A So Close Weigh-In!

I was SO close to meeting my goal!  I set a goal of being below 400 for this week.  I got REALLY close, but close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.

August 8, 2014

Weight: 400.4 pounds

Change from Last Week: –2.4 pounds

Change from All-Time Highest: –24.6 pounds

Still, the scale is moving in the right direction, and I will happily take 2.4 pounds a week!

If you’ve been following The Ranger Project, I just got a Fitbit and I am already in love with the food tracking feature on their website.  Hopefully, this little device will give me the push I need to stick to this!

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  • Erin

    Gah, I am really far behind in your YouTube vids! Congrats on the loss and I’m heading over there now to catch up!

  • http://www.thesouljah.com TheSoulJah

    As we know health is wealth. So I think its a good decision.I appreciate it and congratulation on your loss. If you want to get more inspiration you can visit this site. It will help you to know more about your lifestyle that you deserve.


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