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Super Sentai, Plumbing, and Body Revolution


Breakfast – oatmeal with blueberries, 1 egg white

Lunch – pork loin, cucumber, tomatoes

Snack – tuna salad in romaine leaf, pluot, green juice

Dinner – bacon cheeseburger on whole wheat bun, baked home fries, pluot

Today was supposed to be a Dudes’ Day with little guy, but he had to go to day care because I had far too many errands to run.  My day started off getting the oil changed in our car.  We were about 2,000 miles overdue, and our weekends have just been too busy lately.

We are in the process of selling a house and have a few minor plumbing problems that need to be fixed.  Again, as previously noted here and elsewhere, I have zero home improvement skills, so we hired a plumber to be sure it is done correctly.  (FYI – if you live in the Bowling Green/Nashville/Knoxville area, I cannot recommend Hiller Plumbing enough.  We are super pleased with their work.)  I am very happy to get this house-selling process finished so the new owners can get their keys and move in (and I can stop paying on two mortgages!).  This is what occupied the majority of my afternoon.

This also meant I was late coming home from work, and I’m not going to lie… It would have been SUPER easy to have blown off exercising, yet again.

However, we didn’t.  We ate a light snack, let little guy roam around us while we did it (because he loses his ever-lovin’ mind if we put him in his playpen), and got it done!  Woo hoo!  My only goal for the day accomplished!

I am very excited to weigh in on Saturday; despite not working out much, my eating has been great.  I feel pretty excited and hopeful about stepping on the scale.

I did a bit of grocery shopping this morning.  I like to go to the grocery early in the morning because you can often find clearance meats.  For people trying to eat healthy AND on a budget, meats that are almost ready to expire is a great find.  So long as you use or freeze them immediately, no problem!

IMAG0233  IMAG0239

This puts my July (and weekly) food budget at $95.81.  On the plus side, I got a LOT of meat.  I also picked up some veggies.  I wanted to wait for Saturday to get them at Farmer’s Market, but I am fresh out of cucumbers and tomatoes.  Since they are one of the only vegetables I enjoy eating, I try to keep them on hand.

When I was buying groceries today, the young kid ringing me up commented on my Green Ranger shirt, saying, “That is the most bad-A shirt I have ever seen.”  It really is; I thanked him for it.

He then said, “Weird question, but are you into just Power Rangers or do you know anything about Super Sentai?”

He is my people; I love Super Sentai.  If you don’t know what it is, then congratulations – you are not a MegaDork®.  I am a MegaDork®, and I know that Super Sentai is essentially literally Japanese Power Rangers.  Every iteration of Power Rangers in America began life as Japanese Power Rangers.

I remarked, “Huge fan.  I can’t wait for Gokaiger to be adapted.”


Gokaiger really was a cool series; every sentai has a theme (dinosaurs, cars, ninjas, birds, treasure hunters, et cetera).  Gokaiger’s theme was pirates.  It was a landmark series for Super Sentai – their 35th anniversary and it will be America Power Rangers’ 20th anniversary.  I won’t geek out any more than this, but I’ll just say it was pretty cool finding another Super Sentai fan in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  If he hadn’t been like seventeen years old, I probably would have asked if we could be best friends.  Not that I’m opposed to befriending seventeen year olds necessarily, but 35 year olds asking to watch Japanese t.v. with minors is how you end up on the news.

That pretty much sums up my day!

I have to say – this daily blogging thing really is helping hold me accountable.  I think if I hadn’t made a promise to be honest here on my blog and didn’t have to let anyone know that I blew off my workout (again), I would have.  Instead, I worked out.

Obviously, the honesty is a big part of it, but for now, in the early stages of this Project: Weight Loss that I am on, I’m happy to have this level of accountability!

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Chocolate Green Juice, Dude Day, and a New Baby


Breakfast – oatmeal with blueberries, 2 slices of bacon, green juice

Lunch – pork loin, cucumber, tomato, pluot

Snack – tuna salad (made with 1 T. mayo and mustard, dill pickle) in romaine leaf, 1 serving of fritos, iced coffee (sweetened with raw milk and stevia)

Dinner – lean ham, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots

I made the decision today to start doing my green juice first thing in the morning.  I have been doing it before bed, but it energizes me, and it makes sense to drink it in the morning so I have the boost all day.

So, why green juice?  Frankly, I hate vegetables.  Except for tomatoes, cucumbers, and the starchy veggies (potatoes, peas, corn), I eat vegetables because they are good for me.  Right now, I NEVER crave veggies.  I eat them solely for health benefits.  Drinking a shot of green juice (I buy it in powder form) is a way for me to ensure that I get at least my five servings in, regardless of how many veggies I actually eat.

