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Good Rule #2 – Think Through the Workout

I have a match-up of videos to share about, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Instead, I had a burst of knowledge appear in my head today, and I have to share it. It helped me out immensely today; I hope it will help me out in the future, and if it helped me out, it might help someone else out, too.

The new rule I’ve found?

Think through the workout.

I came home from work exhausted. Not mentally but physically.

Mentally I was fine, but I was tired.

I came very close to just counting my calories for the day, sitting at my desk and working on my homework, and going to bed. No exercise.

But then I stopped and thought, “Imagine how good you will feel on Monday if you step on the scale and it shows another two pound loss.”

“Imagine how good you would feel if you just decided to put on your sneakers, strap on your heart rate monitor, and worked out for an hour.”

I thought through my workout.

By which I mean… I ignored the workout itself, and I focused on the good that would come from it.

The first five minutes were a little tough, but before I knew it, fifty minutes had passed, I completed one of my bracket’s videos, and my exercise for the day was finished.

Next time I am struggling to get the motivation to workout, I’m going to focus on the small immediate good that will come from my workout.

Picturing myself thin at 180 doesn’t always work. That’s too far away, and I’ve never been there, so I can’t visualize it.

But picturing myself standing on the scale Monday morning and seeing a 2 pound loss… that’s easy. I’ve done that before.

And with today’s workout done, I’m one step closer to doing it again.

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