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Baby Fever

I have so many things to update you with but I just haven’t yet. I have one almost ready to go, but just haven’t finished it yet, too much going on I suppose. As I mentioned before, I have some CRAZY baby fever right now! So really the only thing on my mind here lately is babies and baby things.

One of my best friends from childhood is having a baby in about 3 weeks (wow, that’s ridiculous to me!) and I planned her a shower and made her an adorable knit blanket and now that is all I can think about. Her shower went great, but it was a little crazy. I had planned the shower in a tiny room because that was all the her church had opened. The day before the shower we were told we got the fellowship hall which is about 4 times larger than the room I was planning on. I had all kinds of decor planned for the tiny room but when you take it to the gigantic room it kind of got lost. So here is the majority of the decor, my camera died after 1 picture and apparently no one else took any, I’m not too happy about that!

Then the blanket I made her, which I don’t think I bragged on, I’m not sure if she reads my blog or not, so why risk it!

You can find the pattern here from The Purl Bee, which if you like to crochet, knit or sew, you’ll love this blog!  They have such creative things.  From this link you can find the pattern and a link to buy a kit from Purl Soho, their shop, with what I am sure are amazing yarns, but for a price, it’s about $130 for one of their kits, I made my blanket from 7 skeins of Caron Simply Soft I bought at Wal-Mart and spent about $10 on the blanket and it feels really great, but I digress.

We have decided to cloth diaper our future children so I’ve gotten started on that, I plan on having 30 newborn and 30 variable sized to get us started. I haven’t decided what I want to concentrate more on,  I think AIOs is the way I want to go.

Here is the first one I’ve made, I think it’s a pocket, it’s flannel on the outside and a premade prefold on the inside, birdseye and an absorbent strip in the middle. I left a pocket in the back to insert a soaker for more absorbency.  Jeremy picked out the fabric, how cute are those dinosaurs.  Since we obviously don’t know what we’re having since we’re not having it yet we’re trying to make the majority unisex.  I still need to get some closures on it, I think I’m going to go with hook and loop, this I need to order online. I went today to Hancock’s and got a few yards of PUL and diaper flannel along with a 1/2 yard of an adorable alphabet fabric and a couple of cute fat quarters for the outside.  I’m excited to get cracking on the rest of our stash!

Now I’m thinking quilts and bedding. I’ve picked out the fabric and the patterns and styles I want, I just have to get the fabric. We don’t really have enough money to play with these expensive fabrics yet, so I’m just dreaming and planning right now.

Here’s what I have planned so far:

This is the girl ensemble. Sorry the picture is not cooperating with me, if you click on it it will be much clearer. This is the quilt pattern I love, with the crib bedding style, with the white/pink bedskirt, not the ruffles, cute, but not what I’m envisioning.  The quilt pattern is from Moda Bake Shop, fantastic patterns and ideas there, love them all!  The bedding ensembles are from Posh Tots, and if you’ve never been there you should visit their site, their stuff is amazing but only for the insanely rich, the one full ensemble is about $600….for baby bedding….really?  So cute though.

This is the amazing fabric, Amy Butler’s Love.  I am so head-over-heels in love with this fabric and can’t wait to see it all together!  I’m thinking the ruffle will be the water bouquet mint, the top right, my favorite of the 6.  There is a darker palette of this same pattern, both are beautiful.

Now for the boy.  Same thing as above, click on it for a clearer imagine.  Jeremy loves to read, he’s actually on the literacy faculty at the college here, so the natural thought is Dr. Seuss. I definitely didn’t want to do some crazy brand or anything super trendy that we’d get tired of, but Dr. Seuss is timeless. Here is the quilt pattern and the bedding style, very simple but masculine. I hope these will end up heirlooms for them!

Now to the fabric, it’s so fun! A lovely mix of blues, green, and red.  The last 2 fabrics will be the  borders though I’m just not sure which will be which.

I’m so excited to get started, I can hardly stand it!

I will keep you updated on these lovely crafts and I will start updating you on what I’ve been up to the last month or so!

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Pizza Night

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before, but we have Pizza Night every Friday night, homemade pizza at that.  Every Friday afternoon I make pizza crust and let it rise, it’s so yummy!  I found the recipe for both the sauce and pizza dough at Perfect Planner Meals.  Both are easy and delicious.

I am guest posting today at Stellar Path.  Sounds familiar because it’s my host site.  My husband asked me to come and post today about our Pizza Nights.  Scoot on over there and visit him and read about our yummy pizzas!

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Get to know my family

I have a crazy family, but they are the best and I wouldn’t replace them with anyone else!  I talk about them a lot so I’m going to take this post to introduce you to them.

The first and really the most important is my darling husband, Jeremy, whom I will likely refer to as the Mister or Mr. Martha, I haven’t decided which yet.  I’m not worried about someone stalking us, just more so for future readers who won’t know him by his name!  We met at Barnes and Noble and bonded over frappuccinos and our desire to see Sweeney Todd, which had just come out in theaters.  Our relationship wasn’t perfect, we hit a few bumps in the road, but I think that just pulled us closer and even more in love.  We were married on October 8 of this year at an amazing wedding with all of our close friends and family.  You can see the recap in my very first post with tons of pictures!

