Moon Pie

An Open Letter to Two Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

You are two months old today! It’s also Thanksgiving, and it goes without saying that we are so thankful for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives.

It feels like yesterday and forever ago since you were born.

You’ve grown so much! People still say they can’t believe how tiny you are, but I can’t help but remember how truly tiny you were when we were still in the hospital with you.

We love you so much more than I ever thought I could love anyone or anything. Now that I’m your dad, I’m realizing that if my parents loved me even a fraction of as much as I love you, I was loved so much more than I ever realized.

Your personality is really coming out now. I’ll never forget how my heart melted the first time you smiled for me. And now, you’ll practically smile on demand. And your coos! You coo all the time. There is no greater sound than happy baby coos.

This was the month where we took you to Day Care for the first time. This is also the month where we got to take you out of THAT day care and put you in a better day care near where we work. This means Mom will get to come breast feed you on her lunch break, and that’ll be better for the both of you.

This is the month where we learned about the dreaded Purple Period. From six weeks to eight weeks, you were one inconsolable Moon Pie from six p.m. until about bed time. Fortunately, you have definitely calmed down, and you are back to being our happy, smiley baby all the time.

We had your first Halloween in the last month.

Today, we’re having your first Thanksgiving.

And Mom has already dressed you up as a Polar Bear, but given this adorable smile, you seemed to like it.

Moon Pie at Two Months Old

(And for comparison, Moon Pie at One Month Old)

Napping in your boppy
Sitting up (with support)
The song Distance by Christina Perri (we put it on repeat in the car until you go to sleep, because it calms you down faster than anything)
Mom’s silly noises
Your new swing

Not being fed this very instant!
Tummy time (although you are learning to tolerate it)
Being alone

Upon making this list of dislikes, we’re realizing you’re a pretty happy baby, and for that, too, we are thankful.

Mom & Dad

P.S. – And because every Open Letter to Moon Pie has to have something a little embarrassing in it, I’ll close with this. When you fart, it sounds like a grown man. Seriously. Thunderous.

Previous Updates – One Month Old Moon Pie

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An Open Letter to One Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

Oh baby boy Logsdon. I mostly only call you Moon Pie here on the blog, because I don’t want you googling yourself when you are in your teens and discovering that your dad posted adorable half-naked baby pics of you on the internet.

Like this.

You have turned your mom and I into a family, and for that, we are so grateful.

For the next year (at least), we plan to post these monthly updates on the 22nd of each month.

At 3:37 a.m. exactly a month ago, you came screaming into the world.

I didn’t know how much a person could change in just one month.

We love you more than we know how to express.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am keeping a mental tally sheet of the nights you make me stay up until 2 a.m. because you don’t want to sleep, and when you are a teenager, you are getting those paid back, Mister. We’ll see how you like it when someone wakes you up right as you are trying to get to sleep and wants company until the wee hours. Yeah, we’ll see if you like it then.

But for now, we’ll happily put up with your unreasonable demands, because I just can’t say no to this face.

Moon Pie at One Month

Ceiling fans
Sam the Seahorse
The changing table (although this is a recent development, because for the first two and a half weeks of life, you hated it)
Mama’s boobs (they calm you down, fill your belly, and put you right to sleep – see, aren’t you glad I’m not using your real name on the blog? This will be embarrassing in a few years.)
Car rides
Being carried in the car seat
Being held (seriously – we’ve already created a monster. Lay you down and your eyes snap open.)

The hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. (as evidenced by your fussiness during these hours)
Dirty diapers
Socks (we assume, because you always kick them off)
Not being held

Mom & Dad

P.S. – And because every photo series needs a little bit of humor, we present to you Baby Plank before…

…and Baby Plank after…

P.P.S. – No babies were made fussy in the making of this plank.

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Week #1 Weigh-In

Tina and I both still have our birth stories to write about Moon Pie’s entry into our family. Those will be coming soon, but for today, I wanted to share my weight.

I am presenting my weight without judgment. In the weeks leading up to his birth and the two weeks AFTER his birth, my eating and exercise plans went straight out the window. Some aspects of his birth were a bit stressful, and I found myself eating for comfort on a few occasions. And after he was born and I found myself sleep deprived, I ended up eating a bit more than I might have otherwise.

So it’s not pretty. The weight is up. But it is what it is, and I’ve got this handsome little face to encourage me to keep losing weight. After all, I have to make sure I’m around long enough to take care of him.

Week #1
Date: October 6, 2012
Weight: 368.2
Change from Highest: -34.6 pounds

Weight is definitely up. A bunch. As in twentyish pounds over the last two months.

