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An Open Letter to Four Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

Where is the time going?! You are four month old today! A third of a year has already gone since you’ve been here, and yet it both feels like you have been here forever and no time at all.

People tell me that you look just like me. Other people tell me you look just like Tina. To me, you just look like you. And you, dear sir, are adorable.


I’m sure all parents think their children are advanced, and your mom and I are no difference. One way that we suspect you are advanced is that you started the dreaded four month sleep regression a few weeks early. You’re definitely not sleeping through the night quite as well as you used to, and yet it’s kind of hard to be mad when you’re cooing and talking at us at 3 a.m.

You started rolling this month, even though you don’t really seem to enjoy doing it that month. You aren’t crawling just yet, but you sure can manage to scoot around in pretty much any position we put you in.

What else happened this month? You had your first Christmas! We took our first cheesy family Christmas card. This Christmas was fun, but I can only imagine how much fun next Christmas will be when you actually know what is going on.


This is also the month that we let you try “solid” food for the first time. Okay, it was pureed organic sweet potatoes mixed with a little breast milk, and yes, we were technically supposed to wait until you were four months old, but… c’mon, I think my parents fed me country ham when I was a month old.

You’ve inspired your mom and I to get healthier. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve had our slip ups, but there have been many times that thinking of you have helped us make better food choices or work out a little bit harder. It’s my hope that the only way you ever knew your dad was fat is by looking at old photos.

Is it possible that in just two months, you’ll be half a year old? Seriously, someone needs to make time slow down. It isn’t really supposed to go this fast, is it?

Moon Pie at Four months


For comparison, Moon Pie at Three months…


Two months…


And One month…


Growling (Seriously – it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard)
Sweet potatoes
Going bat crap crazy and crying (we hear this happens to a lot of babies in month 4 – feel free to advance right out of this stage, too)

Naps (How can my child dislike naps? You get that craziness from your mother.)
Being hungry (Your hunger tolerance lasts about three seconds. You get that from your dad.)

Mom & Dad

P.S. – We would have gotten a picture of you smiling, but see your likes – you were in a fussy mood and could not be consoled, so rather than keep taking pictures, we decided we’d just post a fussy baby pic so Mom could pick you up and love on you.
P.P.S. – You kept being fussy for a while longer.

Previous Updates
Three Months
Two Months
One Month

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An Open Letter to Three Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

You are three months old today! A quarter of a year! And most amazingly, you are becoming a little boy.

A month ago, you still felt like a newborn. Today, you are a baby with a personality and a smile that absolutely melts Daddy’s heart. You seem so much bigger! I don’t know where my little baby went, but I still love living with handsome little guy.

You changed homes during this month! We moved out of the house where we brought your home and started our family, and we’ve made this house our new home.

We had our first official family photos taken. (You were adorable.)

This is also the month where you got your first cold and stomach bug. The stomach bug is over, thankfully, but you’ve been sneezing and coughing for a week now. You’re being pretty good about it, but it sure makes Mom and Dad sad to see you wake yourself up coughing.

This is also the month where you got your first round of vaccines. You didn’t like them, but I think you took it better than we (especially Mom) did.

We have Christmas in a few days. Remember how we said we weren’t going to buy many gifts for you because you would just be three months old and not really know what was going on anyway?

Yeah, we didn’t stick to that at all. I’m sure each Christmas will be bigger than the last.

Moon Pie at Three Months

For comparison, Moon Pie at Two Months…

And One Month…


Flying like Superman
Christmas trees
Sitting in the Bumbo (at least for a while)
Being nakey


Being hot
Not being near Mom

Mom & Dad

Previous Updates – Two Months
One Month

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An Open Letter to Two Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

You are two months old today! It’s also Thanksgiving, and it goes without saying that we are so thankful for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives.

It feels like yesterday and forever ago since you were born.

You’ve grown so much! People still say they can’t believe how tiny you are, but I can’t help but remember how truly tiny you were when we were still in the hospital with you.

We love you so much more than I ever thought I could love anyone or anything. Now that I’m your dad, I’m realizing that if my parents loved me even a fraction of as much as I love you, I was loved so much more than I ever realized.

Your personality is really coming out now. I’ll never forget how my heart melted the first time you smiled for me. And now, you’ll practically smile on demand. And your coos! You coo all the time. There is no greater sound than happy baby coos.

This was the month where we took you to Day Care for the first time. This is also the month where we got to take you out of THAT day care and put you in a better day care near where we work. This means Mom will get to come breast feed you on her lunch break, and that’ll be better for the both of you.

