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Wife Cave

I’m so excited to create my wife cave, not a mom cave, because I’m not a mom. But I’m a newlywed and while I LOVE spending time with my husband, I need some alone time too to work on my crafts or read or whatever may be on my mind!
Here is my prospective Wife Cave

Total mess, but it has great potential! As I posted in my last and first post I just had a DIY wedding 2 and a half weeks ago and this is the aftermath of that! Wedding gifts, left over DIY decor and a wedding dress with broken hanging loops litter the floor. Think this looks bad, you should have seen it right before the wedding!

I love to craft and I need a space of my own, the Mister just tolerates my crafting, I get quite messy! A gift card to Homegoods, one of my favorite stores, might get my wedding recovering butt into gear to get the room cleaned up, organized and decorated so I can start crafting and sharing it with everyone with my new blog!

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