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A Surprisingly Hard Weigh-In Post

I’m okay with the number on the scale. It’s going slow, but it’s going down. I’m still fine tuning my diet, and even though it is VERY slow going, I really do feel confident that I’m going to discover the magic number of points for me to eat to accelerate up to two pounds a week, consistently.

Date: November 3, 2012
Weight: 364.2
Change from Last Week: -0.8 pounds
Change from Highest: -38.6 pounds

I’m feeling stronger literally every day. I now take the stairs at work. The elevator is a distant memory. It’s a nice feeling.

While I’m not quite strong enough to progress with Body Revolution, I did like the idea that I knew, every day, what I was doing. As a result, I made up my own exercise calendar for November. I even built in a few rest days. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to both just cross off my workout for the day AND not have to decide what I’m in the mood for. I just look at the calendar, see what I scheduled, and do it.

So why is this a surprisingly hard post for me to write?

On October 30th, I got a package in the mail. It’s a weight loss reward. When I get below a certain number, then I get to “keep” it. The package in question was a Blue Power Ranger Hoodie. Don’t judge; it’s awesome.

As a special treat, the manufacturers included a Blue Power Ranger T-Shirt, for free. It was sized the same as the hoodie, 2X.

I typically wear a 3X shirt, but sometimes, 2X fits.

I had the great idea to take a picture of myself wearing the shirt for a once-monthly visual representation of my weight loss. I want to see how my body changes as it gets smaller.

What I wasn’t expecting was the intense reaction from seeing my body in an unflattering, too-small t-shirt from three different angles.

I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy for a while.

And then, I relied on some of the various coping strategies that I’ve fostered, several of which I’ve literally developed and created in the last few months.

And I came to terms with it. This is my body. This is what it looks like.

This body is strong. This body carries me through the day. I’ve done a lot of damage to this body, and it still keeps me going. I’m taking care of this body now. Soon, my outer person will match my inner strength.

Best of all, this body helped my wife and I create the best thing that ever happened to us.

But for now, I post this picture without hesitation. This is who I am, unflattering angles, lopsided belly, male muffin top, and all.

Because I am so much more than my body.

And I’m now realizing I should have renamed this post. This wasn’t that hard to post after all. Thanks for reading.

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Geeked Out Weight Loss Review: MMPR: Green with Evil, Part Two

For this week’s Geeked Out Weight Loss Review, we are going to continue the Green with Evil saga from Mighty Morphin power Rangers with Part 2!


As the episode begins, Billy and Trini are desperately trying to get Alpha back in working order. Fortunately, they succeed, and while Zordon is still missing, the Rangers at least have their faithful automaton back in service.

Rita plans to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness, a powerful artifact that will keep Tommy evil. Goldar reminds her that the sword has an inherent weakness, but only Zordon knows of it, and he is still missing.

Kimberly tries to talk to Tommy in school. She still doesn’t know he is the Green Ranger; she is only trying to determine why he stood her up the day before. Instead of the polite boy she had met the day before, she is greeted with hostility.

Rita wants Tommy to prove to her that he is worthy of the Sword of Darkness, so she has him battle a troop of her putties. If he successfully defeats the putties, he gets the Sword. In a matter of moments, the putties are lying defeated on the ground, and Tommy is given the powerful weapon.

Tommy then uses his increased power from the sword to trap Jason in a Dark Dimension with Goldar. Jason, unable to morph as Goldar has stolen his morpher, is faced with his greatest threat, as Goldar is quite formidable even when Jason is the Red Ranger.

The Green Ranger shows up, and the four Rangers, unable to find Jason, quickly go into battle. After summoning the MegaZord, they successfully, albeit temporarily, defeat the Green Ranger.

As the episode ends, the Rangers are still without Zordon, and Jason, who has attempted to fight Goldar for his power morpher, has been beaten down. Goldar stands poised above him with his sword, ready to deliver the fatal blow.

Weight Loss Takeaway

Rita Repulsa wanted Tommy to have the Sword of Darkness, as it was going to keep Tommy evil.

Basically, it was her shortcut. Tommy wasn’t inherently evil; he was actually a good person who was under an evil spell. But with the sword, he would stay evil.

How often have I tried to take shortcuts in my weight loss?

Have I ever told you that I once tried to become bulimic? I wasn’t able to make myself throw up on demand (thank goodness), but I genuinely tried.

I tried Atkins. I’ve tried every gimmick diet out there. I’ve tried exercising for hours on end. I’ve tried drastically cutting my calories to unsustainable levels.

Shortcuts don’t work.

