Antigua Honeymoon, Day Eight, October 16, 2010

This post was written AFTER we returned home. Sadly, our eighth day in Antigua was a very short one, as we left the resort at 12:30.

We went for the breakfast buffet at Bayside. I still miss Passion Fruit, and I haven’t had one since.

We had to set our bags out in front of the door by 10:30, and the concierge took care of them. It was nice knowing we didn’t have to keep up with our luggage ourselves, especially as we weren’t leaving until after noon.

With our clothes packed, we couldn’t go swimming. What we did do was take our books and go up to the open-air lounge above the swim-up bar at the pool. It was cooler up there with the breeze coming in off the ocean. Beautiful morning.

Closer to time to leave, we decided to grab a bite at the pizzeria, as the flight back to Miami was about three hours long and we wouldn’t get to eat until we landed back in the states.

A few photos sitting at the pizzeria, waiting for our pizzas…

The flower in her hair was from the flowers all over the resort…

After pizza, we headed up to the main lobby to wait for our escort back to the airport…

We were crammed into a resort van with four other couples leaving at 12:30, too, and it was then off on the fifteen minute ride to the airport. Tina had a window seat and snapped pictures the entire time back. I stared at the floor of the van and tried to concentrate on making my dramamine work better.

Tina took this picture because she thought the little bathroom lady looked hippy…

And for our very last picture of the honeymoon, walking across the tarmac to climb the stairs and board our plane back to the states…

That’s it until our next vacation! Thanks for “traveling” with us. :)

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