Response: “The Shifter”

I have received word on “The Shifter,” and that word is rejection. However, unlike so many rejections received in the past, this one was a personal note written by the editor, and those are always greatly, greatly appreciated.

Wayne Goodchild wrote:

“Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for submitting ‘The Shifter’ but I’m afraid I shan’t be accepting it for this anthology. I really enjoyed reading it, thought it was a really cool idea (that reminded me a bit of Quantum Leap!) and the ending is spot-on, but simply put, I’m now in the process of whittling down all the stories I really like to the ones I really like, and yours falls in the former category. I hope you do manage to find a home for it elsewhere in the future!
With regards,
Wayne Goodchild”

That is definitely the nicest rejection letter I have ever received.

Yeah, I really wish I had been accepted, but I am always grateful to know that my story was simply read and not just relegated to the recycling bin. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on anything Wayne Goodchild is the editor of, and if I have anything relevant, it will most definitely be submitted.

“The Shifter” isn’t dead, though. I’m already going through Duotrope’s archives, trying to find another market that I hope it will be a fit for.

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