Home Depot x3, Baby Gates, & No Exercise


Breakfast – green juice, oatmeal with 1/2 banana and 1 T. peanut butter

Lunch – pork loin, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli

Dinner – grilled ham and cheese sandwich, 1 servings of Fritos, cherries, pluot

Before I dive into what today consisted of, let me hit my (far-too-many-apparently) goals.


Goals for Tuesday, July 9th

  1. Eat at least five servings of veggies.
    • Well, if you factor in the green juice, then yes.  Otherwise, no, not quite.
  2. Drink 190 ounces of water.
    • Nope.  I hit around 100 ounces, nowhere near close enough.
  3. Do Week #1, Workout #1 of Body Revolution.
    • Nope.  Not even a tiny bit.
  4. Catch up on all of my grading for summer term.
    • Another success!  Of course, I collected new things today that need to be graded, but I’ll do that on Thursday.
  5. Write 1,000 words (minimum) on my novel.
    • Yeah, this didn’t happen.  Today was just too busy, and I’m afraid this took low priority.


Ugh, today was a trainwreck.  I am going to celebrate the small and point out that my food, at least, was fine.

We have a baby who has learned to crawl at break-neck speeds.  Seriously; if we put this baby in a marathon, he’d be outpacing your average Kenyan.

This isn’t unusual.  All babies go from paperweight to mobile seemingly overnight.  What makes our situation slightly more difficult is that our living room is sunken, which in our house means there are THREE steps out of it that a baby can fall off of.  Worst yet, we have a hearth that is about eight inches high (made of brick) that our little guy is obsessed with.

Bricks and baby heads are not a good mix.

As I said yesterday, we got baby gates at Essex yesterday.  I personally feel that home improvement projects should only be undertaken on the weekends, but Tina wanted to get started.

Another side note – I am the 1950s house wife in this relationship and Tina is the handy one.  Seriously; if she could find a tutorial on Pinterest, the woman could build the Taj Mahal.  So she got started putting up baby gates.

So while I’m doing my thing in the kitchen (FYI – I embrace my role as the cook of the family), Tina is working on putting up baby gates.  She quickly realized that we needed materials we did not have, so all three of us headed to Home Depot and got everything we thought we would need.

As soon as we start to install the first baby gate (by attaching it to the masonry of the hearth), I break the only appropriately-sized masonry drill bit.  (I was drilling because it needed a little more muscle, and while Tina may do more home-projecty things than me, I am at least stronger, dang it.)  At this point, I head back to Home Depot to get another masonry drill bit.

This time… success!  We got our first baby gate installed!  (And it only took two hours total.  Ugh.)


Tina starts working on the second gate.  It’s problematic because it is isn’t going in a standard door frame.  It’s go to cover a 102” gap.  We have the gate; we just have to be a little creative in getting it set up.  We get it marked; we have our anchors.

And we quickly realize that our screws won’t work.  We need flat-head screws.


At this point, it’s 8:30.  Little guy is cranky and ready for bed; I want to get done, so I head back to Home Depot to get the right screws.  I get back home, it’s 9:07, and we ultimately decide to call the day a wash and go relax in bed.

So basically… we burned up our entire evening and only got 1/3 of what we wanted to accomplish done.  And worse yet, we did not have time to exercise.

Baby gates are going on the back burner until the weekend.  (The hearth one was our greatest concern, so I’m glad it is up.)  Tomorrow, we ARE exercising.  The end.

As a result, I am setting one goal for tomorrow.

Goal for July 10th

Exercise! (Preferably Body Revolution.)

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First Weigh-In of 2013

Hmm… I need to kick it into a higher gear if I have any chance of winning Roni’s Diet Bet!

January 5, 2013
Weight: 376.2
Change from Last Week: -1.0
Change from Highest: -26.6 pounds


Still rocking the Green Ranger shirt. I have 6.2 pounds to go before I get a new dork shirt to wear to weigh-in, and I’ve already bought it from ShirtPunch.

So, I lost a pound. Down, admittedly, but not as much as I’d want.

I definitely need to up my exercise. That will help. I’ve now doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, and I feel confident that will help me lose a bit more. Tina is doing C25K, and even though I’m not comfortable hitting the pavement at my weight, I’m doing my own modified version in the house. (Rather than jog, I’m basically doing stairs for the jogging portion. It’s definitely getting my heart rate up, which is going to increase my leg strength and my cardio endurance for when I am light enough to be able to run.)

One thing I am doing differently this week is pre-tracking my food. Every night, I go to WeightWatchers.com and enter what I suspect I’ll eat the next day. (I’m a little OCD about planning dinner, so that’s already decided. I just have to decide what I’ll have for lunch and dinner.) I purposefully leave some of my points unaccounted for, because I know I may not eat exactly what I’ve got planned. I’m obviously allowed to deviate. In fact, I did that today. I was supposed to eat oatmeal, but instead, I chose to eat a ham and cheese sandwich.

Right now, it is helping me because I know how much food I planned to eat, and if I’m eating off of my meals, I know how much of a cushion I have. That also helps me decide if I need to eat it or not.

Just last night, I thought I would have a green smoothie before bed. This is obviously a healthy food, and I even had the points for it. However, before I started pulling the ingredients out, I objectively assessed my hunger. I wasn’t hungry; I’d rather not use those points than just eat them because they were there.

I want a bigger loss next week. A pound is nice. Two is better.

