Geeked Out Weight Loss Series: Power Rangers, Season 3 – I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger

Well, aside from the fact that the above title is probably the LONGEST blog title post I’ve ever written, this is going to be a different article. Today, I’m combining three things. My geeked out review of an old favorite, a Christmas episode, and weight loss. So I present to you… the fairly forced weight loss analogy found in the third season episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger.”

Alas, I do not know where you can watch this online other than to download it or use Netflix Watch Instantly. If you’d really like to see it, email me and I’ll see what I can do.


Power Rangers is definitely known for its complex, high-concept, deep plots, and this episode is no exception. Our episode starts off with Kimberly and Aisha (the Pink and Yellow Rangers) leading a group of children through the world’s longest Christmas carol (seriously, these kids sing for at least four hours – an impressive feat considering this is a 30 minute episode, with commercials) as we see various other Christmas-like activities going on.

Ernie (owner of the Youth Center and not a Power Ranger) gives Tommy (leader of the Power Rangers and not a youth center owner) the star to go on top of the Christmas tree (I guess because Tommy is tall), but Tommy seems a rather sad young girl who was just singing in the world’s longest Christmas carol just sitting around, looking sad. Tommy asks her if she would help him put the star on the tree, which is just silly, because she’s not a Power Ranger OR tall. I guess he’s hoping it would cheer her up.

Well, she smiles a little bit when he boosts her up to put the star on the tree.

In a different part of the Youth Center, Kimberly admits to Aisha that, while she is happy she gets to spend Christmas with Aisha and her family, she is sad she isn’t going to get to spend it with her mom. (In a previous episode, we learned that Kimberly’s mother let her move in with Aisha to finish out the school year while she went to France with her new husband.) Aisha hugs her and suggests Kimberly help her with the decorations.

Thanks, I don’t miss my mom at all now.

Thanks, I don’t miss my mom at all now.

Bulk and Skull show up. Quick note – the last time I reviewed a Power Ranger episode, it was early 1st season. This is late third season. So you should know, Bulk and Skull are no longer bullies. Now they are junior police officers. And they are going to be working the Christmas party on duty, although Bulk will be dressed up to play Santa.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Zedd is ranting about how much he hates the holidays. This year, in his attempt to take over the Earth, he is going to make Santa’s elves create a toy that will make any child who sees it instantly brainwashed. And no, it isn’t Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It’s a spinning top, that I assume uses magic. Any child who sees it will basically be under Lord Zedd’s control and able to do only his evil bidding.

And back at the Youth Center, Kimberly and Aisha are leading the kids through another practice before their big show. Becky, the same girl who Tommy helped put the star on the tree, is especially down. After the rehearsal, Aisha and Kimberly ask her why, and she says that there will be no one there to hear her sing.

At the North Pole, Santa is supervising his elves when Rito Revolto shows up, takes over, and orders the elves to make no other toys except for Zedd’s magic spinning top.

Kimberly has another heart-to-heart with Becky, who confides to her that her dad works too much and can’t spend any time with her. Kimberly suggests that Becky let her dad know how she feels. And inside, just as Tommy is about to get himself some Mistletoe Lovin’, Zordon pages the Rangers.

At the Command Center, the Rangers learn about Zedd’s evil Christmas toy plan. Of course the Rangers will help, but because of magic or the jet stream or something, their morphing powers won’t work at the North Pole. Of course, that doesn’t stop the Rangers, so they teleport to the North Pole to help out.

The Rangers see the monsters overrunning Santa’s workshop, so they come up with a plan to save Santa. Billy, resident genius, thinks that if their powers won’t work at the North Pole, then neither will the monster’s. Fortunately, they are correct. The Rangers proceed to fight the two gigantic warriors, armed with swords…

…with snowballs. And of course, snowballs > swords, so the Rangers win!

With the elves’ help, Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas are defeated, tied up with ribbon, and teleported back to the moon.

Is this over yet? No? Crap. Okay.

The head elf complains about the toy production being off schedule, but the Rangers help with teamwork or magic or power crystals or something.

With Christmas saved, the Ranger teens head back to Angel Grove, Becky’s dad shows up after all, the kids sing, Kimberly’s mother shows up from France after all, and Tommy finally gets to kiss Kimberly under the mistletoe.

Weight Loss Analogy

Hoo boy. This one is going to be tough. Uhm… Okay, we’ll call the bad guys the holiday temptations that we have to face. The high calorie treats. The parties. The deviations from our schedules that make regular exercise tough.

So, when faced with these temptations, what should we do? Give in? Let evil win.

No, we turn into Power Rangers, pelt them with metaphorical snowballs, and take back the healthy holidays.

Okay, that was weak. This one wasn’t quite as clear cut for me.

But hey, Power Rangers and the holidays. What’s better?

How about a trip to Vegas?! Tina and I are leaving for Vegas and we’ll be back on the 23rd. That means I won’t be weighing in for a bit.

My Vegas pledges? I’m going to enjoy myself, but I’m still going to eat as much real, healthy food as I can. We aren’t going to have a car, so we’ll be doing LOTS of walking. I’m going to take my heart rate monitor and make sure I get a good calorie burn in every day. I will also drink LOTS of water.

I’m still planning to be down to 369 by January 1st. I’m also not going to neglect this blog. I didn’t think to do this in enough time to get some guest posts, so instead, I’ve got a few blog posts scheduled to post while I’m in Sin City.

I’m going to post a few times about my Christmas ornaments. I’ve even got some that really are weight-loss themed. And of course, after Christmas, I’ll be sure to share photos of our eats, trips, sights, shows, and more.

If I don’t get to “speak” to you again before the holidays, have a Merry Christmas!

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