Right now, I prefer this one.  (FYI – the link is an affiliate link with Amazon.)


Don’t get me wrong – the “cacao chocolate infusion” will never trick anyone into thinking they are drinking hot chocolate, but it definitely hides the flavor of greens (which I, unfortunately, do not like).

In other news… I teach at WKU, which means I have summers (mostly) off.  I do teach on Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, but that means I am home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  As a result, that means I get to keep little guy home with me!  I really enjoy our Dude Days together, even though he is going through a growth spurt right now which means LOTS of eating and LOTS of naps.


And when he naps… I sometimes nap.  This is a habit I definitely need to break before I go back to my regular full-time job in August.  I won’t be able to take a nap three days a week.  Still… I’m definitely well-rested this summer.  Today’s nap helped get some of the back pain tinge gone.  Mucho better, but still not 100%.  I suspect tomorrow I’ll be back in action.

We spent the day (when not napping) watching Power Rangers Operation Overdrive on Netflix.


It’s not my favorite season by a long shot (granted, I’m only 6 episodes into this season), but I’m working my way through all of the seasons in anticipation of Power Rangers Super Megaforce’s huge 20 year anniversary season next year.

Sorry, you knew I was a dork, right?

In other news, Tina’s brother and his wife had their baby today!  For privacy, I won’t mention the baby’s name here, but I’ll share this photo and say that Mom, Dad, big brother, and baby are all doing well.


Unfortunately, the trip to see the baby (and subsequent shopping trip to Essex to secure a cheap baby gate [Success!  We got two for under $35!]) meant we got home VERY late.  As a result… no Body Revolution tonight.  On the plus side, at least my eating was good today.

I have decided to implement Daily Goals.  I think they’ll help me stay on track.  After all, if you write down what you want to accomplish, you are much more likely to accomplish it!

Goals for Tuesday, July 9th

  1. Eat at least five servings of veggies.
  2. Drink 190 ounces of water.
  3. Do Week #1, Workout #1 of Body Revolution.
  4. Catch up on all of my grading for summer term.
  5. Write 1,000 words (minimum) on my novel.

These seem to be doable goals to me.  Let’s see how tomorrow goes!

How do you plan for success?

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36 Things Before 36

It’s my birthday, y’all!

You know how some people are all depressive about it and hope someone mentions it’s their birthday?

Not me! It’s my birthday!


I am 35 today.

As I figure it, I’m roughly one third of the way finished. (Seriously – I’ve had three close relatives live to be over 100 years old, and they died back in the 1980s. Given today’s medical technology, 105 should be a piece of cake.)

Last year, I posted a list of 35 Things to Do Before I Turned 35. I think I did roughly… one and a half of them.

Regardless, I’m making a new list. It’s like New Year’s Resolutions, but specifically for me. After all, this is MY New Year. These are all things I want to accomplish before I turn 36.

1. Get down to 350 pounds.
2. Get down to 340 pounds.
3. Get down to 330 pounds.
4. Get down to 320 pounds
5. Get down to 310 pounds.
6. Get down to 300 pounds.
7. Get down to 290 pounds.
8. Get down to 280 pounds.
9. Get down to 270 pounds.
10. Get down to 260 pounds.
11. Get down to 250 pounds.

I initially thought about making this one goal (get down to 250), which IS achievable in a year. However, I’d rather have small milestones to celebrate all year, and ten pounds at a time is a GREAT way to do it!

12. Read 36 books to help make me a better person.

I’m a literacy teacher. I read all the time; I want to read books specifically to help me become a better person. Self-help, weight loss issues, personal success, personal finance, et cetera.

13. Read the entire New Testament.


I’ve read the Bible before. It was a powerful experience. I am a Christian, and I think every Christian should regularly read our most holy book. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only read it once. I think the Old Testament is important as history, but I want to read the New Testament this year. This is very doable. Part of the reason I want to read the Bible is because it brings me closer to the Lord, but not necessarily in the way that most people would suspect. The Bible is a shocking book, and I’m often amazed by how little people who quote it truly understand it. I don’t thump the Bible at people, ever, but I’d certainly like to understand it more.

14. Find a church to join.

My wife and I still haven’t found a church home. I want us to make more of an effort to make this a priority this year.

15. Finish my second Master’s degree.

I work in academia, so I get free tuition. (Greatest job perk ever.) I’m finishing up my 2nd Master’s Degree. The first is in Secondary Ed (funny, because I teach college, not high school). This one is in Educational Technology.

