Vlog 2: A Breakthrough

I would have come up with a witty title, but something so big happened today, I can’t. It just is what it is, and it’s huge.

Basically, I had a significant breakthrough in my “dieting” viewpoint.

If you are in a place where you can’t watch the vlog, this is it in a nutshell. (And would you watch it for me later? Please?)

Basically, I shot my calorie budget for the day early. By noon. Ordinarily, on days when I eat too much, I just view the day as lost, don’t exercise, and I plan to start over tomorrow.

Except today… I didn’t.

Even though my calories were shot, I still exercised. I exercised hard.

I don’t even know if I can express my excitement at this breakthrough. Some of you are probably saying, “Yeah, so what?” Well, for me… this is huge. Gargantuan. Life changing, even.

I’m very proud of myself right now.

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Night of the Living Vlog

I just bought a new webcam. I want to start vlogging again.

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A Professor Trelawney Weigh-in

I have followed Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program for the last week. I ate tons of fruits and veggies, but I’ll also admit I had some processed foods as well. I got in plenty of exercise, including three different Zumba classes.

How did I fare?

I weighed in on January 9, 2011, at 360.7, which is 1.5 pounds less than last Sunday! Woo hoo!

January 9, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 362.2
Today’s Weight: 360.7
Change from All-Time High: 42.1 pounds
Change from Last Week: -1.5 pounds

I am also going to take a few body measurements so I can report on those changes as they occur as well.

Chest: 53 1/2″
Stomach: 62 1/4″
Bicep: 17″

It is a little jarring to realize that my stomach is wider around than some people are tall. That is a truly honest measurement, because I purposefully “let it out.” I didn’t suck it in like I do most of the time. I can’t wait until it is smaller around than 5 feet. I probably won’t record my inches every weigh-in, but I definitely want a record of them so I can see them change.

Regardless, I am happy today, because I weigh less today than I did on January 2nd!

I am dubbing January 9th’s weigh-in a Professor Trelawney Weigh-in!

Why Professor Trelawney? Well let me explain.

I’m a HUGE Harry Potter geek. Seriously, absolutely, completely love the entire series. One of my probably unattainable goals in life is to be the next J.K. Rowling. No, I don’t want to be a blonde Scottish woman, but I do want to have created an elaborate, magical world with in-depth rules.

In Harry Potter, there is a divination teacher named Professor Trelawney. She is the direct descendant of a famous seer, but sadly, Professor Trelawney’s skills in the area of divination are quite limited. She just isn’t very good. She’s only made a tiny handful of true predictions, and she goes into a trance when she made those, so she doesn’t even remember them.

Just the same, she reads tea leaves, keeps detailed dream journals, and looks into crystal balls like it’s no one’s business. It’s even her career! So even though it does her no good whatsoever, she is always consulting her various mediums to see how the future is going.

I’m equating crystal balls with getting on the scale every day. I’ve done it for the majority of my “dieting” life. I’m always trying to see the future of my weight loss efforts, even just one day in. This week, I didn’t. Here’s the difference it made.

1.5 pounds of weight loss and a much better attitude.

In the past, I’ve weighed daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and seen my weight fluctuate. When you see your weight change sometimes five or six pounds in a single day, a loss of 1.5 pounds in a week seems worthless. But you know what 1.5 pounds every week means? It means that in a year, I’ll weigh 78 pounds less. That’s amazing. But if I weigh every day, then I’ll get discouraged, and I’ll just quit. Because while it’s exciting to see the scale drop eight pounds suddenly, it is very discouraging to watch the scale leap eight pounds when you know you did everything right.

For me, that needless self-inflicted discouragement can lead me to jump off program and my weight will keep going up.

For the rest of my life, unless a doctor orders me to do so otherwise, I am never going to weigh in every day.

I am going to set a weekly weight loss goal of three pounds for next week. I’m still aiming for 350 by my first February weigh-in, and while that may be tough, I’m going to keep shooting for it. Three pounds is a tough goal but it’s not impossible. And you know what? Even if I don’t lose but one pound next week, I’m still going to celebrate.

Oh, and in between shooting the video and writing this blog post, I ran out and bought my lottery tickets for weight loss. For every pound I lose, I buy a $1 scratcher. I won a free ticket, but that free ticket was a loser, so I came out with no extra Vegas money this week.

And as always, my video blog for the week.

What weight loss plans do you have for the next week?

P.S. – More posts in my gym etiquette series coming soon!

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A Warp Zone Weigh-In

Happy 2011! So, have you gotten in your two workouts yet? Have your meals been stellar?

I can honestly say that yes, I have gotten in two workouts, and while my meals could have been healthier, I am at least still happily on program.

Sunday is my new weigh-in day. How did I fare?

Well, I’m dubbing this week a Warp Zone Weigh-In.

Wanna know why?

‘Cause my weight went from 364.2 to 362.2! Over the past week, I have last two pounds, and I am considering that an ultra-huge, colossal victory. Permit me to get a bit geeky on you. You know how in Super Mario Brothers you can sometimes find warp tubes and they take you to the warp zone and you’re able to skip ahead worlds?

Well, I did that this week. Instead of waiting until January 1st like I have done so many years in the past, I decided to get on program December 26th to undo the holiday damage. Instead of putting on what could have been a LOT of weight, I chose to take a warp zone and I emerged January 1st two pounds lighter instead of two (or five… or ten) pounds heavier. Yay me!

