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2012 in Review

The year is coming to a close.


I did not meet my 2012 Resolutions. Not by a long shot.

But regardless, this was the BEST year of my life, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

In January, we found out we were expecting Moon Pie. I’m pretty sure the date was January 3rd. Regardless, this set the tone for the rest of the year.

We went to the Fur Ball, an annual tradition for us. This is a local gala-fundraiser that the Warren County Humane Society hosts every January. We went to the 1st Fur Ball on our 2nd date, and we’ve gone every year since then. We’re both big animal lovers, so this is a nice tradition for us.

In February, I posted about Garbage Pail Kids, a blast of nostalgia that will definitely be coming up again on this blog as I explore nostalgia through my weight loss (more on that soon).

On leap day, I received a letter from the future. Good times.

In March, we announced on the blog that we were having a baby, christened Moon Pie on the blog. We announced his existence with a faux horror movie trailer.

I got to speak to Ken Sagoes of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4 fame. That was definitely a very cool experience for this horror geek.

During April, I had my 34th birthday! I think this is the year I officially entered mid-30s. In my mind, I’ll be mid-30s until I hit 38 in the year 2016. I also posted some things I am grateful for.

I shared my desire to become fitness-model hot.

In May, we went on our Babymoon in San Diego. Those picture posts are still being posted.

June was a busy month of posting, but not much really happened. The same through July and August, as work started to pick up with the upcoming fall semester starting.

September was a HUGE month. Our baby was born. I still haven’t shared his birth story yet, and I fully intend to, but let me just say this was a huge factor in making this year incredible. I can’t even remember who I was before this little man joined our family.

In October and November, we started looking for a new house, which we finally found and closed on in late November. We moved in throughout December, and finally, we are (almost completely) settled in as the year draws to a close!

I’ll share a photo post of our new home in the coming weeks.

2012 was a great year. We had a baby and moved into a new house. (Anyone want to buy the old one?)

I hope your 2012 was as good as mine, and I hope 2013 is just as memorable. I’ll be posting my thoughts for 2013 tomorrow!

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Beginning a New Workout Regime

What I Miss About the Gym

One thing I miss about going to the gym is that there were classes I could attend, and if I wasn’t there when the class started (or even earlier to get a spot), I didn’t get in.

If Zumba was at 5, I had to be there at 5. If Yoga Weight Loss started at 7, I knew I had to be out the door at 6:30.

I no longer have a gym membership, and I am completely fine with that. While I enjoyed lifting weights, I do not believe that a gym is required. I know some people find working out with others motivating, but I don’t. Frankly, I was happiest at the gym on those rare Saturday afternoons when I would go in and be the only person there. As a result, I decided to save the $65 a month and work out from home.

Unfortunately, that pre-set class time apparently provided me with a bit more motivation than I realized. So how can I reclaim that at home? Several bloggers have written about following along with a DVD workout series, and it seems that it provides them with motivation to stick to their workouts.

DVD Workouts

I have TONS of DVD workouts, including a few programs. I have P90X, RevAbs, and Body Revolution, among others. Yes, I am well aware that I own THREE intense workout programs and I haven’t done more than a single workout or two. Well, that needs to change, so I’m starting one of these series.

I adore Jillian Michaels. I know some bloggers think she is a sellout, but I think she’s awesome. She’s the right mix of motivation and yelling for me. So, for the next 90 days, I am scheduling a workout at 8:30 every night to have my butt kicked by Jillian through Body Revolution.

I actually started the program on Saturday, so I’ve already done my first two workouts. Today is a cardio day, and I look forward to seeing if her cardio workout is as challenging as her 1st two weight workouts.

The Holiday Trifecta

But the holiday trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is coming up!

Every year, I gain weight over the trifecta. Every… single… year…

I plan for 2012 to be different. I want to lose weight.

I am not following the Body Revolution diet plan, but I am going to continue going to Weight Watchers, count my points, and eat real food. The Trifecta isn’t going to tear me down this year. I’m going to go into the holidays armed and dangerous for weight loss.