Doing things the right way, the slow way, is what works.

No more Sword of Darkness for me. Just slow and steady effort that is sustainable for the rest of my life.

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Geeked Out Weight Loss Review: MMPR: Green with Evil, Part One

For the next few weeks of my Geeked Out Weight Loss Review, I am going to explore the first real story arc that appeared on the Power Rangers. The show started off with our five standard Rangers, but early in the 1st season, a surprising twist appeared. There actually was a sixth Power Coin, which could produce a sixth Ranger, but Zordon didn’t have it. The Rangers’ enemy, Rita Repulsa, owned it, and she was able to create her own evil Ranger.

Thus begins the Green with Evil saga! I am going to review the entire five part Green with Evil miniseries. For the next five weeks, we’re going to watch the episodes that started the Green Ranger mythos of the Power Rangers, which also escalated it (for some of us, such as myself) from a lame kid show into a (still admittedly lame) show that dealt with some big concepts and had pretty deep consequences in store. Sort of. It was still a kid’s show, but dang it, it was fun.

So, on to the review!

Green with Evil, Part One

At the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo, Jason fights new student Tommy in a match. The two are evenly matched, it ends in a draw, and the two martial artists exchange polite words before parting. Kimberly, meanwhile, is smitten with Tommy, and when he scares off Bulk and Skull the next day after they have bothered her, she is even more attracted to him and asks him to hang out with her and her friends at the Youth Center after school.

However, the polite Tommy is quickly noticed by Rita, and she casts a spell, turning him into her evil Green Ranger.

With his power coin, Tommy is now able to enter the Command Center. He immediately goes there, damages Alpha Five, and renders Zordon incapable of communicating with the Rangers.

Alpha Five manages to get a garbled message to the Rangers, and they promptly make their way to the Command Center. Billy manages to partially restore Alpha, although his memory was scrambled and he can’t remember what happened. Worst yet, before the Rangers can ascertain what happened, they discover that Rita has made Goldar gigantic and he is wracking havoc on the Earth.

The Rangers morph and jump into battle. Summoning their MegaZord, they battle Goldar, but Tommy enters the MegaZord cockpit and forcibly ejects the Rangers. They battle with him on the ground, but Tommy gains the upper hand during the battle. The Rangers retreat to the Command Center to lick their wounds and regroup. Alpha once again goes offline, and the Rangers realize they are going to have to face their worst foe yet without Alpha or Zordon to help them.

Weight Loss Analogy

Have you ever had things go a little bit wrong, and the next thing you know, you are a little bit on the frantic side and you can’t quite get your feet back underneath you?

It’s certainly happened to me. I’ve told parts of the “why” I regained the weight I lost on this blog before, but in 2006, I dated a girl (very briefly – far too briefly to have gotten as stressed out as I did over it), we had a messy breakup, and I turned to food for comfort. I wasn’t in a very mentally healthy place, and I viewed my future as suddenly desperately lonely. Forever.

Well, that certainly wasn’t what happened. I’m now happily married to my best friend. We have a baby on the way. My life is never going to be lonely.

But for that short dark period, I thought it was going to be. I was scrambling, and I turned to the one comfort I had always turned to. Food. And even when I got over my loneliness, I still kept eating. I lost all of my good habits, regained my bad ones, and the next thing I knew, I had put on over 100 pounds.

To more directly connect it to what’s going on in this episode, the Rangers have had everything they’ve come to know about being Rangers taken from them. They are no longer the only Rangers. There is an evil Green Ranger battling them. They are not able to depend upon Alpha and Zordon, who have always been there for them. Things have gotten bad quickly.

As the episode ends, however, the Rangers are already doing one thing differently than I did. They aren’t giving up. In fact, Jason even attempts to shore up his team by reminding them that, although they are literally alone with no help, they can’t quit. The safety of the world depends on them beating this evil Green Ranger.

Well, the health of our bodies depend upon us overcoming our vices. So what do we choose to do? Do we fight, or do we roll over?

I’m choosing to fight, even if I don’t know what the next battle may hold.

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Geeked Out Weight Loss Series: Power Rangers – Switching Places

As I hope and plan to do every Thursday, I am bringing you another entry in my Geeked Out Weight Loss Review series! This is where I watch an episode of some shows from my childhood or other geeky past and give it a weight loss spin.

Today, and it’s only fitting as this is my first foray back into geekdom, I’m going with my old standby, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Today’s episode is from early season 1, Switching Places.


Billy has invented a device that will allow people to read each other’s thoughts. Unbeknownst to him, Squatt (one of Rita’s henchmen) rewired it. When he and Kimberly hook themselves up to it, Billy finds himself in Kimberly’s body and vice versa.

