An Am I At Goal Weight Yet? Weigh-In

Weight loss can be boring, especially when you chip away at it, one little bit at a time. In the past, when I got down closer to 250, my weight loss was most exciting when people noticed.

Does that mean I’m a bit of an egomaniac who wants it to be all about me?

Heck, I write a blog, don’t I? Of course I do.

I look forward to someone saying to me, “Hey, you really do look thinner. Are you losing weight?”

Some people have told me they are offended when someone asks if they have lost weight.

Not me. Best feeling ever.

So again, I try to remind myself that this is a journey, not a destination, but I cannot help but look ahead and dream about making it to goal weight.

An Am I At Goal Weight Yet? Weigh-In

(And please note, that is not me in the photo above. He has less fat, more hair, and a nicer suit than I do.)
**(Please also note, I am not putting myself down. Fat, bald, and in my comfy pjs, I still think I am freaking awesome.)

February 23, 2012
Weight: 368.8
Change from Last Weigh-In: -0.8
Change From All-Time Highest: -34.0

Part of me is thrilled I didn’t go back up into the 370s. I was afraid my body would miss it there. I think I need to write a goodbye letter to the 370s soon, just so we can officially part terms. (Note to self: write goodbye letter to 370s.)

Let’s see what next week brings, while I dream of leaving the 360s behind.

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  • Steve

    Dude in the picture also has a watermark in his hair, that makes you more awesome by default 😛

    Congrats on the loss this week! 😀
    Steve recently posted..Doo-dads!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Well, I didn’t really want to bring it up, but I have a watermark across my forehead. Huge. It says shutterstock. Pretty embarassing, but I was born with it. I’ll have to post photos sometime. 🙂

  • Erin

    Congrats on the loss, Jeremy!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! I am jazzed. 🙂

  • Diane

    Hang in there- you will make it !
    Diane recently posted..Lemon pasta and other loves

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      It is a little frustrating that so much effort is required for so little reward, but at the same time, I plan to eat like this at goal weight, too, so what’s the difference, y’know?


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