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Tiny kitchen redo

Our kitchen is not small, really, but it has limited storage and a lot of open space for a table.  We got a TON of kitchen stuff as wedding gifts and we had no where to put it.  We bought a steel table for when I work on cakes, but I’ve been doing very few cakes this year so we decided to bring the table in as storage and an extra working space.

The only problem is all the storage under the table makes the kitchen look really messy, and I hate mess!  I needed a table cloth, but one that hangs down to the floor on at least 3 sides, they don’t make tablecloths that long, so I had to make a skirt to go around.  This was the best decision anyways, that way there is still plenty of work space on top and we don’t have to worry about dirtying the cloth.

We only have Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics in town, so I went to Hobby Lobby first, because I just love Hobby Lobby and I found an awesome fabric that would be perfect but it was $23 a yard and I just could not stomach that!  Then I went to Hancock and after much circling the designer fabrics I decided on a chocolate brown pintuck, but it was still $9.50 a yard, I needed 3, but decided it wasn’t going to get any better or cheaper so I bit the bullet and just did it.  I was so excited when she scanned it and told me it was only $6.50!!  I love a surprise sale!  I happily got my 3 yards, thread and Velcro and went along my merry way!

I measured the length it needed to be, then hemmed the top and bottom.  Then I started the fiasco.  I don’t use Velcro much, but obviously got the sticky backed so it would stick to the table.  I didn’t really think about sewing with the sticky backing, and went through a tough 30 minute period while I tried to get a stitch to run through the fabric and Velcro…needless to say, don’t try to sew sticky backed Velcro…it just doesn’t work!  The adhesive on the back of the Velcro is strong enough to hold the fabric all on its own, or so I hope.  I have a feeling I’ll have some felines hanging from them as soon as they figure out it’s possible, so hopefully it’s strong enough to hold 10ish pounds, but I’m kind of doubting it!

I put the Velcro on the right side so it would hang with the Velcro invisible underneath. I snipped the Velcro and fabric at the corners so the skirt can wrap around the table.

Look how much better it looks now!  Excuse the dead flowers, I just can’t find the gumption to throw away the only flowers left from the wedding….one day maybe!

I’m still getting my blogging chops, so stick around to watch me blossom!  Next up is a Dream Board I’m making for mine and my husbands dreams!

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Wife Cave

I’m so excited to create my wife cave, not a mom cave, because I’m not a mom. But I’m a newlywed and while I LOVE spending time with my husband, I need some alone time too to work on my crafts or read or whatever may be on my mind!
Here is my prospective Wife Cave

Total mess, but it has great potential! As I posted in my last and first post I just had a DIY wedding 2 and a half weeks ago and this is the aftermath of that! Wedding gifts, left over DIY decor and a wedding dress with broken hanging loops litter the floor. Think this looks bad, you should have seen it right before the wedding!

I love to craft and I need a space of my own, the Mister just tolerates my crafting, I get quite messy! A gift card to Homegoods, one of my favorite stores, might get my wedding recovering butt into gear to get the room cleaned up, organized and decorated so I can start crafting and sharing it with everyone with my new blog!

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10.8.10 – My wedding!

What better way to start my new blog than with a post about my recent DIY wedding! My husband and I tied the knot in an amazing ceremony at Lost River Cave and Valley in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had planned our wedding for 14 months and when it finally came we were not disappointed!
It was not an uneventful day, that’s for sure! It started out with waking up a 4:30am, giddiness just would NOT let me sleep, and shortly thereafter being bit by something, still not sure what. After a trip to the doctor’s office, just for peace of mind, we set out for the cave to unload and set up! The day went pretty much how I believed it would, total chaos, we were late for our hair appointment which made us late for dressing which made us late for our first look! But everything ended up on time end the end and really that was all that mattered!
I got dressed at my photographer’s studio, BGB Photo and Design. My mother took me and two of my bridesmaids came to help me get into my lovely dress.

After that, we headed to Western Kentucky University’s campus to meet my groom! We did a ‘big reveal’ or a ‘first look’, which is an orchestrated first look for the bride and groom before the ceremony. We, my husband and I, hate waiting, sometimes hours, for the bride and groom to take pictures after the ceremony. Not to mention our ceremony time was 6:30 down in a valley, and sunset was at 6:29, so by 6:45 when I ceremony was over it was completely dark, but more on that later. We met on the steps of the university’s concert hall, and it was such a perfect location!

Then we walked to what is known to students and alumni as Western’s Kissing Bridge. I don’t actually know the story behind the kissing bridge, not because I haven’t tried, but it’s a lovely area of campus that is perfect for pictures, don’t you think?

Then onto my favorite photo session of the day, Barnes and Noble! The Mister and I met at Barnes and Noble so this seemed like the natural place to remember on our wedding day. We got quite a few strange looks and several comments, but we got our frapps and sat all lovey dovey in the middle of the starbucks for about 30 minutes while our photographer snapped away.

Then it was time for the cave! We met all our party and family to take lots and lots of pictures.

There was a car fire that blocked Interstate 65, which kept the majority of guest list stuck since our wedding was 45 minutes south of both of our hometowns. But somehow almost everyone made it on time and the ceremony started on time, which was VERY important to me!

On to the party! I basically planned our entire wedding myself and also designed and created the entire décor myself. We had a ‘cocktail hour’ between the ceremony and reception that had no cocktails nor was it an hour, but that was the best name for it! We served lemonade, apple cider and water while our guests mingled, which the few who actually attended, the majority stayed at the mouth, but that’s their loss! I made what I call ‘photo ribbons’ which were, well, what they sound like! I took photos of us, engagement photos, vacation photos and just random photos and put them on pretty brown and orange ribbons. Then my great husband hung them from the trees at the river walk, which is the area next to the river of course, where our cocktail hour was held. We didn’t get any good pictures of the cocktail hour, it was apparently completely forgotten! But here is some sad little pictures, you can even see the pretty rhinestone embellishments I added to the pumpkins!

Our reception was full of DIY treats. From the centerpieces to our monograms to the buzz of our reception, the quotes at each place setting.

We were all about time management for our wedding! Our ceremony was about 15 minutes, if that, then the reception started with our introduction straight into our first dance, cake cutting then food, all within 15 minutes. I’m not a patient lady nor is my husband a patient man. That’s probably the reason why everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed our wedding…not to brag or anything!
Last few pictures, I promise! Some of my favorites

The night ended on a sour note though when my husband, I, our bridal party and families had to clean up our reception in our pretty pretty wedding clothes because we hired a useless wedding coordinator who left 15 minutes after the reception was over, never use Lasting Impression by Leona if you are in the KY/TN area. Then we came home to pack a leave for the Nashville airport at 2:45am for our honeymoon in Antigua! But that’s another day. Thanks so much for reading, maybe next time it will be more crafty and interesting!

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