Hungry Monster Weigh-In

Few things to note before I jump into another weigh-in:

First of all, I am following the Paleo diet because I am in Nerd Fitness’ contest for the Rebel Strength Training Guide.

I am now doing my weigh-ins (and the only time I get on a scale) at my Weight Watchers @Work Meeting at WKU on Tuesdays. I will post my weigh-ins either on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending truly upon when I have time.

Last week’s weigh-in of 362.0 was at home, in my boxers, on my scale. This weigh-in of April 26th was done at my Weight Watchers meeting, where I was weighing considerably more than just my boxers. Therefore, I feel a little better about my low weight loss, as I expect it was higher than what this number shows. Regardless, it is going down, and for that, I am pleased.

April 26, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 362.0
Today’s Weight: 361.6
Change from All-Time High: -41.2 pounds
Change from Last Week: -0.4 pounds

So why is this a Hungry Monster Weigh-In?

Because, as said above, I am doing the paleo diet. I’ve done it for almost two and a half weeks now.

My thoughts?

IT SUCKS! I feel like I am always hungry because I feel so ridiculously unsatisfied.

I thought the first week might be the worst because I was detoxing. No grains, no cheese… gotta be a shock to my system.

Week two… still no grains, still no cheese… and while I do not feel like I am detoxing, I do not feel amazing, either.

My food obsession is growing. I am almost counting down to May 31st when I am going to eat a grilled cheese (which I will count with my Weight Watchers Points, by the way).

I’m probably being a little overdramatic. The plusses of Paleo…

I am eating WAY more fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. That is awesome.

I don’t feel BAD. That’s a big deal, too. I felt bad when I did Atkins. I physically feel fine, more or less. I’ve got some extra joint pain, which is unusual as I expected eliminating grains to eliminate (or reduce) that, but it’s not. I’m finding my knee and hips hurt a bit worse than usual, and my feet are frequently exhausted at the end of the day. Still, it isn’t something that I’m going to blame on the diet. It may truly be because all is has done here in the South this spring is rain. (And tornadoes, too, but I don’t think I can blame joint pain on tornadoes.)

Or can I?

Tornadoes - responsible for trailer park damage and mild joint pain

Tornadoes - responsible for trailer park damage and mild joint pain

The Cons of Paleo…

I am more obsessed with food now than I was before. I think I may be a “moderation or else” kind of person. Eliminating a food makes me a wee bit obsessive about it. This is definitely mental and may end before the six week contest is up. We’ll see.

It’s harder to eat on the go. Meals must be planned out in ridiculous detail. I can’t even swing by Subway or Einstein Bagels to grab a bite here on campus. Not many places are Paleo friendly.

So… that’s where I’m at, food wise.

Exercise is going fantastically. Steve has created a great workout plan in the Rebel Strength Guide, and I’m really enjoying working out at home. I did find that I actually missed going to the gym, so a few times a week, Tina and I head to the gym to do our dumbbell workout there, along with some time on the cardio equipment.

My clothes are feeling a bit looser. I was tempted to take a photo last night for comparison’s sake, but I talked myself out of it. I want to see the big reveal when the contest is over.

I’ve got to get better at blogging. I’m going to try a little experiment for the next week so see if I can blog more often. Nothing big – I’m just going to try and do some theme days and see how that feels.

I have no plans to be one of the Big Boys of Blogging because I simply don’t have time. I’ll admit to be envious of people who can make their blogs amazing places on the internet with frequently updated content, but I don’t see that ever becoming me. I am still quite grateful for those of you who do read, comment, and email me. Thanks for sticking with me – I may not produce the most content, (Lord knows I don’t produce the most content), but I hope I am at least entertaining and worth a read.

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  • Carla

    Congrats on the loss! I think it’s great. You are going in the right direction and for sure your clothes weigh at least a pound!

    I do enjoy your posts. I often find the “big boys” of blogging are boring!!! This way it’s more personal and interactive.

  • Hanlie

    Well done on the loss… Hope you find your happy medium soon!
    Hanlie recently posted..Live Now

  • Erin

    I’m sorry to hear that paleo isn’t working out for you the way you’d hoped. You and I both know that different bodies deal with different things differently, so if paleo doesn’t work for you, ok then. You gave it a try, and that’s what matters. Out of curiousity, what are you eating on paleo? I’m puzzled by your joint pain increase, that’s for sure…

    I’ll never be a big time blogger, either. My blog is about making connections with people that I now call friends (you, Steve, Craig, for example, although Steve is questionable. 😉 ) and not about numbers, stats, or SEO. Maybe when MAK graduates and I don’t have to work any longer…lol. That’s the plan, at least (to stay at home, not to become a big time blogger).


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