16. Start my doctorate.

See free tuition referenced above. I’m graduating in December, and I want to start my Ed.D. (assuming I am accepted) in post-secondary leadership in Spring 2014.

17. Finish my novel AND look for an agent.


I claim I want to be a writer, but I don’t write as much as I’d like to. I’m going to remedy that.

18. Cross another state off of my Visit All 50 States List.
19. Cross another national park off of my Visit All 58 National Parks List.
20. Take Moon Pie to the beach.


These three are kind of gimmes, but I need those. We’re going to South Carolina, and two of our stops will be Congaree National Park and the beach. I’ve never been to SC (last state on the Atlantic coast I haven’t visited).

21. Walk a 5K.
22. Run a 5K.
23. Complete the Glow in the Night 5K.

These two will nicely align with my desire to live a healthier lifestyle to be a good influence for Moon Pie. The running one will be a while, as I’m not even going to try running until I am below 300 pounds. Oh, and #23 is sort of a gimme as well. We’re already registered for it in a few weeks. We just need to GO.

24. Research our family tree.
25. Attend the Highland Games.


These two are sort-of aligned. My family is primarily Cherokee and Irish, with a few other ethnicities thrown in for good measure. My wife is largely Scottish and, in her own words, country bumpkin. We’d like to know more, especially know that we have a child of our own. And since she has so much Scottish heritage, we want to discover her family’s tartan. (You are supposed to wear a tartan you have a genetic link to. The Logsdons are Irish and Cherokee, but I’m hoping a little digging may reveal some Scottish ancestry, because I’d love to have my own! Regardless, I’ve already promised her that I’ll wear our tartan as a kilt to a black tie event after I’ve reached goal weight.)

She grew up in Glasgow, Kentucky, and every year, they host the Highland Games, a celebration of everything Scottish. We are going this year. They always have booths where you can look up your family’s tartan

26. Maintain a dream journal.

I’ve always wanted to be a lucid dreamer. Step one is journal your dreams. I need to do this.

27. Get my 501(c)(3) established.

I’ve always wanted to establish a charity. Thanks to a class I am taking this semester, the process is already underway!

28. Visit one touristy-place in Kentucky (that I have never been to) for a day trip.

Vacations don’t have to be big, expensive events. I want to visit somewhere near me that I’ve never been to before for a little one-day vacation!

29. Send out Christmas cards again.

We actually did this last year! I want to do it again this year.

30. Watch every episode of Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy.

"Put on your helmet, Kat! You suck at keeping your identity secret!"

I have a reason for this one; I’ll explain it in the upcoming days.

31. Regularly record vlogs about my weight loss journey.

I’m not going to define regularly, so as to not set myself up for failure, but I want to vlog more. Not necessarily the funny versions I try to do periodically, but just a video record of me and my journey.

32. Donate blood four times.

I used to donate blood regularly. I got out of the habit. I’m not bothered by needles, so why not?

33. Pay off one of our student loans entirely.

Even though tuition is now free, it wasn’t always. We have some pretty substantial student loans. I want to get at least one of them knocked out.

34. Establish a nice little Plant Nanny garden.

This one should be easy, but I do want to drink more water, too!

35. Beat Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I got it for Christmas last year. I haven’t even opened it. Nice easy goal, right?

36. Write a hand-written letter to ten authors who have impacted me.

I love words; I love writing. I want to be an author, and this is in no small part due to a number of authors who have inspired me. I want to send them a thank you letter, of sorts. (I would write to Harper Lee, but she doesn’t ever want to talk about To Kill a Mockingbird, so I can’t imagine her letter would be well-received, assuming I even knew where to send it.)

So, that’s what I am proposing to do for the next year!

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Race 1/49 – Lifeskills Run for Autism

This past Saturday, April 11th, we did our first of 49 athletic events!

A little backstory first…

My wife works for the WKU Kelly Autism Program. As you can infer from the program name, it is a program designed to provide assistance and support for individuals with autism and Asperger’s. The program she works for recently held a 4 Mile Run and 1 Mile Walk to fundraise for their services.

Since she works for the program, we had to be there bright and early to help. Obviously, Moon Pie had to come, too.


The turnout was pretty impressive. I was especially impressed by this young woman. I am afraid I can’t remember her name right now, but she has autism (and in fact, did not even speak until she was five years old). She sang the National Anthem before the start of the race.

Wow. That’s all I can say.

As I said in my last blog post, I am going to wear a different dork shirt to each race. For this race, I am wearing my Garbage Pail Kid Adam Bomb shirt!