In all seriousness, I’m actually impressed with the acting of David Yost and Amy Jo Johnson in this episode. David plays a great Valley Girl, and Amy Jo was as good a Billy as David Yost.

And of course, the two will be unable to switch back until Billy can rebuild the generator to his machine.

In the midst of the body switching confusion, Rita sends a Genie to attack the Rangers. Can the Rangers defeat the evil genie, and will Billy and Kimberly have to stay in the wrong bodies?

Well, it’s a kid show, so of course they defeat the evil genie, and of course Kimberly and Billy get put back correctly.

Weight Loss Analogy

While watching this episode on Netflix, I kept trying to think of the weight loss angle. The plot was REALLY convoluted on this one. Trust me – I left out a ton of stuff about the genie’s lamp and how if Alpha didn’t destroy the lamp properly the Power Rangers would be destroyed, and my personal favorite, Jason’s line, “Billy, you’ve got to rewire those servos to bypass the damage and tap into the power morphing system. We gotta get us more power before we get totaled!”

It’s like freaking Shakespeare.

But then it hit me. Kimberly and Billy switched places, and I think they each ended up with more respect for the other.

We need to periodically switch places with our “goal” self. (I almost went with the angle of “switch up your workouts,” but I like this one better.)

Have a conversation with you at Goal Weight. Put yourself in Goal Weight You’s shoes. Let Goal You explain to Current You how much better you feel and how much healthier you are.

Don’t be stagnant in your viewpoint. For me, being stagnant is what led to me being morbidly obese. Same stuff, different day, and I had an excuse to go for every single day.

“I’m going to eat what I want today, because tomorrow, I’m hitting the diet hard!”

“I’ll take today off, and I’ll work out twice tomorrow.”

I’m going to put myself in Goal Me’s place for a bit, and just see what the world looks like from his side. I’m hoping it’ll motivate me to keep doing things the right way.

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Geeked Out Weight Loss Series: Power Rangers: Missing Green

For the first GOWL of 2012, I am going back to the Power Rangers! Today, I’m watching the episode “Missing Green” from the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (And every episode of Power Rangers is available on Netflix’s Watch Instantly!)

If you are a new reader or don’t remember me doing these sporadically last year, basically, I watch something geeky that appeals to me (frequently Power Rangers or something on Nickelodeon), recap it along with some pictures, and then provide an example of a weight loss analogy that is present somewhere within. Sometimes the analogies are easy and just fall in my lap. At other times, they have to be pried out, but either way, I try to make it work.

The Plot:

Red Ranger Jason is having difficulty concentrating as he practices for an upcoming martial arts tournament. However, his mind isn’t focused. Jason is having a lot of guilt because he feels it his fault that Tommy (the former Green Ranger) lost his powers.

His fellow Rangers decide to try and find Tommy so that Jason can know, for sure, that it wasn’t his fault.

Lord Zedd, of course, sends Goldar to capture the Ranger teens. Goldar is successful, and Lord Zedd now has what he needs to lure the Red Ranger into a trap.

Jason, alone, morphs, goes into battle, and ultimately succeeds in saving his fellow Rangers.

Better yet, Alpha uses the Command Center’s amazing technology to locate Tommy, where in a voiceover we learn that Tommy holds no ill will toward Jason and is totally okay. He’s also suspiciously wearing white instead of green. Could Tommy be planning to return as the White Ranger? Nah, that’s just hopeful thinking.

But Jason, self-esteem restored, goes to the tournament and wins.

The Analogy:

Yeah, this one is pretty easy. Jason’s performance in the beginning was impacted because his heart wasn’t in it. It took some soul searching and fighting with Goldar (and some technological stalking of Tommy) for Jason to regain his self-esteem. As soon as he did, he performed amazingly and placed first at the tournament.

How often have we let US get in the way of our self-esteem? Nothing change in Jason’s world from the beginning of this episode and the end. Tommy still isn’t a Ranger. All that Jason learned was that Tommy doesn’t hold the loss of his Ranger powers against him.

It really is true; you have to think well of yourself.

If your confidence is shot, then you will not do well.

If you have no self-esteem, then you will not perform.

If you think poorly of yourself, then you will fail.

I’ve come a long way in my journey, and I really do feel like this time, my head is where it needs to be for me to lose this weight. I got fat for a reason, and I stayed fat for a reason. And now, I’m losing weight for a reason.

Because I’m worth it.

But you can hear me say I’m worth it all day long. Are you worth it? And only you can answer that.

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