Antigua Honeymoon, Day Five, October 13, 2010

Oh, we are getting so close to the end of the honeymoon! That is just entirely too sad. But we’re still having fun, and I’m going to enjoy the next three full days as much as I can.

We had our breakfast “in bed” this morning. Technically, we had ours on balcony, but it was still nice, getting to eat a very light (read: skimpy) continental breakfast as we looked at our ocean view. We’re still hungry, though, so we’re going out to Bayside to eat a bit more here very shortly.

Various views from our balcony, albeit some with a telephoto lens…

Today is going to be a big rest day. We’re saving the pool for later tonight, as Tina is pretty burnt, and we don’t want it to be worse before our excursion to Bird Island tomorrow.


A few pictures on our trek to our second breakfast…

Breakfast at Bayside was pretty standard for here. They did have some breakfast burritos, and Tina got some type of almond biscuit that she enjoyed.

The birds have been having a lot of fun with the toast that we left on the balcony after our breakfast. It’s no wonder that the birds here are so unafraid of humans. If I was a bird on Antigua, I’d probably hang out near Sandals, too.

The bird on our balcony…

And another bird at Bayside…


Tie dying shirts was so much fun! There were more couples doing it than I would have guessed, based on the low turnout at bracelet making. There were only two colors, green and a purplish-reddish-pink color. They gave us pretty minimal directions, with their philosophy being “Every mistake is a new work of art.”

Some of the shirt designs turned out pretty neat. Tina wasn’t that pleased with hers, but I thought it was awesome. The guys doing the dipping said they had never seen a shirt come out like hers, with one color on the front and one color on the back. I think that makes it uniquely cool.

I was hungry, Tina not so much, so we stopped at Bella Pizzeria to grab some pizzas. This time, we ordered a margherita (which here is basically a cheese pizza) and the Calabrese pizza with ground beef.

Waiting for pizza…

While we were waiting, I went to the bar and got us two Miami Vice. I also got a small bag of popcorn, in case the alcohol hit hard, as it often does here. I’m such a light weight.

And the pizza…

The light-headedness waited until I got back to the room, but yeah, it hit. I’m starting to not like alcohol. Why can’t they just serve frozen blended smoothies here? I’d sign up for that. But in between a few slices of pizza, I ate the popcorn, and a few minutes later, the iron-stomach-effect of the alcohol had worn off.

We’re going to rest for a bit before we head to Bayside for the Italian Buffet at lunch. We only had a few slices of pizza, but we’ll definitely eat it later. This will be my late night snack instead of Cricketer’s.


Pics from around the resort…

Time spent relaxing in a hammock…

Including a shot of Tina’s wedding rings…

And one of the many beach weddings taking place here…

And the bride’s flowers…

I don’t think the themed buffets at Bayside for lunch are executed exactly the way they are written. Today was supposed to be Italian, and while the food was quite good, I would not call it Italian in any way at all. There was the Panini station again, a salad bar, desserts, and some different meats, including a cajun beef stew that was really good and some type of chicken. Again, all good food, but not Italian.

While we were waiting for our room to be cleaned, we played a gigantic game of chess. Tina had never played before, so I taught her how. She ended up winning; I knocked my king over in a sign of defeat.

We’re heading to the pool in a few hours to watch the sunset, have a drink or two before the swim up bar closes, and swim ’til our 9:15 at Kimono’s.


Yeah, we only swam for about an hour, tops. Once the swim up bar closed down, the pool cleared out fast. We went down around 5:15 so we could get some pizza (we ended up eating our late night pizza after I recovered from a quick nap) and a few drinks. I drank a Chocolate Monkey and a Banana Sip Sop; Tina got a Chocolate Monkey, and she asked for something frozen and peachy. The bartender gave her something with blue curacao and lots of peachy frozen goodness in a martini glass. No pictures, because by the time we traversed across the pool to our chairs, it had already melted and was no longer as pretty.

We did enjoy swimming briefly in the pool after dark, which was still quite warm from the hot sun all day, and we also spent some time in the supremely hot whirlpool. We’re retiring to the room now to rest a bit before our reservation at Kimono’s.


Kimono’s was so much fun! It was teppanyaki style, and we were seated with four other couples, so in the interest of not being obnoxious with my camera (and the fact that the food presentation wasn’t as important as the show itself), there are basically no pictures.

Okay, a few, including one of beer, but no food…

We all ordered an appetizer. I got ahi tuna, which was crazy spicy, and Tina got tiger prawn shrimp cocktail, which was excellent! Shrimp everything here has been delicious. I must remember, from now on, if shrimp is an option, that’s what I’m getting. I also ordered a salad, which came with some type of fruit vinaigrette. The salad was just okay. Tina got miso soup, which she enjoyed (but I thought was too strong.)

The chef, who was a black Antiguan, told us he was Japanese and joked with us during the entire meal. It was a great evening. We were served salmon first, then shrimp, then steak, and then chicken. All were excellent, and each was a different sauce. My favorite? Can you guess? Shrimp.

Dessert for us was apple fritters, which were just okay.

One of the best parts of the evening was getting to sit with other couples and just talk. We met some very nice people (whose names we did not get) from Philadelphia and Boston. We were seriously there talking about just whatever until 11:30. It was a great night.

Bird’s Island tomorrow! I can’t wait!

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