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An It Worked! Weigh-In

This is an It Worked weigh-in.


Let’s get right to it.

March 19, 2012
Weight: 372.6
Change from Last Week: -1.8 pounds
Change from Highest: -30.2 pounds

I did it! Counted my calories, did my workouts, drank my water.

And this week, the scale rewarded me.

I am very excited to see if drastically changing my exercise very day (as a result of the Home Workout Championships I am undertaking) will make a difference. As it is, I tend to do the same workouts most days. It’s either a walk in the park, a Leslie Sansone DVD, or kettlebells, weights, or on rare occasions, a Jillian Michaels DVD.

I’m in an exercise rut. I’m very hopeful the 1st Annual Stellar Path Home Workout Championship will change things up. After all, today I am doing a Pilates workout and tomorrow the… ahem, Marky Mark Workout. Both are going to be new experiences. On Wednesday, I’ll report and let you know who won the first “game.”

In others news, Tina and I are trying to declutter our lives. We have a garage full of crap and we each have a home office full of crap. And this doesn’t include our home which is full of crap.

Right now, we are in the process of combining our offices so we can have an empty room for a nursery. This requires a major decluttering, which we desperately needed to do. A lot will be going to Good Will, Craig’s List, and the trash.

I read a book a few months ago called “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” It was basically about the issues that make some of us overweight also cause us to have too much clutter. I need to read it again; it was definitely inspirational about making me want to clean up and simplify my life in a lot of different ways.

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Wishing Weigh-In

I wish I could say that this week’s weigh-in was awesome.

I wish I could rub my magic genie lamp and fix everything.

I can’t.

March 12, 2012
Weight: 374.4
Change from Last Week: +4.3 pounds
Change from All-Time Highest: -28.4 pounds

I can’t.

I know why I gained weight this week. I will do the opposite of what I did this week to lose it.

As you may know if you read my last post, my wife and I are having a baby. We just finished our first trimester, and this is the week that we officially told everyone other than our parents.

As a result, we did a LOT of celebrating this week as we went out with various friends to enjoy our good news.

And unfortunately, I still don’t know how to celebrate without eating food.

In the past week, I have had sushi, Italian, pizza, and a Chinese buffet. (And yes, I do realize that some of my weight gain IS water retention. I truly didn’t eat 14,000 extra calories this week.)

Oh, I’ve still been exercising.

However, it is VERY easy to outeat any level of exercise. In fifteen minutes, I could outeat a Biggest Loser-style workout. And I know this.

I know everything I did wrong.

I’m not making excuses. I’m not looking for answers.

I do fear my self-sabotage.

For those of you who are close to me (and even if you aren’t but are willing), I ask a favor.

If I don’t post a loss next week, call me on it.

I know what to do.

I’m going to do it.

After all, it’s not just me anymore. I’m going to be a dad. I have to live a long life to take care of my little one.

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A Nerd Fitness Six Week Challenge Weigh-In

My weigh-ins jump all over the place. I’m just not very consistent that way, but I am consistent in that I weigh in roughly once per week. For the next six weeks, at least, I am weighing in on Mondays because I am going to take part in the Nerd Fitness Six Week Challenge. Since today is the first day and it ends on April 16th, I’m switching to Mondays.

If you don’t know what Nerd Fitness is, well… it’s basically a fitness/health/level up your life blog for nerds. I know of no other way to describe it. Plus, Steve (the owner/author/dude in charge) has six-pack abs, and I think I have a man crush. (Is that weird? Sorry. But not really.)

To participate, go here for more info.

First up, my complete measurements, along with two Myspace-esque hold-the-camera-at-the-mirror photos. (I hate doing those, a lot, but I want a photo visual to compare before and after, and Tina left for work. [I have no work because it’s spring break!])

They aren’t flattering, but they are me, right now. Unshaved, unshowered, and a little funky from just cleaning out the garage.

And these are my stats, along with body measurements, some of which were very, very, shockingly eye-opening. It’s funny; you see that body every day in the mirror, but until you actually wrap a tape measure around your stomach… it just doesn’t have the same impact. I am definitely looking forward to that number going down.

Weight: 370.3
Change from Last Thursday: -1.3 pounds
Change from Highest: -32.0 pounds
Waist: 54”
Stomach: 65 ¼”
Chest: 54 ½”
R. Thigh: 33”
R. Calf: 19 ½”
R. Bicep: 18 ½”

The calf may reduce some, but not much. My calves are pretty solid. The rest of the numbers will drop. I have big arms, but there is definitely some flab on there I need to lose, too.

Part of the Six Week Challenge is picking two to three diet goals, fitness goals, and Level Up Your Life goals. Here are mine.


Eat at least seven fruit and veggie servings every day. (Seriously – I struggle hard with this.)

