345: A Slow and Steady Weigh In

It took me a few days, but my physics diet average daily weight FINALLY dropped down to 345, and that means a new post!

I know that posting on Saturday usually means fewer people around to read it, but you know what, it’ll still be here Monday.

Weight loss is slow but steady, and you know what, I will happily take that. I’d love to know that I could consistently lose four pounds a week the way some people do, but it may just not be in the cards for me.

But even if I consistently lose one pound a week, that means I could still be at my arbitrary goal of 220 pounds in less than three years. Three years is a long time, but I plan on being on this planet for another fifty or sixty years, so what is three years?

I’m just following a general lower-calorie-increased-activity plan. I’m striving to eat 80% healthy. There are days when I eat 100% healthy. There are days when I eat 50% healthy. But if 80% of the food that passes my lips every day, then I’m not going to sweat the other 20%. Yes, I know that ideally, it should ALL be healthy, but it’s not going to be and that’s okay. And it gives me room to improve.

Goals are enjoyable, and they make me happy, especially when they are easily, quickly accomplished. I’m going to start giving myself a few goals to accomplish before I reach each new pound. And my next goal:

I want to have at least ONE day that is 100% healthy before I reach 344.

That means only ONE day of no splurges, no less-than-perfect food choices, one day of perfection. Not a lifetime, not even a week. Just one day. It can be done.

Exercise is still going fantastically. I did cardio today, and Tina and I will hit the free weights tomorrow.

How is your weekend going?

Oh, and in other news, an internal link roundup.

I’ve finally started my cooking blog! The address is Please bookmark or add this blog to your blog reader and follow my cooking exploits!

And I have also started a travel blog called The Window Seat. I don’t get to travel very much, but I thought it would be fun to have a little infrequently-updated blog on the internet that has tons of my photos and a detailed journal of what happened, if for no other reason than so Tina and I will remember later. So far, I’ve only posted about the first day of our Antigua honeymoon (along with some pics) but the other seven days are coming soon! And again, please bookmark and follow.

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An On-Like-Donkey-Kong Weigh-In

An On-Like-Donkey-Kong Weigh-In

October 27, 2010
Weight: 343.0
Change from Last Weigh-In: -0.9 pounds
Change from All-Time High: -59.8 pounds

Small loss, but I’m not surprised. I’m also not going to do a happy jig, because I realize that 0.9 pounds is truly nothing. That’s about a quarter of a percent of what I weigh. Not significant.

But at the same time, I’m not beating myself up. I’ve done that for too long.

Instead, as evidence in the title, this next week is On Like Donkey Kong.

And yes, I realize that made me very, very uncool to actually say that phrase, but it is what it is.

Tina and I have been talking, and we’re both just terribly unmotivated. The wedding at least motivated us to work out, even if the weight loss was minimal. We have so many things that we want to do together, and a healthy lifestyle fits in with every single one of them. And for a few of them, I wouldn’t want to do it without being healthy.

I don’t want to be a fat dad. I still have time to avoid this entirely, because (planned) babies are still a few years off.

I want to grow old with Tina. Still decades left to accomplish this, but I need to make sure I’m around to see those decades.

And superficially, we want to be smoking hot the next time we go to the beach! Tina already is smoking hot in my eyes, but I can definitely stand to lose some weight. Well over one hundred pounds. Maybe even 150ish. I don’t know if I’ll ever have six pack abs or tight skin on my midsection, but I sure as heck want to try. And besides, washboard abs may not be possible, but frickin’ huge guns are completely within my realm of possibility.

More facts coming soon, by the way. I still have almost sixty facts to write just to catch up.

And in other news, I’ve started a new blog.

It’s called The Folder. I won’t be updating it nearly as often as this blog, I’m sure, as it exists to chronicle my various submissions and ultimate rejections and acceptances (hopefully more of the latter, but let’s be realistic) as I try to become published. So far, I’ve only written two posts – the first is a welcome post, and the second is about my latest short story submission.

Welcome to the Folder
Story Submission: The Shifter

I also have a cooking blog in the works that I hope will go live this weekend.

And lastly, it would be great if you could swing by Tina’s new blog, Martha Wannabe! Tina is a crafty, kitchen-y, creative person, and this blog is going to be all about that. I have my own wedding post coming very soon, but her first post was all about our wedding, including pictures. So if you would be so kind, swing by her blog and show her some love!

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