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Wasn’t this supposed to be a separate blog? Yeah, it was, but I ultimately decided to put ALL of my fitness, fatness, and other food stuff here. I won’t post more than once a day, so some days, this Day by Day section may just be a foot note at the bottom of a different post, but today, I’m only talking about food and exercise.

September 12, 2010
Starting Weight 402.8
Today’s Weight 337.9
Total Lost 64.9 pounds

Yes, I haven’t weighed 402.8 pounds in over four years and a LOT less muscle mass ago, but I like seeing 64.9 pounds up there more than seeing… well, nothing. After all, this is a life long journey, and even if I am “restarting” on a new web host and a new focus and all that blah blah blah, 402.8 was still my biggest and I’m not going to forget that.

337.9 is a lot higher than I’d like it to be, but I honestly expect to see a significantly smaller number tomorrow. I truly expect to lose two pounds or so, at least. There are a few factors in why my weight is so high – a very high salt diet yesterday, and uhm… well… I haven’t pooped in like two days. TMI? Probably.

This is what I ate today. I made a few great food choices, a few bad food choices, and a few okay food choices. You know what? I definitely could have done without the Pop Tart, and I won’t lie… it was VERY tempting to not list it here, but really… who am I cheating? It doesn’t affect anyone but me. Chili dog probably wasn’t a very good choice, either… I’m suddenly feeling very self-conscious about my food choices today. I can at least point out that all of my bread choices were whole wheat with no HFCs.

Bacon, cheese, and green onion two egg omelet
Steak & cheese sub with mayo
Chili dog
Pop tart
BBQ sandwich
Roast beef and veggies
Turkey and cheese on wheat
Pineapple sherbet

Approximately total calories = 2,600

Today’s food picture is of the omelet I made for breakfast. I love making omelets, and since I am good at this, I am the designate omelet cook of our household.

All in all, not a terrible day for someone of my weight and activity level. On my current “plan” of eating, I eat more on the weekends and less during the week. You’ll probably see my calories around 2,000 or so tomorrow. But I will make this promise: No matter what it is I eat, I’ll share it truthfully, even if I just end up going momentarily insane and binging at the Chinese buffet.

Exercise was a much better story. It was such a pretty fall morning today that Tina and I both felt motivated to do some exercise outdoors. I remembered a short experiment back in the summer with running in the Couch to 5K sense outdoors, and we both enjoyed it. It didn’t hurt my feet or joints, unlike the treadmill which is always excruciating (and boring), so we decided to restart Couch to 5K. If we do it as the program states, it will take us two months, which will be right smack in the middle of fall. Our honeymoon also falls in this two month period, and I REALLY like the idea of actually doing C25K in Antigua.

Anyway, before Tina strapped on her Vibrams and I put on my regular, non-toed sneakers, I had the bright idea to take a picture every day I do C25K. Maybe I’ll see a big difference by the time I’m holding up a sign that says “First Official 5K!”

The run went great. A little warm, but there was a nice cool breeze, and as with the last outdoor “run,” there was no pain! I mentioned that Tina went with me, but I had another running partner.

My buddy Malcolm. He’s still a puppy and as dumb as a sack of doorknobs, but we love him, and he helped pull me along when I was starting to get a little tired.

That wasn’t our only exercise, either. We went to the gym this afternoon and did forty-five minutes on the elliptical and about fifteen minutes in the pool. I feel very confident that I’ll post a loss tomorrow.

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  • Joe

    So much about this post I like. But with all the goodness “He’s still a puppy and as dumb as a sack of doorknobs, but we love him” has to be my favorite line.

    I love running with my dog –
    Joe recently posted..52 Weight Loss Tips


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