I have recorded a video blog, as I promised I would do. I promise, these won’t all be done in the car, but I had a few minutes to myself while on the way to the gym so that’s when I did it.

I am really excited about the upcoming week. Because I work at a college, I’ve had the last two weeks off for Christmas. I’ve NEVER had two weeks off from work since I was a teacher in the public school system, so this was a pretty frickin’ sweet break. Still, I think I’m excited about going back to work. And even more than that, I think I’m excited about tearing it up at Weight Watchers again. This weigh-in may be a bit higher than I’d like, and that’s okay, because I did a LOT of damage over Christmas. It doesn’t matter, though, because I am repairing that damage.

I look forward to feeling myself get stronger with every workout I do. I look forward to feeling more flexible with every minute of yoga that I do. I look forward to getting healthier with every healthy food I put in my body.

As I go through the month of January, I plan to post regularly on various things (next post will be my experience in sprouting sprouts!), and I’m sure you’ll see me make mention of my resolutions. Since I plan to check up on them all year, I’m going to make a page here at Stellar Path JUST for my resolutions. If you’d like to check it out, just read this on my webpage and go to the top menu bar. If you are reading this on Google reader or some other blog reading tool, then you can check it out here.

I may mention these a LOT this year, but I want to stay motivated and on fire for these resolutions.

My Goals page will also probably get a lot of attention, and I’ll be sure to mention here whenever I change it. Just today, I added my section of Unlikely Goals. These are goals that, while I’d LOVE to get to do it, it just isn’t likely. For instance, I want to walk on the moon. It isn’t impossible. It’s not like I’m saying I want to travel in time. We have the technology to walk on the moon. It’s just that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that I will ever get to do so. Still, as I think of unlikely things I want to do, I’m sure I’ll add to the list.

Anyway, my reason for mention My Goals is that I’ve come a step closer to accomplishing one of my goals this year. I mentioned this in the video briefly. Tina and I want to find a church to join. We’re having a hard time finding what we want, and to be quite honest, in our frustration at not finding the church we wanted, we basically stopped trying for a while. A few days ago, we both agreed to try a new church near us called First Baptist. We loved it. We felt welcomed without being smothered and we enjoyed the pastor and felt he had a great message. Obviously, we aren’t going to join right away. We both want to attend for a pretty good while before we join, but being members of a church is something that is important to us and I’m very pleased that we’ve found a church that, at the very least, we are home in right now.

Oh, and one last thing. I have added a Facebook Badge up above. I’ve given SO much personal information about myself on this webpage, there really isn’t much point in having a Facebook page for Stellar Path any longer. To be perfectly honest, I have many more blogger friends on my personal Facebook than my page’s Facebook. So, if you’d like to follow(stalk) me in my personal life and catch up with my latest webpage updates, please, check me out! You can find my Facebook page here or click the badge in the upper left of my webpage.

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Week One: A Kick Off Weigh-in

This is a Kick Off Weigh-in!

At my first campus meeting on Tuesday, I weighed in at 353.6. I plan to always wear the same thing so that my weight change is true weight and not based on clothing.

I’m going to TRY and post every Tuesday, but that won’t always happen. For instance, it didn’t happen last night because I was so busy with the final week of school before final exams. Even as the teacher, we are definitely busy. (Maybe especially as the teacher. Students have a handful of teachers. I have almost 150 students, mostly college freshmen.) But I am posting today, so you can expect to see a weigh-in from me every Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be a few exceptions over the holidays, as my weigh-in will change for two weeks. Over Christmas break, WKU completely shuts down, so I’ll be weighing in at an alternate community meeting. It may or may not be Tuesday, but I will definitely be weighing in.

(Oh, and speaking of the holidays, if you are reading this in Google Reader, please hop on over to my actual blog so you can see my new festive Christmas theme!)

I’ll also attempt to record a video for each weigh-in. This morning, before I left my house, I put my camcorder on the dashboard of my car and recorded a video as I drove to work. (Ignore the fact that I didn’t look at the camera – I don’t want to have a wreck, after all). Just a quick cursory video.

Nothing too big to say as I’ve just started, but I can say again that I am very excited about Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program, and I’m hopeful this will be the tool that helps me regain control of my eating.

And lastly, every time I weigh in, I’ll add links to the posts I’ve made to my other blogs!

So this week, I’m going to share all of my Honeymoon posts! I have started a travel blog, The Window Seat. It was created because I’ve decided to start journaling all of my trips. Before, I would take a few photos, and over time, that would be the only memories I’d have left. For the honeymoon, I actually wrote a journal entry of sorts while on the trip that I combined with TONS of pictures (and a few videos) of the trip. Even now, almost two months later, reading over it really brings the entire trip rushing back. Warning – you will see me poolside and shirtless (and putting sunscreen on my face) in one pic. You will also see tons of photos of food.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight

I’ve also put a few more recipes up at my cooking blog, 1000 Meals.

Three of my recipes:
Sausage Gravy
Breakfast Pizza
Mug Blondie

I plan to post again on Friday. I’ll share some type of weight loss tip. Not sure what it will be yet, but I’ll see you then!

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