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Stellar Review – Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

During my relatively short time here at Stellar Path, I’ve gotten the chance to review a few products. In all cases up ’til now, I have been given the product free of charge to try. But recently, during a trip to the supermarket, I saw a product that I thought looked interesting. And I have therefore decided I am going to periodically review products that I purchase with my hard-earned money. You’ll be getting two viewpoints per product, one from me and one from my lovely wife Tina (who also blogs over at Ruffled Love).

Does the name Stellar Review sound a touch pretentious? I’m not saying my reviews are Stellar, but the review is here at Stellar Path… it’s kinda like my short-lived cooking show, Stellar Cooks… *sigh* I swear I’m not so full of myself that I think everything I produce is stellar, but I’m clearly trying to create a brand here…

Anyhow, on to this review of Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae.

Price I Paid: $1.88
Contains Two Servings

That picture looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to open it up and see that beautiful, photogenic food.

Okay, not quite as pretty… but hey, looks aren’t everything. Let’s see how it tastes!

My Reaction: Holy crap. This is AMAZINGLY good! The brownie beneath the ice cream was delicious, the ice cream itself was creamy, the chocolate syrup tasted real, and the peanut butter cups were pretty tiny but still Reese’s worthy.

Tina’s Reaction: “I would so eat this again. Do you have another one? Right now?”

Pros: It really does taste incredible. Yeah, it’s not a ton of food, and I am always skeptical of “diet” products that claim to be healthy just because it is a small serving size. However, that being said, if you want a taste of ice cream, isn’t it better to eat a small, calorie-controlled portion (at 170 calories, not bad) than buy a pint and eat 1,600 calories before you know what hits you? Oh, and easy prep. Just let it defrost at room temperature for five minutes.

Cons: Small serving, but again, I can almost justify that as a pro, too. Loaded full of chemicals. This is apparently unavoidable in freezer food, so unless you want to go to the trouble of making the entire thing yourself, that’s going to be really tough to accomplish.

Would definitely buy again. At less than $2 (it may have been on sale when I bought it) for a little splurge-y dessert for two, I’d even call this one a bargain.

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