A Happy Birthday Weigh-In

First of all, today, April 19th, is my birthday! Yay birthdays!

I have been neglecting my poor little blog here, and I’ve come to a surprising conclusion.

I miss weighing in! Even with the slow numbers. I’m not any less obsessed with my weight than I was 19 days ago, and if it weren’t for my dedicated efforts to eat Paleo, my diet wouldn’t by any cleaner. If anything, I’ve even found myself thinking, “I’m not weighing in for X days, I can afford to eat a little more today.”

So what have I taken from this? My issues aren’t going to be solved in a month.

A friend with a background in mental health suggested I work my way through the Beck Diet, which is a non-diet-specific plan to help people through their mental issues around weight loss. I’m going to start that, and I’ll post regularly here on how it goes.

I had already made the decision to forego my month-long scale absence and start weighing in again. I don’t like weighing in on Friday, because that is a day where it is way too easy to get distracted with fun things and forget to write a blog post. So I’m selecting today, Tuesday, to weigh in.

I didn’t know what to expect. My clothes feel a touch roomier, so I honestly walked to the scale this morning expecting to see SOME type of a loss.

April 19, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 352.1
Today’s Weight: 362.0
Change from All-Time High: -40.8 pounds
Change from Last Week: +9.9 pounds

Whatever. It’s just a number. I’ll admit to being shocked. My mind immediately goes in two different directions.

One – my pants are looser in the waist. Pants don’t get looser on their own, do they? I must be changing my body composition somehow. In addition, people have told me that my face looks a little thinner.

Two – Holy crap. If I had weighed myself regularly, I might have kept from gaining 9.9 pounds!

It is what it is, right?

So what does the next week hold? Clean, paleo eating and lots of exercise. I want to see that number drop next week. Hopefully, hard work will take care of it. And if not, hey? What else do I have to do, right? It’s not like I’m going to give up.

I don’t give up. Ever. Even if I weigh over 300 pounds for the rest of my life, then I will be a 300+ pound person who eats as healthy as he can and moves as much as his body will let him.

Anyway, on to other things, Happy Birthday to me! I was born 33 years ago today. I’ve already had a wonderful birthday. Tina gave me my gift this weekend, which was a Fitbit! I’m already excited about using it. I enjoy that it tells me my estimated calorie burn for the day. It also has a fun feature in that I can wear it while I sleep, and it tracks how many times I wake up. It let me know that my sleep is pretty steady with some tosses and turns. I already knew that, but nice to have it confirmed.

We also went to see Scream 4 this weekend. Fun movie, but it could have been a rental. Still, best of the Scream movies since the original, in my opinion.

My parents took us out to eat at Montana Grille on Sunday. My mother-in-law took us out on Friday night. And my boss took me out to eat for lunch today. I have definitely been enjoying plenty of good eating-out opportunities.

The exercise is going well. The Fitbit has actually motivated me to try harder and see if I can get a higher calorie burn. I also discovered that mowing the yard, at least according to Fitbit, is not as strenuous as I had expected. During the hour that I mowed on Sunday afternoon, it only recorded three minutes of that as very high activity.

I haven’t abandoned my little blog here, I promise. I haven’t abandoned healthy eating. I’ve just been a little busy lately. I’m about to get busier, because I’m taking advantage of the free tuition WKU employees get by starting my second Master’s degree this summer. Yes, I had planned to start my doctorate this year, but I’m going to wait a while on that. Tina and I would like to start a family first, and I know the doctoral work is immensely time-consuming. I predict I’ll start it sometime soon, but not this-fall soon.

So, to sum up, Happy Birthday to Me! And I’m implementing weigh-ins again with a weekly Tuesday weigh-in.

How are you celebrating my birthday? 🙂

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  • http://questforayummylife.blogspot.com andi

    Happy, happy, happy birthday! I too have found that weekly weigh ins work best.
    andi recently posted..Take Two

  • http://www.hblewett.com/blog/ Hanlie

    I’m glad you got spoiled on your birthday! Congratulations again!
    Hanlie recently posted..Uncovering My Truth

  • http://www.joetherunner.com Joe

    Happy birthday, (belated)
    Joe recently posted..100th Post –

  • http://www.truth2beingfit.com Jody – Fit at 53

    Happy bday! I think for many – not all – the scale can be a help in keeping us accountable to something. Did you notice your clothes tighter as you gained weight – maybe & ignored it – that is why we have to have some sort of accountability. I love that you got that FitBit! And yes, find a program that is going to work for you. You may have to experiment before finding something you can stick with long term.

    Good luck! You can do it!
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted..Saturday Funnies – Easter Edition


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