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Progress on my office

A few weeks ago I posted photos of my office in hopes to win a gift card to Homegood, a fantastic store if you’ve never been, but apparently it wasn’t sad enough because I didn’t win.  That did put a spring in my step to finally get started on my office.  Before it was a lovely shade of green….on the paint chip, it was horrendous when it was an entire room.  The mister and I bought some paint for the deck and didn’t use hardly any of it and it was a lovely shade of chocolate brown and it looks absolutely delicious on the walls.

It’s it pretty?  I was so excited to get it done.  It took me just about 1 entire day.  It’s still a mess, but isn’t nearly as bad as it was before or even as it looks, I believe.

The next thing on my list is fixing my awesome goodwill find

These pictures are after I’ve sanded it down, the mister somehow lost the card that I had taken several pictures on, including the freshly bought desk.  Not bad for $25, huh?  I’m in love, can’t wait to get it done!  I’ve just put the first coat of paint on, more updates to come!

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3 Responses to “Progress on my office”

  • Erin:

    I absolutely <3 the chocolate on the wall! The desk looks nice – can't wait to see the progress & finished product!
    Erin recently posted..Relief

  • michellelogsdon:

    Thanks! I was a little afraid it would be too dark, but I think it turned out amazing. I’m painting the desk white but no one told me it was supposed to rain today… I had it sitting in the drive way drying, honestly kind of forgot about it, went out to check the mail and it had apparently came a flood…..water was pooled all over the top….mental note: check the weather next time. I got it dried off and stuck back in the garage, hopefully it’s fine in the morning!

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