Jeremy is an ‘instructional staff’ member, I believe, at our local university, Western Kentucky (Go Topps!).   He teaches a book club for Literacy 199, which is a class for students who didn’t score high enough on their ACT.  He also runs the literacy lab, which is a place for these students to go when they need help.  He loves his job so much, I love that he’s happy but he works really long days half the week, and I just miss having him around the house.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Snorkeling in Rivera Maya

Playing in the snow

Best day ever - Our wedding

We are the proud parents of 2 puppies and 2 kitties.  I’ll start with our first and move on to our new addition.

I’m allergic…to basically everything that moves.  Outside is basically off limits to me while everything is blooming and pretty.  Worst of all I’m allergic to anything with fur.  I’ve always had a soft spot for furry critters though, they’re so helpless most of the time!  We have a store here called Repets, it’s a store front, they sell all kinds of pet supplies, but they also have dogs and cats for adoption.  When we’re in the area of the shop we like to stop by and see what they have.  We’d been talking about getting an animal but we weren’t really to the point where we were going out to actively look for a cutie.  New years ever we were in the area of Repets and had to stop and we found two of the cutest little kitties and my heart just melted and I had to have one, or maybe both.  We asked about getting the kitties, they have a buy one get one for $5 special on cats, so why not get 2?  They were 4 and 6 months old, the 4 month old was chocolate brown with big pointy ears, such a sweetie and the 6 month old was black with white spots, a half pink half black nose with half black half white whiskers, he was so cute!  We were told they had been there basically their entire lives.  The chocolate brown’s mother would not nurse him so he moved to the black and white one’s mother and she nursed him like her own.  They were basically brothers, and all alone, all their other brothers and sisters had been adopted and they were left in this crate to await a home.  We inquired about adopting them and were sadly informed that the chocolate brown one had just had adoption papers drawn up on him by that couple over there, as she pointed.  They were not happy that there was a wait period, they wanted the cat right then.  We were disappointed but went about the process of adopting the black and white one.  We went and bought all the necessities and 2 days later they called and told us to pick up our kitty.  We went and picked him up and the adorable chocolate kitty was still there.  We took our cat and told them that if the other couple didn’t want him we did and went home to play with our new bundle of sass.  We hadn’t even pulled into our driveway when the store called and said the other couple decided against getting the kitty and told us to come get him.  I stayed home with our kitty while the Mister went to pick up the other.  Apparently the other couple only wanted him that day and changed their minds!  All the better for us!  The staff said they really wanted us to take both of them, so I wonder if they fudged something so they couldn’t have him.  After observing them for a while we decided the black and white one was Roosevelt and the chocolate one was Hemmingway.  Roosevelt was very cat like, I like to call him uppity, he’s better than the rest of us.  Hemmingway was very aloof and playful but as the days went by he became a little heathen who jumps all over the furniture and attacks Roosevelt, but all in a playful way.  We decided a few weeks after we got them that he was not a Hemmingway he was more a Guinness and he became so.  He’s never changed, still all over our furniture, and crazy.  He’ll attack your leg for no reason whatsoever.  He often does Matrix moves on the walls.  He’s our little puppy kitty who likes to chase his tail and fetch and lick your face.  Roosevelt is indeed still uppity, he only likes to be held or really even looked at on his own terms, he’s quite mean and often gets drenched with water because he doesn’t know how to control his claws.


Roosevelt napping

Roosevelt's favorite spot

Napping Guinness

His bunny ears for easter, never wore them but liked napping with them!

Guinness's favorite spot - the washing machine

Guinness in his element - Crazy!

A few months later we decided we needed a puppy addition and looked to petfinder to find our perfect dog.  It didn’t take long, we found a beautiful Shiba Inu who was rescued from a hoarder situation in a neighboring county.   She was one of hundreds of animals kept in a one room school house.  The majority, including her, had mange and horribly malnourished.  She had been at the humane society for several months to become healthy, she was finally ready adopt, but she’s such a sweetie and so good natured they didn’t want to let her go.  The day we picked her up was a bittersweet day for all the humane society workers, but we promised to send pictures and updates and that made them all happy.  She’s very damaged but she’s so good natured and loving that everyone who mets her instantly falls in love with this precious face.  The Mister really wanted to call her Molly and the name was very fitting.  Molly’s teeth were in such bad shape they guessed her age to be 4 years old, but she is so fragile and arthritic that we think she is older than that.

Molly Sue

Molly in her new home, with her new brothers

The last addition was another surprise.  We went to an awards banquet held by the Mister’s then employer and sat with his good professional acquaintance, I’ll call her Nita.  Nita was being recognized and brought her family to enjoy the banquet as well.  Nita’s daughter is a veterinarian in another state and fosters several animals until homes can be found.  Some how before we left the banquet we had another puppy, the vet had had this puppy for several month, couldn’t keep him, but grew to love him very much, so to let him go to a friend who could keep in contact made her very happy.  We wanted to keep him in the M name family with Molly, and brainstormed until we came up with Malcolm, and he just seems like a Malcolm to us!  What a handsome little dummy, he’s coming up on his 1st birthday!

Malcolm's first bath

Malcolm all handsom

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