Antigua Honeymoon, Day Seven, October 15, 2010

Breakfast at Bayside, as usual. No pictures, because, as stated previously, breakfast is the same each morning. I am definitely going to miss the passion fruit. At some point, I’m going to see if I can track it down back home. I’m thinking Whole Foods… maybe… if I’m lucky.

We went to the pool, read a bit, swam a bit, and after a drink at the bar at 10:30 (Frozen Mud Slide for Tina, virgin frozen drink for me), we went to Barefoot for lunch. I got the steak fries and chili; Tina got the quesadilla. The quesadilla was good; my lunch was also excellent, if a bit spicy. They definitely like their hot spices in Antigua. No pictures of this meal because I didn’t have my camera on me.

By that point, we had just absorbed too much sun, so we went to the room to cool off and rest for a bit. We also went to Bayside again to catch the tail end of the lunch buffet; nothing new to report there, either.

At 4:00, we went to Eleanor’s for tea. I got a spice tea; Tina got orange. It was served hot, though, and a few sips were all we could take. We then spent a bit of time wading in the ocean, collecting shells and sand to take home. Tina has a plan to make a Christmas ornament that is filled with sand and some tiny shells we’ve found here.

And a flower at the resort…

We also found out there is a $28 per person Antiguan departure tax. Yikes. We weren’t expecting that, and as plastic people (which we are changing as soon as we get home, but for now – we’re plastic people), we don’t have that much cash on us. I didn’t want to carry a lot of cash with us to a foreign country, so we literally brought just enough for tips and such. However, we went to the concierge, in a bit of a panic, and were told we had two options. One, there is an ATM at the airport, or two, we can do a cash advance on our credit card here at the resort that is just a 10% charge. We’re doing that option, because we don’t know how much the ATM will cost. We have $40; we need to borrow $16 more in American. We can only got it in Antiguan money, but they’ll accept that, too. I’m not entirely sure of the exchange rate, but it’ll probably be around $40 EC or so, including the 10% charge for the resort. Roughly $20 in American money, and frankly, we feared a foreign ATM charge might be that much.

We have received our departure packet (which is how we found out about the departure tax). This has been a great vacation, but I’ll admit – I’m ready to get back to a normal routine. I’m ready to tackle this diet head-on and get this weight off! (Plus, I know I’ve gained at LEAST ten to twelve pounds here, if not more. Yikes. Gotta get that off fast.)

We’re going to Barefoot for lobster for dinner tonight, and I think Tina wants to go to Mario’s again for dessert. The lava cake was delicious.


Waiting for Barefoot to open…

The pool at night…

Barefoot at Twilight…

We ended up having the spiny lobster at Barefoot. Unfortunately, they had sprayed for mosquitos before, and that serves to get them stirred up, so we were both bitten horribly while we were waiting for our food (and even while we were dining). The spiny lobster, though, was amazing. I’ve learned that Tina absolutely LOVES lobster. I like it, but I’d just as soon have a good shrimp dish.

The fun bread basket…

The fires going near the restaurant…

We also went to Mario’s after we had digested for a bit. I was craving steak, because the steak here is AWESOME, and Mario’s delivered. Tina got the lasagna, not so much because she was actually hungry but because… well, it was free, and it could be a midnight snack. The steak ended up being so good that I’m wishing I had another one to bring back myself. Oh well – at least I can cook a good steak, too.

The lava cake was dessert for both of us. Oh man, it was so good. I have to find a recipe for lava cake when we get home.

We’re going to the piano bar later. This is probably the last entry I’ll type here, because we’re packing for tomorrow, and I’m about to put my keyboard away.


What follows was written AFTER we returned home. We didn’t make it to the piano bar, and sadly, there was an amazing cultural event near Bayside and I didn’t have my camera! It was basically a live show about the culture of Antigua, complete with a steel band, costumes, dancing, and more. It was amazing. If you come to the Sandals Resort in Antigua, they have this show every Friday at 9:30. You MUST go, and take your camera.

After that, we went back to our room.


No more words actually written in Antigua, even though I do still have a shorter eighth day post (and a few photos) to make, along with one more random photos taken on day seven.

One feature that I thought was very neat was that the lights in the room operated by the key card, so as soon as you got in the room, you put your key card in the light switch and you wouldn’t walk off and leave it or otherwise lose it. There was also a button for “Do Not Disturb” and “Clean Room,” so you didn’t have to put a door hanger on the doorknob. You just had to push a button.

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