Pre-Holiday Trifecta Weigh-In

It’s the Pre-Holiday Trifecta Weigh-in!

What do I mean by that? I’ll explain below. But first… the weigh-in!

September 9, 2011
Weight: 374.0
Change from Last Week: -1.8 pounds
Change from Highest: -28.8 pounds
Waist: 53.5”
Change of ½” since 9-2-11

Woo hoo! I definitely feel like I am on the right track now.

I’ll be honest – I had two pretty splurgy days this week. We had labor day at both my parents’ house and Tina’s mom’s. While I didn’t eat AWFUL, I did eat quite a bit, too. Lots of meat. Quite a bit of desserts. More than a few brats. And a few handfuls of chips. I feel confident in saying I didn’t binge, but I did eat WAY over my points.

However, and this is where I’m really proud of myself, I got back on track Tuesday morning. I didn’t say, “Eh, I’ll just wait ‘til Friday and start over.” I actually counted my points beginning Tuesday and just finished out my week.

I don’t know if I can stress how big a deal this is for me, because it’s HUGE! I am the King of the Delayed Start. “Well, it’s Sunday… and Mondays are better days to start a diet.” Or “I’ve heard that people who start a diet on Wednesday or more successful…” I seriously read that in the Weekly World News when I was about ten, and it’s been in my head ever since.

And who wouldn't believe such top-notch reporting...

And who wouldn't believe such top-notch reporting...

But I did it. I stuck to it. I’ve been running. I’ve been counting my points. I’ve been eating a spinach salad every day for lunch. I’m doing this.

Why didn’t I do it sooner? I dunno. Doesn’t really matter, though, does it? I’m doing it now.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to drop big numbers like I did when I lost weight the first time in my mid-to-late twenties. I’m 33, and honestly, even at 33, my metabolism is slower than it was five years ago.

But it doesn’t matter. The weight is coming off.

Why the holiday trifecta? In the past, I could have easily made an excuse for just waiting until New Years to start a diet. After all, we have Halloween (candy!), Thanksgiving (turkey!), and Christmas (everything!) coming up. Oh, and Tina and I are going to Vegas (Buffets!) in December, too. Not this year. I’ll diet hard until then. I’ll indulge a bit on and around each holiday. I’ll keep track of my points. In Vegas, we’ll do some running on the strip every day. I’ll exercise. I may not lose weight over Christmas, but I’ll at least gain less than I have in years past. I’ll enjoy my life. I’ll keep getting smaller.

The holiday trifecta will be here next year, too. It isn’t like this magical food only happens once in a while. It happens all the time. And I’ll enjoy it. In moderation.

I realize I have not lost enough weight this time to truly say, “You can do it! Don’t give up! We can do this together!” Except I’m going to. We can do this together! If you are struggling with your weight, join me, and we’ll be thirty to forty pounds lighter by the end of the year. If we don’t… well, then what?

Do you have a survival plan for the upcoming holidays?

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  • Hanlie

    I’m so glad we don’t have Halloween and Thanksgiving here! You can do this!
    Hanlie recently posted..Still Here


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