Future Plans

I plan to blog once every two weeks about the program, as that is how often the program changes. The first two weeks seem easy enough, but I’ve looked ahead, and I know there are going to be some modifications that will need to be made. I’m totally okay with that. My right knee is a cartilage nightmare, and my flexibility rivals that of uncooked spaghetti. But I also anticipate that the next 90 days will bring a lot of welcome changes to my body. I can’t wait to see what I look like on January 5th!

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Thriller Movie Review: Identity

For the next few weeks here, on my Sunday horror/thriller movie weight loss review series, I plan to alternate A Nightmare on Elm Street film with a non-ANOES film. Last week, I did the original Nightmare. Today, I’m reviewing a very underrated thriller, Identity.

Identity has a great ending, and I am going to purposefully avoid spoiling the ending for you. If you like thrillers, you will enjoy this, I promise.


Identity is a film split up into two different settings that take place simultaneously. In one setting, we have a late night hearing where a psychiatrist, Dr. Mallick, is presenting new evidence to save serial killer Malcolm Rivers from execution. Although his prisoner has not yet arrived, the hearing begins, with Dr. Mallick presenting new evidence that shows why Malcolm committed the murders.

In the other setting, we have eleven strangers who are trapped at a remote desert motel during a raging storm.

Two of those strangers are a cop and the prisoner he is transporting. The others include a newlywed couple (who don’t really seem to like each other that much), a family with a young boy (with the mother at death’s door due to being struck by a car), an 80s TV actress and her limo driver, the motel owner, and an ex-prostitute who is heading to Florida to start a new life.

The group realizes they are going to have to spend the night at this motel. This is especially unsettling for Caroline, an 80s TV actress who is trying desperately to reclaim her lost fame and finds herself too good to stay in such a dingy motel. She bribes the desk clerk for the nicest room, although in this motel that’s meaningless, but before everyone can settle down for the night, she is the first to be killed. Obviously, the prisoner is blamed, but he can’t be questioned, because he has escaped.

But then, the first twist of the evening occurs. The prisoner is found brutally murdered as well. The bodies keep piling up, leading to a shocking twist for everyone involved, including the murderer.

Weight Loss Takeaway

There is an analogy that I could make by spoiling the ending, but I’m not going to do that. This movie is too incredible not to enjoy in its entirety, ending intact, if you haven’t already seen it.

Instead, I’m going to focus on our first murder victim, Caroline.

She lived in the past. She had success in the 80s as a TV actress, but the last two decades have not been kind to her. She’s washed up, a has-been, and she wants nothing more than to become a star again.

Unfortunately, rather than acting like she has class, she is an adult brat. She bosses people around. She makes it very clear that she sees herself as better than the others in this same situation.

I’ve gotten stuck in the past sometimes, too. I occasionally focus on what could have been, not what is.

I got down to 250 in 2007. If I had kept with it, I could easily be four years at goal by now. Instead, I’m back up over 350.

But unlike Caroline, I don’t plan to live there. I look back more than I should, but I’m keeping my eyes forward. A bright, healthier future awaits me. Heck, a healthier present is here right now, at least mentally.

And I’m definitely watching out for the killer.

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Stellar Review: Lost River Pizza Company

This post feels more like a restaurant meal in photos post, and it really is (although VERY photo-light), but I haven’t cooked anything that I felt was worth documenting in photos this week.

Saturday night, Tina and I were invited to go to Lost River Pizza here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as one of her best friend’s fiancée was performing live that night.

Lost River Pizza is a small pizza place that has live music a few nights a week.

Saturdays are my weigh-in day, so I had plenty of points for the week, but I wanted to eat sensibly but enjoy myself. So, rather than order the super thick deep dish cheeseburger with bacon pizza, we decided to share a thin-crust Margherita pizza.

And the verdict?

*drool sounds*

Oh, it was so good. I don’t know what cheese or spice blend they use, but it was amazingly good. And honestly – I think I like their thin crust more than their deep dish.

