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Submission: The Perfect Confession

When I was working on my Master’s Degree, one of my professors, Dr. Sandra Hughes, said that whenever you are trying to get published, you should always have at least two things out at any one time. She says it will help keep you sane, because if one is rejected, well, there’s always another one out there to look forward to hearing back from.

At the moment, now that I have heard back from “The Shifter,” I currently have no pieces out. That’s changing right now. In fact, by midnight tonight, I plan to have two pieces out there in the world, where I hope they will amaze and wow an editor who absolutely must include my work in his or her publication.

I have just made one such submission.

I wrote a story called “The Perfect Confession” several years ago. It’s been submitted a few times before. I have at least one form “no thanks,” and I also got a personal rejection letter on it. The editor stated that it offered nothing new and that the main characters were not likeable. Ouch, right? Still, I was pleased to have acknowledgment that someone had read it.

That story has languished for some time on my flash drive, but I recently pulled it out, re-read it, and found that I still liked reading it, even though it did have some weaknesses. I fixed it, gave it a few days, another once over, and now, I have packed it a lunch and a suitcase and sent it out into the world to try and find a home once again.

This time, I’m going for Bourbon Penn. They are a new publication and their first issue will be printed in January 2011. I doubt I’ve gotten my story submitted in time to make that first issue, even assuming it’s something they would want, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

“The Perfect Confession” is a approximately 3,600 words. It is a fiction piece, urban fantasy if it had a genre, even though it straddles several. The main character, Meghan, finds she is incapable of receiving blame for a series of murders, regardless of eyewitnesses.

Bourbon Penn has a one to three month turnaround time, so hopefully, by late February, my story will have found its home. And if not, I’ll be sending it back out into the void to try again.

Response: “The Shifter”

I have received word on “The Shifter,” and that word is rejection. However, unlike so many rejections received in the past, this one was a personal note written by the editor, and those are always greatly, greatly appreciated.

Wayne Goodchild wrote:

“Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for submitting ‘The Shifter’ but I’m afraid I shan’t be accepting it for this anthology. I really enjoyed reading it, thought it was a really cool idea (that reminded me a bit of Quantum Leap!) and the ending is spot-on, but simply put, I’m now in the process of whittling down all the stories I really like to the ones I really like, and yours falls in the former category. I hope you do manage to find a home for it elsewhere in the future!
With regards,
Wayne Goodchild”

That is definitely the nicest rejection letter I have ever received.

Yeah, I really wish I had been accepted, but I am always grateful to know that my story was simply read and not just relegated to the recycling bin. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on anything Wayne Goodchild is the editor of, and if I have anything relevant, it will most definitely be submitted.

“The Shifter” isn’t dead, though. I’m already going through Duotrope’s archives, trying to find another market that I hope it will be a fit for.

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