Track all foods that I eat. (For the most part, I do well here, but I want to keep this a goal so I remember to do so.)
Have a protein-based snack every day, instead of reaching for carbs. (I’m thinking a few hard-boiled egg whites every day at two p.m. might get me through the afternoon slump better than a candy bar.)


Run a 5K, regardless of time. (I’ve struggled with running for a long time. I want to yet I don’t, because it is hard on my body. Well, I recently discovered something that, for me, seems to be working. I jog in place to train, and I limit my outdoor runs to once per week. So far, I’m doing great on this plan. No feet or joint pain, and my cardio endurance, even jogging in place, is significantly growing. Let’s see. And if for some reason I end up being unable to run, I’ll count this a victory even if I just walk the 5K.)

Stretch after every workout.

Decrease waist size by 3”. (I know we shouldn’t use numbers for time-based goals, but I feel this is very attainable.)

Level Up Life

Pay off last remaining credit card debt. (Very doable. Should happen in next two months. I want to see it happen in the next six weeks.)

Write 15,000 words on my young adult novel. (At the end of the day, I am often very tired and after I get my exercise in, the idea of sitting at the computer and writing doesn’t always appeal to me. However, if I want to finish my book (and I do), I need to do this!)

So, those are my goals. If you want to participate, you have until March 7th to sign up.

Here’s hoping it works! Today is a brand new day. I’m making it mine.

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A We Don’t Need Roads Weigh-In

Back to the Future ref? Get it.

Well, I’ll explain it in a minute. If you read my post yesterday, you know what this is about. I gained weight. Here’s the info. Let me explain what this means.

March 1, 2012
Weight: 371.3
Change from Last Week: +2.5 pounds
Change from Highest: -31.5 pounds

I have had very slow weight loss pretty much all year. The weight has been moving off, but very slowly. It’s ridiculous. I had blood work done some time ago, and I know, without fail, that there is nothing wrong. I had some thyroid problems a while ago, but my T3s and T4s, along with some other markers, are fine.

So what’s the freaking deal? I can only assume it is me.

I tried to go a whole week without weighing in this week. I often weigh in every day, just so I know how my weight is going. Weight fluctuates a bit daily, and I know this, but from Monday of this week on, it began slowly creeping up.

I’ve been on Weight Watchers Points Plus. I have a daily target of 71 points, 49 weekly extra points, and all the fruit I can eat. Seriously. Free fruit. I love fruit. Awesome.

When Weight Watchers revamped their program, their entire point structure changed. Points are no longer tied to calories, but instead are based around carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat. However… as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve simply been eating too much.

71 points a day, along with 49 weekly points, and unlimited amounts of fruit, simply works out to too many calories. I have to eat less.

Big idea, right? Eating less to lose weight. Who would have ever thought of that?

When I got down to 250ish a few years ago, I did it by following Weight Watchers. The old Weight Watchers. Flex points, to be precise.

On this new (old) method, I will have 34 daily points (until I get below 350, and then my points drop to 33) and 35 weekly flex points.

Today was Day One back on Flex.

I’ll be honest – I have eaten significantly less today than yesterday. Even though my stomach is a bit grumbly at the moment (I’m about to eat two small Clementines for 1 point), I must also concede that it feels right. It feels familiar, even if I haven’t been on this specific plan for a few years.

I’ll weigh daily this week, just to keep tabs, but I’m very hopeful. I hope I have a decent loss this week. And it doesn’t have to be huge for me to be happy. I’ll do a happy dance over two pounds.

I feel even better after making my decision once I realized that I am not the only person unhappy with PointsPlus. I know FlexPoints, I did it religiously for a year and a half and lost over 150 pounds, and I can do it again. I will do it again.

Stay tuned. I hope to post a decent number next week.

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It’s About Time Weigh-In

If you have been reading Stellar Path for any length of time at all, you know that I am very fickle about the day I weigh in. For various reasons, things come up and I change my weigh-in day. Right now, I have VERY busy work weeks, and at the time, Fridays don’t fit in at all. I am at work, grading papers and preparing for the next week’s lessons, and at the end of the day, I am just not always mentally with it for writing a blog post.

So for now, I am going to switch to Wednesdays. It isn’t that they are any less stressful or busy, but I think I’ll be more inclined to post on Wednesday than Friday.

So, without further ado… this is an It’s About Time Weigh-In!

February 8, 2012
Weight: 370.8
Change from Last Week: -2.2 pounds
Change from All-Time Highest: -32.0 pounds

I am about to break out of the 370s! Woo hoo!

What did I do different this week?

Not a dad-blamed thing.

Still eating well.

Still watching my points.

Still emphasizing fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

Still exercising.

This week, my body decides to reward me with a loss.

The ONLY thing I have done differently this week?

I’ve drank more water.

I’m not sure if I can accept that THAT is why I upped my loss this week, but if it is…

Well, rest assured, my Nalgene bottle will be emptied four times a day next week, too.

Fingers crossed, next Wednesday, I will hit the 360s!

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