This is the month where we learned about the dreaded Purple Period. From six weeks to eight weeks, you were one inconsolable Moon Pie from six p.m. until about bed time. Fortunately, you have definitely calmed down, and you are back to being our happy, smiley baby all the time.

We had your first Halloween in the last month.

Today, we’re having your first Thanksgiving.

And Mom has already dressed you up as a Polar Bear, but given this adorable smile, you seemed to like it.

Moon Pie at Two Months Old

(And for comparison, Moon Pie at One Month Old)

Napping in your boppy
Sitting up (with support)
The song Distance by Christina Perri (we put it on repeat in the car until you go to sleep, because it calms you down faster than anything)
Mom’s silly noises
Your new swing

Not being fed this very instant!
Tummy time (although you are learning to tolerate it)
Being alone

Upon making this list of dislikes, we’re realizing you’re a pretty happy baby, and for that, too, we are thankful.

Mom & Dad

P.S. – And because every Open Letter to Moon Pie has to have something a little embarrassing in it, I’ll close with this. When you fart, it sounds like a grown man. Seriously. Thunderous.

Previous Updates – One Month Old Moon Pie

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An Open Letter to One Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

Oh baby boy Logsdon. I mostly only call you Moon Pie here on the blog, because I don’t want you googling yourself when you are in your teens and discovering that your dad posted adorable half-naked baby pics of you on the internet.

Like this.

You have turned your mom and I into a family, and for that, we are so grateful.

For the next year (at least), we plan to post these monthly updates on the 22nd of each month.

At 3:37 a.m. exactly a month ago, you came screaming into the world.

I didn’t know how much a person could change in just one month.

We love you more than we know how to express.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am keeping a mental tally sheet of the nights you make me stay up until 2 a.m. because you don’t want to sleep, and when you are a teenager, you are getting those paid back, Mister. We’ll see how you like it when someone wakes you up right as you are trying to get to sleep and wants company until the wee hours. Yeah, we’ll see if you like it then.

But for now, we’ll happily put up with your unreasonable demands, because I just can’t say no to this face.

Moon Pie at One Month

Ceiling fans
Sam the Seahorse
The changing table (although this is a recent development, because for the first two and a half weeks of life, you hated it)
Mama’s boobs (they calm you down, fill your belly, and put you right to sleep – see, aren’t you glad I’m not using your real name on the blog? This will be embarrassing in a few years.)
Car rides
Being carried in the car seat
Being held (seriously – we’ve already created a monster. Lay you down and your eyes snap open.)

The hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. (as evidenced by your fussiness during these hours)
Dirty diapers
Socks (we assume, because you always kick them off)
Not being held

Mom & Dad

P.S. – And because every photo series needs a little bit of humor, we present to you Baby Plank before…

…and Baby Plank after…

P.P.S. – No babies were made fussy in the making of this plank.

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An Open Letter to Moon Pie #1

(For those not in the know, Moon Pie is the nickname we have given our unborn child. A lot of people do Bean or Monkey or something similar. Not us. We use a Big Bang reference.)

(Ultrasound early in pregnancy – he’s way bigger now, and we only have roughly two more months until his due date)


Dear Moon Pie,

This is the first letter that I have ever written you. I don’t know how old you will be when you first read this letter. My guess is that you’ll be somewhere in your teens.

It’s funny – even though I have not met you yet and have only see the little fuzzy black and white picture of you on the ultrasound, I feel like I know you so well.

Right now, only your mom can feel you moving around. I can’t wait until I get to feel you kick for the first time. But I know you are in there, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Obviously, by the time you are reading this, we’ve already met. I know we’re going to have a great relationship, and I want to be the best dad I can possibly be for you. I’m working as hard as I can to get healthy and fit, just so I’ll be here for as long as you need me.

I want to write these letters to you, before you’re born and as I watch you grow up into an amazing man, so you’ll know how I felt before you were officially here. If you really are reading these as a teenager, you probably think they’re pretty geeky, and let’s be honest – your old man is a geek. But someday, especially when you start your own family, you’ll understand why I’m doing this.

I can’t wait to hold you. I can’t wait to take you home and introduce you to our pets. I think Malcolm will especially like playing with you. I can’t wait to be your dad.

I hope you get the best of me and your mother. Her sciences, my literary. Her music, my math. Her direction sense, my love of the Power Rangers and horror movies. And there are a lot of things we share together, like passion, enthusiasm, and humor, and I’m sure you’ll take after both of us.

We made you together, and you are going to make us a family.

You haven’t even been born yet, and I’m sure you’re going to be an amazing big brother someday, a wonderful son, and one of the best people this world has ever seen.


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