Antigua Honeymoon, Day Six, October 15, 2010

Today was a hot, burny, sandy, salty day. Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t a bad day, but we are both EXHAUSTED. I’m so glad we have tomorrow to rest and recover and enjoy this resort before we leave.

We went to breakfast at Mario’s. No pictures this time. Our stuff, including my camera, was packed for the trip to Bird’s Island later that morning. We both ate pretty light; I didn’t want to get sick to my stomach on the catamaran trip.

I’m going to tell all about the trip before I put up the pictures, because I took SO many.

At 9:15, we were at the Caribbean Bar with a group of others waiting for various excursions. We were all doing either the Circumnavigation or Bird’s Island. By the time we boarded our boat, there were only five couples total. We were pleased to be in such a small group.

It was a forty-five minute boat ride to Bird’s Island. Gorgeous views. We also passed Oprah Winfrey’s house at one point.

We stopped at a passage between two islands and we were given the option to snorkel out. I asked if we could swim with just the goggles, and we were allowed to. Believe it or not – big mistake. The ocean kept pushing us back, and without fins, we just couldn’t swim fast enough.

As in Cancun, the water was too salty, and it kept gagging me. I have to be honest – I’m just not an ocean swimmer. Period. It was cool looking at the grass underwater, and I did see a Dory fish at one point, but the effort and gaggy-salt water just isn’t worth it to me. I must keep this in mind next time I come to the tropics.

The others in our group had already made it, so the captain of our catamaran came back in an inflatable dingy with a motorboat on the back. It was a little tough getting in from the water, especially after we were both so fatigued from the ocean, but he was a great sport and helped us in. The captain was a tremendously nice man. Tina could have completely made it on her own without me slowing her down, but I am just not that good of a swimmer.

The best part of the trip was this little beach we were on at Bird’s Island. The water was this beautiful blueish-green, and the sand was sparking white. While we were waiting for our actual beach barbecue to start, we just lounged around in the water. For lunch, we had some type of chicken, slaw, macaroni and cheese, and garlic bread. There were also some drinks out; I got what I thought was just Hawaiian punch but it was actually rum punch. Yikes; crazy strong, but fortunately, it didn’t hit me too hard since it was after lunch.

We then went on a short but steep, rocky hike to the summit of Bird’s Island. That was awesomely cool, and it was a nice challenge. At no point did I feel like I couldn’t make it, but it was definitely some 45 degree rocky inclines we had to scale. Fortunately, the path was small and there were good footholds and trees on each side to help pull us up. Looking back, it wasn’t really that tough at all, but was just a fun part of the excursion.

The view from the top was amazing. I’m glad we went, even if the trip was a little pricey and I HATE swimming in the ocean, if just for that gorgeous view we were rewarded with at the top. There were also two blowholes, which as near as I can tell, are simply holes in the rock that are really deep.

Sadly, we didn’t really see many birds. Tina and I did see a pelican get a fish out of the ocean on our swim in, but no birds on Bird’s Island. Did see a few lizards, though.

After enjoying the view for a few minutes longer, we made our way back down the same path we had climbed. It was tougher going down. And I must point out – our tour guide was barefoot! This was not a smooth path; it was covered in jagged, sharp rocks. I’m impressed at how tough his feet must be.

Upon reaching the beach, there was a little treasure hunt for us to take part in. It was over quite quickly, but one of the couples found the bottle of rum they had hidden. I’m truly okay not having won; I’m not touching alcohol for a while after we get back. I know I’ve gained weight here, and I’m ready to get it off of me.

We were then told we had about forty-five minutes to do whatever we’d like. A few of the couples in our group went snorkeling; Tina and I just lounged about in the shallow water on the beach, and I’m sure we contributed to our sun burn.

We went on a dingy ride back to the catamaran, boarded up the staircase from the water, and then it was an hour and a half ride back to Antigua. A few people onboard were jumping back into the water from the boat before we left; I’m neither a good enough swimmer nor energetic enough, at that point, to join them.

I forgot to take dramamine for the ride back, so I was a little nauseated by the time we got back. Fortunately, close to the beach, we were given some raisin rum cake, and it was warm and very tasty, and believe it or not, that actually helped.

Then, we were back on the beach. While I enjoyed the day, Tina and I were both SO ready to get back to the room, take a shower, and then nap for a few hours.

We were also hungry, though, so we grabbed some pizza from the pizzeria on the way back. After a shower and some aloe gel slathered all over our pink skin, we collapsed into bed and didn’t wake up for about two hours.

I told Tina that some time, we are going to take a resort trip with tons of cash and just do the spa, every day. Swimming excursions are no longer on my list of things to do. I’ve tried it twice, here in Antigua and last year in Cancun, and I’m just not a good enough swimmer for it to be enjoyable for me.

Lots and lots of pictures…

Oprah’s House…

And back to more pics…

The Bird Island’s Sign

And still more pictures…

The Caribbean side of Bird Island…

The Atlantic side of Bird Island…

And now back to more pictures…

As you can see from some of the above photos, we had a few jumpers off the boat after we had returned from our excursion on the island. I have no idea who these people are, but the jumping looked like fun, so I filmed it. Here’s a short clip on YouTube.


Mario’s has had the best service we’ve ever gotten here. It is Italian themed. Our hostess was named Spice, and she spent several moments with us, discussing our trip, before seating us. I really liked the hospitality.

Bread and something yummy (an unfamiliar version of pesto, maybe?) to dip it in…

They had an antipasti buffet. I got a few different types of salad, along with some fried calamari and roasted vegetables. I got some rigatoni with italian sausage, spinach, and mushrooms, which was delicious. For our entrees, Tina ordered grilled pork, which was served with polenta and vegetables. I got the chicken parmesan. Both were quite good.

Dessert, though, was the best dessert we’ve gotten here yet. We got them to go; I ordered a passion fruit mousse, and Tina got the lava cake and ice cream. Both were yummy, but again, Tina’s was better.

We just got some hot chocolate from the lobby. We’re just exhausted, so we’ll definitely be going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is our last full day. We plan to spend it enjoying the pool, relaxing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

I’ll admit – while this has been great, I’m still ready to get home, eating right, exercising regularly, and getting back to regular life.

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