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Quick, quick post today, mostly because if it’s a long post, I’ll just end up bitching for a really long time.

Today has largely sucked. I have eye problems. The doctor called it a corneal infection and irisitis or something else that sounds made up, but all I know is that I’ve spent $105 so far on two office visit and eye drops that make the back of my throat taste bad.

No, I swear I’m not drinking them, but apparently, the taste of them somehow ends up from my eyes in my throat. Six times a day. And I’ve got blurry vision.

And to put the icing on the cake of suck, I got a traffic citation this morning for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign. And then when he saw my POS car, he added another $20 to the ticket because my windshield is cracked.

I hate hypocrites. Unless that cop has always come to a complete and full stop at every stop sign he has ever encountered, he is a hypocrite for giving me a traffic ticket.

Oh, and the best part of this story? It’s in a quiet neighborhood where the stop sign doesn’t even need to be and you can clearly see that no one is coming from a good half mile away. Frankly, even a rolling stop is pretty freaking generous. I know this neighborhood is quiet because it is MY neighborhood. I was literally pulled over in my driveway. I’m going to call the County Attorney on Monday morning and see if I can get this ticket put on the shelf. I’d be okay with a ticket if my actions could have caused harm to someone else. I was not speeding irresponsibly. I did not speed through a stop sign in a location where you can’t see around a corner or there is anyway anything could dart out in front of you.

Hate hypocrisy. This is why God has never given me super brain powers, because if he had, there would be a LOT of people lying around in bloody chunks.

Oh, and the kicker? For the past three days and about another week more, I can’t work out. Apparently, any type of strain could exacerbate the cloud of infection currently living in my head.

So, in an attempt to make this NOT a complete and utter bitch fest, I’m going to concentrate only on good things from here on out.

To start off with, here are some good things in the world.

You probably didn’t get a traffic citation today. I’m happy for you. Truly I am. Unless you are a cop. And if so, please reference the explosion picture above.

I have a lot of friends and loved ones who care about me. Huge bonus there.

I have a roof over my head. I pay a mortgage on said roof, but I’m much happier paying a mortgage than paying rent. At least I’m building equity.

I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

I never have to go to bed hungry.

I never have to worry about having clean drinking water.

I have a job. That I enjoy. With people I enjoy. Eh, let’s be honest. I freaking love my job! Do wish it paid more, but I’d probably think that if I was that loser who invented Facebook. (BTW, friend me on Facebook! The link is on my main blog page.)

I’m married to my best friend.

I have four animals who are, despite being immensely irritating, immensely entertaining. Oh, and we have determined that Malcolm’s (one of our dogs) entirely vocabulary consists of four words. Eat, speak, sit, and poop.

Even if I can’t get my citation put on the shelf, I will come up with the money to pay it.

My life is good. I just have to keep reminding myself that.

Oh, and this is a Yoga Weigh-in, because while I can’t do strenuous exercise, I REFUSE to do nothing. This is Yoga Week.

January 28, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 359.0
Today’s Weight: 358.1
Change from All-Time High: -44.7 pounds
Change from Last Week: -0.9 pounds

It isn’t amazing, but I’ll take it. And this next week will be a nice experiment to see if I can lose weight without spending hardcore time in the gym. Instead, I’ll be relaxing at home with a huge mass of eye infection on the right side of my head, doing yoga.

And just to leave this post on a high funny note, here are four of the funniest meme I have ever seen.

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Time for Healthy Eating Again

The past two days have been amazing. I’ve had three different Christmases, first with Tina’s mom, then with my parents, and then with Tina’s dad. Siblings were present at all. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful, loving people. Lots of gifts and lots of laughs were had.

Discounting the presence of family, which is of course awesome, the best part of this Christmas?


That’s right; south-central Kentucky had a White Christmas. At least sort of. Apparently, it is only officially considered a White Christmas if one inch of snow fall is recorded on Christmas Day. The five inches we got last night on Christmas Eve apparently doesn’t count. Whatever. I’m calling this one a White Christmas.

The only bad part about the holidays? The food.

I seriously expect that I have gained significant weight in just the last two days. I know a lot of people are waiting until January 1st, and you know what, that’s okay. I’ve done it MANY times before. But I’m not doing it this year. I am recommitting tomorrow.

December 26th, Sunday, will see me getting back on the diet hardcore.

Not joking – I literally feel fatter.

Tomorrow will see me eating healthy, tons of fruit and veggies, sticking to my points, and going to the gym for at least an hour of cardio.

I don’t regret a single thing about the past two days, though. I wouldn’t change a single bite.

It isn’t the overeating on the holidays that made me obese, after all. It was the overeating at every meal that made me obese.

I may gain a little weight at every single Christmas celebration for the rest of my life, and I am okay with that, because I am going to strive to make the vast majority of my meals healthy.

So, December 26th. A fresh reboot. Who’s with me in not waiting until 2011?

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Fact for 403

Today’s Weight 335.3

Really? One tenth of a pound lower AGAIN? Oh well. It isn’t up. Maybe I’m more stressed about the wedding than I realized and its showing up on the scale? Or maybe I just need to bust my butt more in the gym tonight?

Oh well, on to Fact for 403!