I often feel like a weight loss blogger failure, because my weight is all over the place. And yet, even though I have dabbled in it, I can’t make the shift away to just a fitness blogger, because I HAVE to lose weight, not just increase my fitness. I’m rebranding my weight loss to Week #1.

I have to get this ship going in the right direction.

I’m working on it, from a mental health standpoint.

Have I ever shared here that I used to work in mental health? I’ve got a degree in Psychology, more professional development trainings in counseling and mental health than I can count, and yet… when it comes to losing weight myself… I’m often a bit of a train wreck. Well, no longer. I am going to use the strategies that I have used with my clients in the past on myself.

I can do this.

I will do this.

I have to do this, because it’s not just about me anymore.

I have a family I have to protect.

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Moon Pie is here!

I really do hope to return to blogging. Tina and I both do.

But we’ve had a good reason for slipping away from it lately.

His name is Henry Jackson Logsdon, and he was born at 3:37 a.m. on September 22nd. This is probably the only time I’ll share his name on the blog, just because I don’t want him to google himself someday and discover that his parents blogged his every waking moment WITH his real name. So it’ll still be Moon Pie from here on out.

This was the first picture ever taken of our little man.

I always thought that newborn parents exaggerated how little sleep they got. Now, I realize that they were actually downplaying how little sleep they got.

We’re tired.

But we’re also very much in love with this little man, and every minute of lost sleep is so incredibly worth it.

I’m going back to Weight Watchers this Saturday. I am not going to lie. My weight is WAY up. We were in the hospital for about two days longer than we had planned (little guy had jaundice, so he was under the bili lights for a few days, and we had some other non-serious complications that just kept us there a bit). Still, my weight can go back down, and starting this Saturday, I’m reclaiming my healthy lifestyle.

Due to sleep exhaustion, I’m really not sure how long it will be before I’m able to give exercise the attention it deserves, because for now, baby Henry is occupying a lot of my time.

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No Baby Yet…

Dear Moon Pie, (a.k.a. The Post Where There’s No Baby Yet),

Your due date is September 12th (or 14th, depending upon whether we go by the calendar or your ultrasound). Today is September 9th. If you decide to be born today, that would make your birthday 9.9.12, which is a pretty awesome looking birthday. And it’s okay that it’s a little early. Your mother was born right on time, as was her brother, so showing up early is totally okay with us.

We’ve already taken our Final Date Night as Just the Two of Us. Twice. It might happen a few more times. We’re ready to make it official. Turn us from a duo into a trio. Anytime. We’re ready.

We’ve got your nursery completely set up. I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about it, so you already know that it’s in a robot theme. Your dad isn’t exactly an artist, but apparently, he’s pretty good at Photoshop, and I’ve made you some robot pictures of my favorite robots, Bender from Futurama, Crow and Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and R2D2 from Star Wars. They look pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


Your talented mother put up this awesome wall mural with your name and robot gears in it.


Your grandma bought you this crib. Your other grandma made you the blue and pink blanket, and your mother made you that really brightly colored robot blanket.


Heck, even your non-artistic/non-crafty dad is trying to make you a hat. (Don’t give me a hard time about playing with yarn, or you are already grounded, Mister.)


We went to Build-a-Bear, despite the fact that I said I would never do anything anywhere NEAR that lame, and we made you a dog, Charlie. And if you squeeze his left paw, you’ll get to hear what your heartbeat sounded like at a prenatal visit a few weeks ago. (And I fully intend to go back and buy you the Martial Artist bear this week, because we’re going to go take TaeKwonDo as soon as you’ve developed some neck strength, fine and gross motor control, and turn three or four.)


Heck, even Malcolm, officially the baby of the family, is ready to give up his title as Baby and wants to welcome you to the Logsdon Home.


Oh, and even though you have your very own room you can go chill out in when you want a break from Mom and Dad, we’ve got your co-sleeper ready to go in our bedroom. You know, so you can keep us company in there for the first few months, too.


I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that we are ready for you to come, so… if you’re hanging out because you think we’re not ready, well… we are. Any time. Mom will be induced if you aren’t here by September 25th (or 27th, depending upon which date our midwives use), so if you could show up before then, that would be awesome.

Seriously, though. We’re not doing anything this afternoon, so if you want to show up… that’s cool. But whatever. We know you’ll come on your own terms and when you are ready.

We just wanted to make sure you knew that we were ready, too, and we can’t wait to meet you.


P.S. – We’ll tell everyone your real name when you’re born. You won’t be Moon Pie forever, we promise.

P.P.S. – We’ve also got the Moon Pies ready to hand out instead of cigars when you are born. Just an FYI.


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