Professor McGonagall

No weigh-in today. Not playing avoid-the-scale.

Okay, I kinda am, but for a different reason than you might think.

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.2 last night. Don’t worry; I’m not going to say anything about the movie, other than that Professor McGonagall is an amazing, awesome warrior.

There is definitely an analogy I could make here to weight loss, but again, I’ll wait until the film is out on video before I do that. (And I’ll likely do the entire Harry Potter series.)

Anyhow, my reason for not weighing in – my weight is skewed right now. The scale showed 378. That isn’t right. I’m not sweating it. We were starved when we got in at 3:15, so we ate a quick sandwich and went to bed. Well, barely four hours later when we awoke for work, the scale showed a significant gain that I, frankly, do not believe. So I’m not counting this as an official weigh-in. Am I copping out? Maybe, but I know that isn’t my real weight. I’ve also been traveling for trainings, and that messes up my weight, too.

Sorry I’ve been so absent with blog posts. I’m not being avoidant. When someone doesn’t post a weigh-in, I almost always suspect them of gaining weight and being afraid to admit it. (I speak from experience – I have done this many times before.) Therefore, even though my weight is up, my measurements are not.

Thanks for sticking around. I feel like I’m frequently making empty promises here, so I won’t do that today. I definitely won’t post this weekend. Tina and I are going out of town with my parents, so I won’t post a weigh-in on Monday either. I may wait ‘til next Friday.

Regardless, have a great weekend, and if you have some extra weight loss you don’t need, feel free to send it my way.

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  • Erin

    Ahhh…..7 1/2 hours before I know what you’re talking about! I am so freakin’ pumped it’s ridiculous!

    • Erin

      Holy crap, you were right, Jer! Between McGonagall and Mrs. Weasely, I was in female ass-kickers heaven! “Not my daughter, you bitch!” 🙂 I waited the whole movie to see if that line would be in there…and to my sheer delight, it was!!!


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