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Using the Wii to Rebuild Cardio Endurance

I took several unexpected weeks off when we bought our new house.

Have you ever tried to keep up an exercise routine while you are moving?

It’s tough. I won’t say it’s impossible, but I will say that I didn’t do it.

I could feel my cardio endurance slipping away. Our new home is two stories. I realized after we were in the midst of moving in that I would feel a bit winded, just climbing to the second story.

Exercise is definitely key to my feeling of well-being. And unfortunately, I just let it drift away.

Now I know that muscle memory will definitely bring it back quickly, but it requires effort to bring it back.

And unfortunately, just as I had once been in the habit of exercising, I had quickly gotten into the habit of NOT exercising.

I knew I didn’t have the stones to do a real Jillian Michaels workout as soon as I reclaimed my healthy lifestyle. I would have to build up to it.

Cardio felt like the best way to do it, but I also wanted it to be fun. After all, I had to both get back into the exercise habit AND build up my endurance again.

I chose to use the Wii to do it, and for the past week, I rebuilt my cardio strength with Just Dance 2 and 3.

If you aren’t familiar with the Wii, Just Dance is a game series of popular Top 40’s-esque songs (and a few other random songs I have NEVER heard before). You have an Avatar on screen, and you mirror his or her moves. It keeps track of your movements, rewarding you with points as you dance.


It’s a surprisingly tough workout! Best yet, it’s fun, so I’m able to pop it in and quickly do a 30 minute workout without even realizing it!

After just one day, I felt my cardio endurance returning. A few days later, I pretty much felt like my old self again. And best yet, I feel like I have reclaimed my exercise habit. Hopefully, this time it won’t leave again.

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Body Revolution #2 Weigh-In

I weigh in on Saturdays at Weight Watchers. I had planned to consistently post my weigh-in each Wednesday.

Well, that hasn’y happened, so I’m just going to say that I plan to weigh in SOMETIME during the week. And because I missed last week, I owe you two weigh-ins this week.

Date: October 20, 2012
Weight: 366.2
Change from Last Week: -1.0 pounds
Change from Highest: -36.6 pounds

Date: October 27, 2012
Weight: 365.0
Change from Last Week: -1.2 pounds
Change from Highest: -37.8 pounds

Is a pound a week game changing?


Is it sustainable? Am I losing weight?


So therefore, I’ll take it. I AM about to start chiseling away at my points. I’m being MUCH more careful with my fruits, but I’m probably still take in too many calories. I’m going to shave two points off per day next week and see if it makes a difference.

Part of it may be (seriously) that I’ve put on a touch of muscle with Body Revolution. I’ve definitely toned up. I can feel more strength in my legs, and I can feel a big change in my biceps (underneath the fat that coats them).

I write this, having finished Weeks 1 and 2 of Body Revolution, and I have a big change to my workout that I must make.

The first two weeks started off tough but doable. By the end of week two, they were, dare I say it, easy.

That said, I tried Workout #3, and I had to make so many modifications, I am not comfortable progressing.


I am not throwing in the towel, but I am also not proceeding with her schedule. And yet, workouts 1 and 2 are now a bit too easy for me. So, my game plan?

I’m going to do them each once a week at a higher intensity (all challenging moves, heavier weights, et cetera), and I am going to do two body weight workouts on my own. I like the progress I am making and I want to keep moving forward, but my body needs more than Workouts 1 and 2 but it isn’t ready yet for Workouts 3 and 4.

It sucks. I wish I was more fit. But I’m not quitting. I’m just going more slowly than some people.

One aspect of Body Revolution that I do get to keep doing for two more weeks?

Cardio 1.

Holy crap. Jillian Michaels is an evil monster (and I love her for it).

This is truthfully the hardest 30 minutes of cardio I have EVER done.

I’ll be honest; it’s a little boring. But it is NOT easy.

Especially suicides. If that didn’t send my psyche screaming back to 8th grade PE, nothing will.

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Body Revolution #1 Weigh-In

Yeah, I should have posted this on Wednesday, but with a newborn (and my sloppy blogging skills anyway), I often don’t quite manage to make that happen. Whoops.

Date: October 13, 2012
Weight: 367.2
Change from Last Week: -1.0 pounds
Change from Highest: -35.6 pounds

It’s not really where I want it, but it’s down, so I’ll take it!

I always wonder if I am eating too much on Weight Watchers. I’m going to give it another week. If I do not lose at least two pounds this week, I am going to start chiseling away at my daily point target (you are allowed to do that on PointsPlus) until I am consistently losing two pounds per week.

I’m a big guy. I’m working out hard. This is very doable.

So, how is Body Revolution going so far?

I have not yet had to modify any exercises, so I am excited about that.

I am also still in Workouts #1 and #2 of Phase #1, so it makes sense that these workouts are the easiest.

This is why I am excited about this, though.

Back in the summer, when I was going through my artificial sweetener withdrawal, my joints ached so badly that I could barely exercise at all. Anything more strenuous than walking in the pool was painful.

Now that I am finished with my withdrawal (it took about three-ish months), I am able to do exercises that are weight-bearing on my joints. I can do the pushups on my knees. I can do the bird dog (she calls it table, but regardless, you are putting weight on your knees). I can get up and down from the floor with relative ease to switch positions.

I am thrilled!

One thing I will say about Jillian’s video – she uses PRETTY people for her workouts. These people are freaking fit.

One of her athletes is named Kenta Seki. He has an amazing body.

I want to be Kenta Seki when I grow up.

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