This will also be the first shirt in my dork quilt.

Tina and I were doing the walk instead of the run, which means I was allowed to be slightly obnoxious and take pictures as we went. (I promise – I didn’t stop walking. I snapped as I walked.)


We pushed little guy in his stroller. He was pretty much zonked out by the time we were done.


It was a nice, easy way to start our recommitment to a physically healthy life. And it was fun – this is only the third “race” I’ve been involved with. I definitely understand how people get hooked on this!

We’ve already signed up for our second “race.” It’s on April 27th!

Miles: 1 mile
Comments on Dork Shirt: 1

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The Next Week…

Long time, no write.

I’m still vlogging. I’m just slow about it.

But I’m blogging today because my weight loss is going much slower than it should be.

I weigh over 350 pounds. I should be able to lose two to three pounds a week, no problem.

I am not. I am losing roughly two to three pounds a month.

I know why. This isn’t a blog post where I lament my slow weight loss and tear at my hair in frustration.

No, I’m losing weight slowly because I eat too much and don’t move enough.

The end.

In an attempt to stop this, I have done/am doing two things.

The thing I am doing – for the next week, I will post a photo of everything I eat, report my weight daily, AND say what I did for exercise, here on the blog. I don’t want to say I’ll do it forever, but I am certainly planning to do it for more than a week. I just don’t want to say I’ll do it for a month (or three months… or a year…) right off the bat. So for now… I’m going to do it for a week.

I’m going to take photos of my food and post an Instagram mosaic of my food. I’m going to be completely honest – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I feel like my diet is extremely clean (mostly), but I still do eat the occasional candy bar or drink the rare Sprite. Still, feel free to comment, constructively criticize, or whatever else on my food choices.

Overall, we eat an extremely clean diet, but we do have our indulgences. I may be eating too many indulgences – I’m hoping this photographic food log will help.

The thing I have already done…

My family recommitted to a healthy lifestyle this weekend. On Saturday, we took part in the first of 49 athletic events.

I’ll blog about the event tomorrow.

So, the 49 things…

If you’ve been watching my vlogs, you know that I am a HUGE fan of dork t-shirts, and that I initially planned to wear a different shirt for every 10 pounds until I got to goal weight.

However, I have recently decided to slightly modify that.

Have you ever heard of a t-shirt quilt?

Basically, it’s just what it sounds like – a quilt made out of t-shirts. And it just so happens that my wife is incredibly crafty and knows how to quilt.

I want to make a gigantic King-sized quilt that will represent everything about my weight loss. When I get to goal weight, I want to hold this quilt up and say, “This quilt is a pictorial and nostalgic representation of me and the journey I took to today.”

I am going to have a collection of 49 dork shirts, representing (more or less) every five pounds (or so) of my weight from its highest (402.8) to my ultimate goal (currently set at 180, but we’ll see). I’m still in the process of collecting and making those shirts, but so far, they are primarily concerned with nostalgic things from my childhood, such as Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, classic Nickelodeon, and some old-school Nintendo games.

Oh, and why 49? Because seven rows of seven quilt blocks (cut from the front of each t-shirt) is the size you need to make a nice big King quilt. I know my wife won’t let me put it on our bed, but it’ll be awesome to cuddle up under on the couch on a cold winter night.

That’ll be the front of the quilt.

The back of the quilt will be 49 patches from race t-shirts.

I’m not a runner. Right now, I’m just a walker. But Tina and I were talking about it, and we want Moon Pie to grow up in an athletic household. I want going to a 5K early one Saturday morning to be the norm for him. And for that to be the norm, we have to get started now, when he’s not quite seven months old.

I have no delusions of being a runner just yet. I currently weigh over 350 pounds. That’s too heavy for me to start running right now. I don’t want my knees or back to blow out. However, I can start walking events (a lot of races around here also contain a walking component), and I am.

At each event, I’ll wear a different dork shirt.

And when I am at goal, I’ll have my amazing quilt, one side dork and nostalgic and the other side t-shirts from races and other athletic events that helped make me a fit, healthy athlete.

So, to sum up…

I am going to start photographing my food and posting it, along with my daily weight, on this blog. I am pledging to do it for a week straight.

I am going to collect dork shirts AND complete 49 different athletic events as I progress to goal weight. Just an FYI – Tina has told me that one of the events MUST be the half-marathon (or marathon – dare I dream?) at Disney World. Frankly, I hope at least one of them is a Tough Mudder.

I once lost weight down to 250 pounds. I’m past being ashamed of gaining so much back. Now, I just have to get there and go farther.

I’ve done it once. I’ll do it again.

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