I realize that the only people who read my blog in Bowling Green are probably people who I already know, but if you are a Bowling Green person who I don’t know (or are in the area), check out Lost River Pizza. Amazingly, unbelievably good.

I’ll be reviewing them again. Their food is just too tasty not to enjoy more than once.

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Horror Movie Weight Loss Review: The Sixth Sense

Last week, the horror movie was a little unusual and a lot dark. This week, my Horror Movie Weight Loss Review selection is, by most horror fans definitions, not a horror movie at all. It’s a thriller at best. And as a horror purist, I agree with this definition. It’s a thriller, but regardless, it is an excellent movie, and that’s how it find its place here on this list.

The movie for this week is The Sixth Sense. I’m going to mention the twist at the end, so if you are somehow in the dark about this movie AND think you may want to watch it, you should probably stop reading.


Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a talented child psychologist, has just returned home with his wife from an awards dinner where he was presented with a prestigious award. However, their celebration quickly turns, when a patient, Vincent, from Dr. Crowe’s past reveals himself, standing in their bathroom with a gun. After a rant about how Dr. Crowe couldn’t save him, he shoots Dr. Crowe in the stomach and then kills himself.

Months later, Dr. Crowe takes on a new client, a young boy named Cole. Cole is an extreme introvert, and Dr. Crowe sees a lot of Vincent in Cole, and he is determined to not lose Cole in the same way that he lost Vincent. Dr. Crowe also realizes he and his wife are growing distant, so as he tries to help Cole, he also tries to repair his marriage.

Cole’s stresses that resulted in him needed a psychologist are the result of a unique gift that Cole possesses. He has the ability to see dead people. The dead walk the Earth, and most don’t even know they are dead. Worse than just being able to see them, they are actually able to physically harm Cole. Eventually, Dr. Crowe gains Cole’s trust, and Cole shares his secret with him.

Initially unbelieving, Dr. Crowe comes to believe Cole’s story, and he suggests to Cole that perhaps if he attempted to help the dead who came to him instead of just fleeing from them, he might find peace. That night, the ghost of a young girl visits Cole. With Dr. Crowe by his side, Cole journeys by bus to the girl’s house, where her wake is taking place. The girl leads Cole to his bedroom, where he finds a box containing a videotape. Cole gives the box to the girl’s father, who watches the tape during the wake. He finds that before her death, she filmed her mother feeding her poison. With this known, the young girl can be at peace.

Cole begins to make friends and even has enough self-esteem to be in the school play. Realizing that his work with Cole is done, Dr. Crowe says goodbye to him. It is at this point that the audience learns that Dr. Crowe did not survive the shooting by Vincent. Dr. Crowe has been dead. He makes peace with his wife by speaking to her while she was sleeping, realizing that her growing distance with him had been a result of his death and not that they were merely growing apart.

Weight Loss Analogy

Dr. Crowe didn’t know he was dead for the entire movie. For that matter, the viewer didn’t know that he was dead. If you watch the movie knowing that he is dead, you can tell that he doesn’t interact with anyone other than Cole. You see him in scenes with his wife, but she is distant and unspeaking. If you don’t know the story, it appears she is mad at him. Knowing that he is actually dead, it instead appears as a widow who is deeply grieving her lost husband.

He was so focused on helping Cole, he didn’t notice ANYTHING else in his life. Now perhaps this is because he was a ghost and things are just different when you are a ghost, but regardless – he even viewed things differently. Every time he tried to open the basement door, the door was always locked and he presumably had to go find a key to let himself in. When he discovers that he is dead, he sees the truth. His wife has moved an end table in front of the door. That was what blocked him from entering the basement.

How often do we get like this in our weight loss efforts? I know I have certainly become so focused on seeing the numbers on the scale move that I lose sight of EVERYTHING else. I don’t focus on how well I’m eating. I don’t focus on how strong my body is becoming. I don’t focus on the wonderful relationships or various blessings I have in my life.

My takeaway from The Sixth Sense? Don’t become too single-minded on weight loss. It’s just a PART of your life. It isn’t your whole life, and it isn’t who you are.

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