If you’re just joining me, what does Fact for 403 mean? I’ve recently decided to share one fun/quirky/interesting/powerful fact about myself for every pound that I have lost, all the way to goal weight. I’m not at goal weight yet, but I’ve still lost almost seventy pounds, so that’s seventy facts I need to come up with before I’ve even caught up to where I am now. And I plan to lose more, so we’ll just see how long it will take me to catch up. At most, I’ll post one fact a day, so it’s going to take over two months.

I have a serious post about my eating disorder to share in coming posts, but I want my first post to be VERY light hearted. That’s what this is about, too. Sharing my weird, fun facts. So the first fact is going to be light hearted and fun.

Fact for 403

I DESPISE ketchup.

The only way I'd like it - spilled and inedible on the ground

I don’t dislike it. I don’t just think it tastes gross. I utterly, truly, with-a-passion DESPISE it.

I love tomatoes. I love marinara sauce. I like raw tomatoes. I like cooked tomatoes.

But not ketchup. Even as a little kid, I thought the stuff was disgusting.

I’ve never been much of a condiment person. In fact, I was probably an adult before I really started eating mustard or mayonnaise. Now, I like both of those, but I still hate ketchup.

I’ve heard some people say, “Oh, I don’t care for ketchup on my burgers,” but they still like it on fries.

I don’t even like the way the stuff smells.

If I hit the drive-thru (I know I shouldn’t, but still…), and even though I am ALWAYS adamant about there not being ketchup on my cheeseburger, if they mess up, I have to either have it corrected or give it to someone else. Can’t do it.

In fact, I always order my burger with no ketchup, even if the menu says nothing about ketchup, because I’m just not willing to take the chance. Some people slather ketchup on everything like it’s the nectar of the Gods. I would honestly rather eat a cheeseburger with spoiled mayo on it than ketchup. The spoiled mayo MIGHT NOT gag me. The ketchup definitely would.

So for me, a good diet would probably be the ketchup diet. I can only eat food if I eat it covered in ketchup.

Basically, I would never get to eat. I would definitely lose weight that way.

Any other ketchup haters out there? I can’t be the only one! (Even though I’ve never met another ketchup hater in person. The closest I’ve ever found is people who are indifferent to it.)

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My About Me’s and C25K or Not C25K?

My weight for September 28th was 335.4, one tenth of a pound less than yesterday.

I had a thought about my blog this weekend that started off as a small bubble of a thought but has grown into something that I’m pretty excited to do.

One of my favorite things that bloggers occasionally do is share random facts about themselves. They often come with blogger awards or various other “fun” things. I enjoy learning that some people have weird little quirks that match up with my own. And given that a lot of people do these, I have come to two conclusions. One, either we all really like talking about ourselves (probably true), and/or two, we like reading about others’ weird quirks, too (probably also true).

For every pound that I lose, I am going to write an “About Me” post. I’m going to start with my 403 post. That was my highest weight. So for the first few months, I’m going to write LOTS of posts, (roughly seventy-ish), to cover those pounds I have already lost.

First About Me Post is coming tomorrow, along with my Wednesday weight.

In other news, I’m just not sure I’ve got the Couch to 5K in me any longer. I’m sure it will come back up, but I think I’m going to take a few days off. I found myself REALLY dreading doing it tonight. I decided not to. I wasn’t dreading exercise; I just wasn’t looking forward to running. Is it possible that I, who so desperately WANT to be a runner, am just not cut out to be a runner? Will I always be more at home in the weight room than doing a 5K? I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m just not up for it.

Please note – I am NOT giving up exercise or the gym. I’m not giving up the plan to keep working out in Antigua when we are on the honeymoon. I’m just not sure C25K is for me right now. I realized after taking two days off that my feet aren’t as tired, even though I worked out REALLY hard yesterday with my personal trainer in the weight room. Is running too high impact for my obese joints right now? What do you think?

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Running in the Dark

September 14, 2010
Today’s Weight 336.4
Change from Yesterday -0.5
Total Lost 66.4

My weight is still trending downwards, and I am immensely happy about that. I truly think that stress was a key contributor, along with a recently diagnosed minor health problem (a.k.a. – the thyroid, stupid little organ that only exists to make my life miserable), to my stalled weight loss. I know I’m getting very premature, but at the same time… I can’t help but be excited to see those numbers creeping down every day!

At the same time, my new (still awesome!) job keeps me pretty busy, and I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to keep posting everyday. So I want to pose a question. What should I do? Should I continue my daily weigh-ins, or should I just do a weekly weigh-in like most bloggers do? I can see pros and cons to both. Which do you prefer to see? If I miss a day of reporting my food, I’ll report TWO day’s worth of food next time I post, perhaps. Any advice?

Also, for our workout tonight, we did Week One Day Two of Couch to 5K in our neighborhood after dark. I fell in the five minute warm-up, but beyond that, it went pretty well. (Wish I was joking about the fall… stepped off the road to get out of the way of a car, my foot hit the shoulder and turned, and I just went down. Not injured, except for a scrape on my knee, but I felt pretty stupid.)

And no, I am not psycho or otherwise mentally deranged. I look like that because it took Tina several seconds to take my picture, and my smile went from perfectly natural to deranged killer from holding it for about ten seconds.

Day by Day 003 Food

Cereal and milk
Two turkey and cheese mini-sandwiches on whole wheat
2 Pop Tarts
Honey mustard mixed nuts
Progresso Italian Meatball High Fiber Soup
Cheese mini-sandwich
Baked Potato with bacon, cheddar, and a wedge of laughing cow cheese
6 oz. steak

Total approximate calories of around 2,000

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