Match-Up #8: Yoga Booty vs. a Boring Gym Routine

I get more and more behind on these all the time. And really, as I’ve been a bit grounded from traditional exercise for the last week (minor injury resulted in me not being able to work out in the traditional sense), I should have already caught up. But I did not, so today, I’ll get one post closer. (And I need to post sooner, because by the time I get around to posting it, sometimes it’s been a week or more (much more, in this case), and I’ve forgotten a bit about the videos. Whoops.)

This match-up is between Yoga Booty Ballet (Tina’s suggestion) and the Abs Diet Workout 2.

I’ll be honest – Yoga Booty Ballet was a LOT more fun than I was expecting it to be. It involves dancing, yoga, and some light toning type moves.

However, it didn’t burn NEARLY as many calories as I would have guessed it would. I like the yoga aspect, because I am SO stiff, I need to stretch more, but I wanted more dancing to get more of a sweat going. Didn’t happen, although I did burn enough calories that I’d be willing to do this workout again.

The second video in the match up was the Abs Diet Workout 2. (I can’t find Abs Diet Workout 1.)

This video was boring. It consisted of some guy coaching two women lifting weights on a boring set.

For a long time.

There was a cardio session, too, but this is not a video that I would ever select to do for fun.

So who was the winner?

Abs Diet Workout 2. Of course. The boring video.

I can’t say I hated this video, because it wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t too easy, it wasn’t too hard, and it wasn’t overly complicated. It was just boring. The closet analogy I can think of is imagine going to the gym to lift weights and run on the treadmill for an hour, but you forgot your iPod at home and the gym’s music speakers are boring, so all you have to listen to is gym noise. You still get a good workout, but dang. It was boring.

When this video shows up in the next round, I may put a little music on in the background to help me get through this video, because the calorie burn was decent and I do feel like I got a good workout.

How do you get through a boring workout?

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  • James Kyle

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