Pumpkin Spice and Light-Up Wine Bottles

I have my second official weigh-in tomorrow since I have “re-booted” my blog. Sadly, I do not expect to meet my goal of three pounds lost. To be quite honest, I do not expect to lose anything at all.


It’s not stress, as I mentioned in my guest post over at the wonderfully awesome Half of Jess.

It’s not because I’ve lifted weights so hard that I’ve added tons of muscle.

No, it’s because that when I am often in a good mood, I choose to celebrate with food. I have truly seldom been as happy as I am right now. I’m about to marry the woman I love. I’m about to start a new life with her. I’m about to leave the country for seven days on a wonderful honeymoon to Antigua.

And yes, rather than say, “You know what, I have the most amazing life, and the only thing that would make it better would be to eat healthy so I can get healthier and therefore live longer,” my mind says, “Hey, you’re happy, You deserve food!”

The next thing I know, I’m at Barnes and Noble with a stack of books to read (that’s okay) and a Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake and a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino with whipped cream (at least I got the small, right?). Or was it the tall? I hate Starbucks sizing.

Another fake reason to celebrate? The weather has been beautiful, (if a bit warm), and I just hope it stays this beautiful for the next two weeks. This isn’t the best picture (taken on my cell phone) but that’s what half of the sky looked like last night. The other half was pink and purple. I HOPE that we have a pretty night on October 8th.

Oh well. I’m probably going to weigh 335ish tomorrow. I’ve been exercising, but my clothes fit EXACTLY the same and I’m pretty sure the scale will not be kind. Oh well again. I have nothing to blame but myself and my food choices, and I’m not going to blame it on anything else. (There have been PLENTY of times I think I could legitimately blame it on something else, like water gain, et cetera, but this is NOT one of those times.) I’m still going to try and lose weight before the wedding, and I am committing to weighing less on January 1st than I do right now.

I am still doing Couch to 5K, and I must admit, I’m starting to struggle with it. The last two runs have been HARD. Brandon at A Healthy Dad gave the advice of repeating a week, if need be. Tina and I both had a bit of a tough time with Week Two. Not sure why, but it frankly kicked my butt. The entire time I was doing it yesterday, I kept thinking, “I want to quit, but I’m not going to.” I was going slower and slower, and by the end, I’m not sure my jog was much more than a slightly faster walk.

This is the picture we took afterward. My hair is kind of jacked up because… well, two reasons. One, I’m balding and I just don’t have good hair. And two, I’m waiting ’til about ten days before the wedding to get a haircut, because I don’t want my hair too long for the wedding or too short. That’s what’s giving me the Bozo-esque Monk Ring.

As for the C25K caption, it’s been amazingly hot here. Thursday it got to over 100 degrees in some parts of Kentucky. This isn’t fall. Today actually felt a bit more like fall. It was still warm, but it’s a bit more like autumn now than not.

In other news, I had a pretty neat idea for a wedding craft. I’m just not crafty, so this one is a big deal, just because it came from my craft-deficient brain.

I like wine bottles. I actually think I like wine bottles more than wine. I also like light. That’s probably why I like Vegas. Anything that lights up fascinates me.

I would still wear LA Lights if they made them for adults.

We’re going to have a bar at the wedding. We’re also getting married in a cave (not actually IN a cave, but at the mouth of a cave under a natural cave roof), and it’s going to be night, so light won’t be the greatest. It’ll be pretty well-lit, we’re not getting married in the dark, but we’re also happy to have any artificial sources of light down there we can find.

It occurred to me that Christmas lights in empty wine bottles sitting on the bar would look really neat. I just didn’t like the fact that the cord would have to come out of the top. That’s when it occurred to me that I could use a diamond drill bit and drill a hole in the back of the bottle, feed Christmas lights into it, and that could sit on our bar as decoration.

And that’s what I did! I made this last night, it was surprisingly easy, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m going to have four of these sitting on our bar.

We’re heading to the gym here very shortly. I’ll post tomorrow (albeit probably pretty late, because I work ’til nine p.m. tomorrow night), but I’ll have my 2nd weigh-in, no matter how ugly it is.

