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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, it’s a close second with Christmas, I just love all things spooky and being able to dress up as someone else!

The Mister and I got engaged in the middle of August and planned our wedding for this last October.  We decided the perfect way to celebrate with our families was to throw a Halloween engagement party.  It was a costume party and we all had so much fun.

It didn’t take much brainstorming to come up with a costume idea, we had to be a couple and what better couple to be than Mario and Princess Peach, the Mister is a HUGE dork, and this was one of his favorite games.  I started working on sewing my Peach costume and it surprisingly didn’t take that long.  Without further ado…

All of our guests dressed up, including both of our mothers.  We even dressed up our dog as a princess, but she did not care for it, so she got a fun fabric collar.

Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

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