A Measure Yourself Weigh-In

Have you ever had a week where you just felt like you hadn’t really that well? I did. I tracked all my food, I measured all of my portions, but I just did not feel like I had lost weight. I just didn’t feel it.

On Saturday morning, before my weigh-in, I got out my tape measure and I measured myself.

I measured my chest, waist, thigh, bicep, calf, and neck. Except for my neck, I lost something on every body part.

In just one week.

So even if I gained, I went to my meeting happy, because I could care less what the scale says. It’s about having a smaller body and being healthier.

June 14, 2012
Weight: 356.0
Change from Last Week: -0.6 pounds
Change from Highest: -46.8 pounds

Woo hoo! I actually DID lose some weight, and I lost inches, and I’m very close to getting below 50 pounds lost.

All around, I am thrilled.

So, the moral of this week? Measure yourself. Because there will be weeks where the scale doesn’t move but the inches do and vice versa, and it’s nice to have an extra layer of weight loss measurement.

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  • http://www.hblewett.com/blog Hanlie

    There’s definitely more to weight loss than a number on a scale. I’m not sure I really want to measure myself, since it’s hard to find the same place every time, but I can feel the difference in my clothes.

    Good job on the loss!
    Hanlie recently posted..Look on the bright side


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