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A Fresh Start Weigh-In

Is Monday morning the start of a new week, or is Sunday the start of a new week?

I like Sunday, because it’s part of the weekend, and I love the weekends. I used to despise Monday mornings with a white-hot passion, but now that I actually like my job (even if Monday = 12 hour work day now), Mondays aren’t a big deal. Sundays are enjoyable, because they aren’t spent dreading the next horrible work day.

I’ve ultimately decided Monday morning is the start of a new week, and as such, I’m going to treat Mondays as my weigh-in day. Yeah, I know, I know, I said Friday last time… well, it’s Monday, ’til the next time I change it. At least I’m publicly weighing and keeping myself accountable, right?

And this week is a Fresh Start Weigh-In!

September 20, 2010
Weight – 334.0
Precious Weigh-in – 337.9
Change of -3.9 from last week
All-Time High 402.8
Total Loss – 68.8 pounds

I’m also going back to setting myself some weekly goals. I like to give myself some that are easy to accomplish and some that may require a bit of stretching.

1. Complete Week Two of Couch to 5K.
2. Drink one gallon of water on at least four days.
3. Learn the new dance steps Tina has for us for our “first” dance as a married couple. (She has the rhythm. I can spell the word rhythm. That’s about it.)
4. Work out every day for the next week.
5. Drop at least three pounds this week.

In other C25K news, I have started week two! Last night at twilight was our second run. I am already feeling some changes in my body; I think my speed is even improving. Still pain free, although after the run, I found myself thinking, “I wonder if I can do another C25K run tomorrow?” A few hours later, I found myself a tad bit sore. More than I was expecting, because I’m not truly COUCH to 5K. I’m more like Elliptical to 5K, but running is definitely different on the body. That’s okay. I’ll stick to the routine and take a day off like I’m supposed to.

(Do you get the Electric Boogalo reference? If so, you earn ten points!)
(*points are nontransferable and essentially worthless*)

In wedding news, we had our Wedding Shower yesterday. I am truly involved in all aspects of the wedding, but yesterday was definitely a day for Tina. Still, we did get a pretty good haul of various kitchen gadgetry, and it was nice spending the afternoon with people who care about us.

The wedding is only eighteen days away! Holy crap! How did it get here so fast?! As I mentioned previously, we are “choreographing” our first dance. It isn’t some crazy elaborate thing, but we don’t want to just stand up in front of our guests and sway together to a slow song for three minutes, either. We’re dancing the rumba to Michael Buble’s “Everything,” and we are putting a few little extra special moves here and there. Nothing elaborate, and we would totally be voted off first week of Dancing with the Stars, but we’re trying to make it a bit more fun for our guests (and ourselves) than just slow-dancing to one of our favorite songs. All that said, I’m not much of a dancer. I’m not afraid to dance, and I enjoy it, but I definitely suck.

Tina’s trying to teach me, and she has helped. However, I have realized one thing that has helped me a lot. During one session, it kind of occurred to me that I was having SO much trouble with this while doing a taekwondo form is doable for me. I started viewing our choreographed steps like that, and I’m improving and enjoying it a lot more. I jokingly mentioned to Tina that if I treat it like a form, I may end up yelling at some point during the dance and ending it with a loud, “Thank you, ma’am!” She suggested I not do that at our wedding. I promised to try.

We still have tons to do on all wedding fronts, and since we’re crafty people, we’re doing a lot of it ourselves, which means there is still tons more to do. Some easy, some not so easy, but it’s all saving us money (and is uniquely us), so we’re definitely including it in the ceremony.

One thing that I am doing is printing off our favorite quotes from t.v. shows and movies to set at each place setting. The quotes range from “The Simpsons” (me) to “Glee” (us) to “Steel Magnolias” (us) and “Gilmore Girls” (Tina) and even more obscure shows, but they are all things that make us laugh, and we’re hoping our guests will see them, perhaps chuckle, and realize they are at the wedding of two dorks who love each other very much. I’ll make sure some quotes are included in the photos I’ll definitely post after we return from our honeymoon.

So, today is the start of a brand new week. I hope to post at least twice more this week – not entirely sure what about yet, but we’ll see when it happens. What great plans do you have for this week?

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