the honeymoon. I’m just not sure C25K is for me right now. I realized after taking two days off that my feet aren’t as tired, even though I worked out REALLY hard yesterday with my personal trainer in the weight room. Is running too high impact for my obese joints right now? What do you think?

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